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  1. The Panthers have 8 playoff wins not 9. The Bears had been to 2 SB's. One in 86(won it) and one in 06(lost it). The Bears have 8 playoff wins and NFL history can't change and it don't matter if they were here long before us.
  2. Now how would Sott and Tepper want Bryce Young before Frank Reich was hired. Does not make sense at all saying this.
  3. The Bears have 8 championships and one SB. How many championships do we have? 2 conference championships. How many SB wins do we have? Zero.
  4. Remember the Broncos have SP as their HC and I don't think they will be at the bottom of the barrel yet. He just may have this team in the running for a SB possibly if he can get a good team together.
  5. Look at Rhules face after he high fives Fitt. It looks like Rhule had the look of "Whatever"
  6. Grow up clown. Do you enjoy acting like a 5 year old using insults and name calling.
  7. From Falcons fans on their forum and many there say we will still pretty much be a bad team. https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4096706-does-it-make-you-a-little-uneasy-knowing-that-the-falcons-will-have-to-go-up-against-either-bryce-young-or-cj-stroud-2x-a-year-for-the-next-10-years/
  8. If you were the owner and were to go to this event wouldn't you want to also see the prospect that would lead the team to the playoffs and possibly a SB. Also physically see what they can do with your own eyes right in front of you. Tepper may just want to be there to see his new QB without meddling.
  9. It is way to late for that part. We will continue to be just that until we can get our franchise QB and win games to remove that target from our backs being laughing stock to the NFL. Just hoping the pick will be between Stroud and Young.
  10. It don't matter which pick in the draft fi we are at the top of the whole thing. We can get any pick we want pretty much and still get who we want. We will not make any errors on who our pick will be. With the more competent staff we have now things should run smoothly and get what we actually need to fill the holes in both lines.
  11. SO far all I see on Twitter is we are reaching a deal with Chark. Just get it done so we can move on to other positions to fill holes.
  12. I see it and hopefully he will. We need as much firepower as we can get to win games this time around.
  13. Still a believe it till you see it until he actually does sign with us.
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