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  1. I wish Cam would have said something and made that kid cry. That would have been hilarious. Cam actually posted something on his Instagram which shows more footage. I’m not gonna try to post because l too am a 30-y/o old soul and don’t want to inadvertently piss off people for my lack of social media skills.
  2. You guys wanna see some tits? that’s allowed now?
  3. After a couple of kids, she was ready to upgrade. It’s only day one, but them things are looking pretty pretty pretty good! It will be a while till I get to take them for a ride, but can’t wait!
  4. I stopped Jan 1, so it’s been exactly 2 weeks for me. I honestly can’t say that I have felt any different tbh. I have a history of alcoholism in my family. I really miss drinking, literally every day I want a cocktail for happy hour. My wife is only drinking on the weekends this month. We are big wine drinkers, and pretty much have been drinking every day in 2020 (which I know is horrible and wasn’t typical for us). I also just built a huge bar at my house to display a massive wine and whiskey collection. My biggest reservation about completely quitting is the social aspect. We drink
  5. Is there a club for early 2000’s rap songs?
  6. Is that really a Pedobear phone case?
  7. The only thing I can say from reading that article is... #signhardy2016
  8. Left side, the chick in the back...nip slip or benefit of b&w and a dirty mind???
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