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  1. Good man. Rooting for you.
  2. Old Tennis Shoe. Aged in canvas
  3. Go up to the taverns in North eastern Pennsylvania the old coal mining area and you will see a gallon jar of Pickled pigs feet and another jar of piclled eggs on every bar.
  4. I don't know about any other team other than the Phila. Eagles. But I know they were the first and maybe the only NFL team to have a Judge and lock up on site under the grandstand. My son often told stories of fights and mistreatment on visiting fans. Remember they threw snow balls at Santa. The booze really flowed at Vets stadium.
  5. If I;m not mistaken, one or both of his sons were in jail for drugs back when Reed was coaching Philly
  6. Maybe we should get some Teamsters opinions for this topic
  7. At age 90 my poor eyes can finally see without straining. Thank you !
  8. Thanks for the nice comment. :)

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