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  1. That is w w w wrong on so many l l l l evels
  2. The sideline reporter said that is what he told his team in the locker room at half time.
  3. Then don't, and we can win without hearing your verbal diarrhea
  4. The refs spot the ball for the birds and run. When they spot the ball for the Panthers they stand and block it until the cardinals set their defense.
  5. Go ask 28 teams if it's too late. The dipshitedness here astounds me
  6. Great. In addition to a stupid challenge we stop the clock and give them another play or 2
  7. How come when the Panthers play hurry up there is always a ref behind center waiting for the defense to get set but when Seattle plays hurry up you don't see a ref on the screen?
  8. Let me get this straight. Carolina punts ONCE in a half. Leads 31-0. Made the sin of not scoring on every single drive, and you compare this to a John Fox team. Your moronocity is immense.
  9. But Carolina made the sun come out during Seattle's last drive and it unfairly got in their eyes
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