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  1. Ugh this time of year wofford is the worst most god awful condition for bitches. I can’t wait
  2. Sounds like in a doorway
  3. Thank you. I read this over the last week. It was great and got me further interested in reading in my spare time. I’ll pick up Camino Island next, per your recommendation. Cheers man
  4. I really appreciate your recommendations and your write up! Thanks
  5. I dont recall ever seeing a thread of this magnitude on the Huddle, so I figured I would start one. I found myself looking for a good book to read for my upcoming vacation, but realized I don’t know what to look for. I tried browsing book covers, but was a bit overwhelmed. This thread is simple. Have you read a good book??? —-> share it here! Did you read something that changed your life? Is there a book that is so entertaining, you can’t put it down? Did a book scare you so bad that you couldn’t sleep at night? Want some pie? Write a brief review, or if your fingers are feeling extra jazzy, rate the book from 1-10 (10 is the best, 1 is the worse). Personally I enjoy, but this thread is not limited to; True Crime, Inspirational/motivational, horror, suspense, fictional... I also have ADD and need something that stays interesting and is easy to follow. Also, and this should go without saying, please no spoilers!
  6. Awwwwww did somebody get butt hurt about their Patriots QB?? Go join the Patriots chat board where you can freely slob Cams knob
  7. I’m not a fan of the Patriots QB or any other QB that isn’t the Panthers QB
  8. Hell yeah, thanks for the shout out!
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