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  1. If I were him I would take #1 imagine how many people still wear their #1 cam jersey to games. If I were him, I would think it is great seeing all those #1’s in the stands.
  2. The time is now.... https://apple.news/A0G-pFvoYTfyrErQBGiuxng Some Toilet Paper Is About to Get More Expensive: Here's Why and What to Know Kimberly-Clark — the maker of Scott, Cottonelle and Viva — will begin to increase prices on some of its products by mid-to-high single-digit percentages later this year
  3. I bought the $300 Toto Washlet seat from Costco about 4 months ago. It changed my life, and I mean that. You’ll be grossed out/weirded out for the first couple times, but once your used to it, you’ll wonder how this wasn’t in your life before. it has a wireless remote, heated seat, heated water, self cleaning wand, a front sprayer for ladies, and customizable options. The heated seat converted me to a “sit down to pee guy” at night time, because it’s so warm and inviting. In all seriousness it was the best thing I could have done for myself (I’m in my late 30’s). No more wip
  4. When will it be cool to tweet/speak normal?
  5. Just think if 89 would have been here and can had someone who took games over catching the ball
  6. I wish Cam would have said something and made that kid cry. That would have been hilarious. Cam actually posted something on his Instagram which shows more footage. I’m not gonna try to post because l too am a 30-y/o old soul and don’t want to inadvertently piss off people for my lack of social media skills.
  7. You guys wanna see some tits? that’s allowed now?
  8. After a couple of kids, she was ready to upgrade. It’s only day one, but them things are looking pretty pretty pretty good! It will be a while till I get to take them for a ride, but can’t wait!
  9. Is that really a Pedobear phone case?
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