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  1. Hey I was coming back from work today and I saw a 2x2 sheet of plywood nailed to a telephone pole with Ron Paul written in black. It is so nice to see real grassroots compared to everyone elses astroturf. The rest can only offer rehearsed plastic soundbites and hand movements over and over again. The guy that nailed up that sign cares infinitely more about this country than the other plastic candidates. I have about 400 RP slim jims, pm me if you want some.

  2. well i'm glad to know you're alive! lol

  3. I'm getting my laptop repaired so I've only been browsing on my phone. The connection for the charger got all fuged up. When I get it back you'll see me in the TB again, don't worry.

  4. you ain't been around the box lately. where you at?

  5. dude. your posts kill me. fuging nice poo buddy

  6. Dropkick Murphys "Rocky Road to Dublin" and you guys thought i was a redneck.
  7. Ron Paul is 3rd, behind Romney and Bachmann, with 11% in the new FOX news poll... and FOX HATES the good Dr. Double digits are a hell of a refreshing change. This interview on PBS NewsHour is FANTASTIC:

  8. You did it! Thanks buddy. You put me over the million swag mark. I will always remember you fondly! lol ( i tried to sound gay as i could but thank you ) ;)

  9. thanks for the tip buddy

  10. Today is Ron Paul's Ready, Ames, Fire moneybomb! www.ronpaul2012.com

  11. Hey. Who's the NJ12 fuging character and how does he know so fuging much? lol ;)

  12. LOL yes sir, indeed

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