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  1. I think Morgan got a little too cute with the trade down from 39 to 52. Then all of a sudden Powers-Johnson and Edgerrin Cooper went off the board back to back and they panic traded back up as their board was slimming down to grab Brooks.
  2. So which relevant EDGE's are going to be FA's in 2025?
  3. Which other FA Centers are available worth a damn...? Think the plan is to sign someone to compete with Corbett and then focus on WR's in the draft. Perhaps a TE as well.
  4. Which type of tag? Non exclusive or transition?
  5. I think we should pass. Take a look at this list. We do not any more WR that cannot separate from coverage....
  6. We don't need 10 people with lots of great ideas, like last year. We need 1 guy with a clear plan and vision (Canales) and everyone else to buy in #nomoreconsultants
  7. That is huge. Good job Morgan and Tepper. Can someone explain what is attractive for Tilis in coming to the Panthers. His title and role is the same no? So it is a pay bump? Or....
  8. We need to build through the draft. Cannot afford any big time FA's and we are deffo not in win now mode. The only thing we should consider is if a top LT or G would become available. Icky is in a make or break LT year else he will get kicked inside to G. Of current players we need to sign Brown and Luvu to long term deals.
  9. Do you think Tepper hires Bill B. as a consultant for Canales this year? As Bills seems to be without a job after the coaching cycle ends soon.
  10. Still nothing up on the official website. Wouldn't it be comic if the hire didn't go through.....
  11. I like that Caneles is a young and offensive minded HC That he has a track record of helping QBs preform to best of their abilities The relation between Canales and Morgan and hope that it will pay off in building the right roster That we didn't hire a rethread HC that was booted out else where Worries If he will call plays while having to learn the role of HC If he is a strong enough person to withstand Teppers ideas and suggestions If he can handle the stage and the growing pains as this roster is rebuild starting with o-line, WR and TE's
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