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  1. The intention is to play Shy Tuttle as the 3-4 NT.
  2. Did the Bears pick up the tab on D.J's contract or we still on the hook for any of that cash?
  3. That is a lot of money tied up in 2 WR's next year. Around 25% of the 2024 projected cap at $256 mill.
  4. As long as we do not address RB until the 5th round. Done over drafting and paying that position. Let's get it right this time Fitt!!!
  5. Don't know if it has been mentioned. But something a bit similar happened in a soccer match a year ago with the Danish national team. Christian Eriksen a Danish midfielder (29 years old) all of a sudden collapsed on the pitch. (Not direct / forceful contact with an opponent). He plain an simple had an cardiac arrest and had CPR on the field for many many long minutes. He has since then had a pacemaker implant and am again playing proff soccer in the UK at a high level for Manchester United. So it is possible for young extermely fit men to have this occurrences either with a undiscovered birth defect in the heart or for other reasons. It has happened quite a few times in sports history. Good thing medics are on site and ready to respond. Better to have it happen there where help is near. Hope that is something similar and manageable for Hamlin. But doubt he will ever play in the NFL again I commend the NFL for stopping the game. The international match with Denmark was resumed (should not have been) and Denmark lost as all the team-mates were torn to pieces.
  6. Doing pulled pork burgers with spicy mayo, arugula, lemon pickled apple and NC barbecue sauce. Dessert will be a carrot cake with frosting Beverages will be champagne for starters. Then craft beer and wine. Finishing off with a nice glass of aged port.
  7. So he would save quite a bit of cash if he plays out a contract or two in Miami versus Carolina? Could be part of the equation for Watson.
  8. What is the tax difference between Carolina and Florida?
  9. Something is up with Michael Thomas. He isn't happy. Wouldn't mind him not suiting up ever again for the Aints.
  10. Who would willingly get into a PR poo show before you are absolutely sure of the outcome? None of these organisations need to get any of that possible stench on themselves.
  11. It isn't going to happen until early 2022. That way an interested suitor can see if the legal issues are sorted and also the Texans are sure what the draft compensation they get (Draft board positions in the rounds). The Dolphins needs to see if Tua is any good The Eagles need to see if Hurts is any good The Panthers need to see if Darnold is any good The Broncos idk?
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