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  1. Panthers treating Aints players rough and here is a comment from an Aints fan. "I understand that we were getting a beat down, but from the period of about 7 minutes to 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter there are about 6 downs where Carolina gives us the “prison treatment”. From Jameis I’ll advised run where he gets absolutely Rocked, flipped, & hog tied, to AK41 & Taysom being mounted like a dog asserting dominance, the OLine meekly watches or turns away. When our QB is blown up & treated like a chew toy, not a single lineman shows up to even help him up, much less fly in and deliver punishment. Kamara fares no better when he becomes the wife of Carolina’s DLineman. When Taysom gets the same unwanted congical visit, Carolina also shoves a few of our linemen to the ground to get a better view. During replays, the Panthers are laughing historically. No shoving back from our guys, no protection, or even a helping hand to assist our violated players up off the turf. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything more embarrassing happen in a football game."
  2. This Aints fan seems to think of CMC being an inefficient player. "CMC is actually a very inefficient player. Especially... Point Per Play efficiency, efficiency per snap, and etc. Robey and DJ is who you should be worried about."
  3. Even with MT and Lattimore likely being out we still would have to deal with Taysom Hill because he gives us fits when he is on the field playing.
  4. Why is it our forum gets infested by bothersome Aints fans.
  5. There are times we get tainted aints fans that infest our forum.
  6. So untrue. If there were rotations between players it could go same way putting CMC in certain plays so he won't be overutilized.
  7. Might be a good idea to lock this thread or move to tinderbox before it gets out of hand.
  8. Train parrot to announce the first round pick for the Panthers in next years draft since it has already learned how to make picks.
  9. Switch the numbers around to 9 to 7 and finish the year with a SB win like Giants did against Patriots. This is not going to happen but sometimes even a dream can become a reality
  10. Hopefully Jayce Horn and Derrick Brown will play and stand their ground against starters and not 2nd or 3rd string players like they did in pre-season.
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