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  1. HBO Max has a really good line up of horror movies this Month. They have all of the nightmares on elm, even though the first one was the only “good one”.
  2. Same. I was shocked with how much I hated it.
  3. Look it wasn’t all that bad. Yeah the story wasn’t great, the editing was poo. But the acting was pretty good and it answered some questions/elaborated on areas I was curious about. Like now we really know who Junior is and what made Tony, Tony. David Chase didn’t direct it, I think there was some rewrites and some production issues as well. At least this wasn’t a series and it was only a 2 hr movie. Could you imagine if that was episode 1&2 of a new series? We would all be pissed and at least I would feel like I would have to invest alot of time into it. Take it for what it is…a hyped indie film with some big names attached to it. Couple that with everyone’s anticipation and expectations from the greatest TV show ever. It’s gonna be hard to live up to that that. At this point, just be glad you got some new Sopranos material in 2021.
  4. I remember John Fox would break down the season into 4x quarters. The goal would be to win at least 3 out of 4 games each quarter, and you would end up 12-4…..he did that once I think. Lol. But that is how I try to look at a season. Right now we are at 3-1 which is pretty good considering we are just past the first quarter of the season. Also, our friends in the NFCS are not doing too great at the moment, se we are in good shape! Keep Pounding
  5. Reaction thread gonna react. agree
  6. Wouldn’t it be funny/ironic/horrible/insane if Greg as an announcer became a Panthers hater like the rest of the announcers out there?
  7. Did you find instructions on how to assemble this online? I would love to see more on this if you have more context. Thanks
  8. There is no such thing as Hurney 2.0 vs 1.0 They are the same. He owns his 1st stint just as much as he owns his second stint as GM. Same guy.
  9. I just saw Trick or Treat. It was so bad, but so entertaining! Also watched Malignant, was not a fan at all. All of the nightmare on elms are on HBO max, except for the first one. what are some of your goto movies for spooky season?
  10. Ever been to a recent game in the Arthur’s Anus (aka the Falcons stadium)? They have done a good job over the last couple of years transitioning away from playing poo rap songs like ludacris and embraced more of the elements of the Atlanta United games. They have a fantastic Audio/Video system, and they do stuff like the train horn when they score. Ive only been to see Panther games and a few concerts over the years, but the atmosphere is pretty exciting. However their tailgate experience is almost non-existent and it’s located in downtown crime-ridded Atlanta. Also, fug the Falcons.
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