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  1. Overall, I was impressed with the Canes. Lasted 2-1 (should’ve been 2-2 imo) till we went 6 man @ the end. MUCH better than losing to Boston 5-2.
  2. Unfortunately, I work 2nd shift Tuesday-Saturday. I know, lame however the Canes fans usually get together for a watch party in downtown Raleigh. Anybody interested?
  3. I’m in brobut yes, NYC first. Then Florida 🏝
  4. Trade Bridgewater & our remaining ‘21 6th rounders for a ‘22 4th rounder. Houston will take him.
  5. Agreed. Much better than 3-yard Bridgewater IMO. Plus, we still get to keep our 1st rounders & he’s already familiar with Robby Anderson so this works well for me! Imagine what Darnold can do with decent pass protection (Jets gave him nada), two 1000 yard receivers, a pro bowl RB & a starter material rookie (TE Pitts or OL Sewell). I like
  6. I'm kinda confused...what is "Corona Virus" doing here under "Carolina Panthers Football"? Shouldn't be under "The Lounge" or "Tinderbox"?
  7. What's different though is we already know a lot about the Flu & how to treat it. Corona virus we do not.
  8. What's up.

    I believe you're using the wrong RT (Oher). Change the pic to Daryl Williams'. Just thought I'd give you a heads up. Go Panthers


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