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  1. I posted this another thread but if Kellen Moore is let go from Dallas, I could see him coming in as OC and be one of those "waiting in the wings" guys. I mean, Reich is 61 but still has several years left in him to coach but eventually will need a contingency plan once Reich decides to retire if it gets to that point.
  2. Slightly off topic but is there way to "fire" Frank Reich in Madden 23 and "hire" him onto the Panthers?
  3. I didn't read all the posts about the Dallas coaches but is Moore under contract with Dallas or not? If not, what would you say if Frank Reich was hired as HC and Moore as OC as "someone waiting in the wings" type of OC that could eventually replace Reich when he retires?
  4. Look, I will support Wilks or Reich if they become the HC BUT Wilks is not my first choice by no means. Regardless, I just hope either will learn lessons from their last go around and make sound decisions on the offensive side of the ball because otherwise, we will be back in the same position in two years.
  5. Why do I have a sneaky suspicion that it's going to wind up being Moore? All the arguing and debating on here between Reich/Wilks/Steichen and we end up with Moore... Wonder what the huddle will be like if that happens? lol
  6. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/01/25/report-panthers-interview-eagles-oc-shane-steichen-didnt-go-as-hoped/ I am assuming from here
  7. That would be such a Tepper thing to do lol
  8. Thanks!!! It was a good listen. Some highlights: - Albright believes Payton may be returning to Fox and will wait till next year to see if one of the LA teams or Dallas opens up. - He also believes the final two is between Wilks and Steichen with Steichen having the edge because Tepper wants a young, offensive minded coach to pair with a rookie QB. - Speaking of rookie QB, Albright has been hearing that the Panthers will do anything it takes to get Stroud but the Bears may be the surprise team to take a QB. - Julian Council asked why Wilks didn't get more looks around the league and Albright said that it was due to the lack of openings and that the teams already had guys in mind they wanted to interview and stated that many owners are following the trend and want an offensive minded coach because the league is centered on offense but also thinks that being a minority coach could also be a reason. - Also talked about the DC position, in particular, about Fangio coming here. He believes that Fangio will look at other options and only will consider Carolina if only the other options will not work out. Also stated that he doesn't know who Steichen would hire but imagines it will be his own staff and that him and Jonathan Gannon (rumored to be the front runner in Houston) will be a bidding war for some of the guys from the Eagles' staff. I am sure I missed some stuff and most stuff is things we already know but some points were interesting...
  9. My apologies if this has been posted buuut... Benjamin Albright joins the Locked on Panthers Podcast to talk about Sean Payton and the Panthers HC search
  10. A little off topic but the one thing I have never been able to figure out is how to post a tweet on here... What is the secret to this wizardly?
  11. Oh I am sure he is but it's more about everyone thinking we will go offensive minded
  12. I am going to laugh soooo hard if we end up with Evero
  13. Actually, Steichen came from the Norv Turner tree and there is rumblings of him and Scott Turner joining forces
  14. Going with Kellen Moore over Steichen/Wilks/Payton would be such a Panther thing to do
  15. I'd take Callahan over Kafka or Dorsey
  16. I just posted that same question, basically
  17. You know what I find strange about this whole process? Not one single request has been put out to Brian Callahan and yet, the Bengals are on the verge of making it to their second straight AFC title game.
  18. Jalen Hurts is a prime example of why coaching matters because before Sirianni and Steichen came along, Hurts was just thought of a back up QB at most in the NFL. Which is why many are too quick to give up on Matt Corral over one preseason. I am not saying he will amount to anything but given the right circumstances (a good offensive minded coach like Steichen) I could his development improving vastly.
  19. Definitely Steichen and Stroud and if tonight wasn't any indication of that than you are blind.... Seeing what he did with Hurts, just imagine what he could do with a guy like Stroud
  20. Thank you! It drives me crazy when folks add a "E" in his name... I mean, if you are going to be a Wilks nut hugger, can you at least spell his name right???
  21. I am wondering what a Ben Johnson potential staff will look like if hired... I watched a Texans podcast because they were talking about Johnson and the dude mentioned that Johnson may target Fangio or Terrell Williams from the Titans for DC and then for the OC he may target Mark Brunell
  22. I figured he would keep Holcomb on as DC... This sounds like an indicator they may be shying away from Wilks
  23. Interesting tidbit coming from Scott Fowler: Panthers request interview with Jets' Safeties Coach, Marquand Manuel for Defensive Coordinator position But why? Shouldn't the head coach pick the DC???
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