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  1. Most know why he wasn't signed and it is because he is a total headcase. We don't need headcase players on this team.
  2. Julio wants a ring and Bucs could be the choice. Until you have evidence proving that it will never happen this comment has zero value.
  3. News on this was put out within past 2 years that turf in every stadium across the league will be changed per league policy. It has zero to do with what Tepper wants or don't want.
  4. Only a true Aints fan would make this type of comment. Good job giving yourself away.
  5. After Tepper spent that kind of money on the team he should sit back and see how things go and make the tweaks and adjustments needed to make us better during the first season as owner.
  6. We aren't the Jets either. Panthers match-up better against NE than the Jets do.
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