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  1. Rodgers holds the card that he has made a poo ton of money over the years. So it isn't like he can't pay for electricity if he doesn't show up and play. He could just wait out and either retire or until the Packers brass buckle and decide to get something for him. Career Earnings: $242,327,500
  2. You are missing the player name at the Eagles pick (Devonta Smith). Look forward to the whole 1st round. Dream draft for the Panthers at that draft position. (Just like when we got Luke)
  3. If he pans out in the NFL and is a game changer every single year. Sure no prob. Though I would prefer Slater in this scenario. Not sure how elite Surtain really is.
  4. Was the price we paied to rich? We will have to wait to find out. But the 2nd rounder in 2022 could end up being a borderline 3rd rounder if we play well in 2021. Also if we decide to trade down we could receive a 2nd round pick back? The coaching staff must also see Darnold as a better player than Teddy and he has room to grow at only 24 from a poo team. The trade also prevents us for going ape poo desperate in the draft trying to trade up to the 5th spot (Bengals haven't historically traded much in the 1st round and Falcons wont trade with us) and we probably couldn't get the QB we like
  5. Why would the Fins trade down when they traded up to acquire the 6th pick (after trading down from the 3rd). They deffo wanna make sure they can pick either Penei or one of the top receiving threats.
  6. 100% agree. It is done. Jets aren't gonna sell their #2 pick. Unless it is a kings ransom. We gotta stay put and go BPA or trade down and prepare for next years draft (QB wise). Also gives us a chance to see what happens to the Watson situation. Hopefully we can come away with a solid OT or CB after a trade down.
  7. If you draft board changes based on your needs. You are doing it wrong. At least the ranking aspect.
  8. @Verge let us say the draft does not fall out to our advantage regarding a QB in the first round. They ones we like are all gone before our pick. What is your sense the direction we would go in this case? BPA, D# or Oline? I see you have Alijah Vera-Tucker on a fairly high rating as compared to most. I do as well and really like him a lot. You see him playing LT in the NFL or more of a stud guard? (I guess LT since he is ranked #11). Which of the tackles in the draft do you see as true LTs in the NFL?
  9. It is a dangerous path to think that your club and only your club can fix a player that has had more than enough time to succeed in NFL. The Bears Oline has been slightly better or on par with our the last years. Their receiving weapons are at the same level. Maybe not just since we gotten Anderson. I would rather get a young QB in the draft than spend any time on Trubisky
  10. Refreshing. A GM that can actually figure things out.
  11. No just no. Cannot and will not ever like him.
  12. Youth movement and still we have Harper on the roster. It makes me cry we don't have any alternatives to the grey haired liability in our defensive backfield.
  13. Good to hear the Ealy is progressing. I don't expect him to break out until his 3rd year as DE's normally take some time to mature and understand the finer aspects of playing in the NFL. (Just see that CJ practise hand movements every day before or after practise) But I have really high hopes for him and love his versatility to play both on the outside and inside, which is what made Hardy so valuable. I just hope he understands that practise makes the foundation for what happens on the field on Sundays, though there are some players that just suck in practise and a switch turns on on game day.
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