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  1. I know!! People are still talking about the upper decker you did in the silver club back in 2018.
  2. Meathead kelce can't keep his cool when thing's are going his way....can't imagine how he'll act behind closed doors in 5 years when his career is over and Taylor is still out touring.. Big agro abusive man child
  3. People also said that about Jimmy Clausen...
  4. You're talking about CTE and I'm talking about going through puberty late...no, what you're saying wouldn't be nicer at all. One is a natural process we all go through, the other is a degenerative disease , not the same.
  5. Shocker is definitely the biggest BYJS here...
  6. Umm he didn't get rid of the Luke though... Luke left on his own for health reasons
  7. Feliz navidad you bunch of homos
  8. Tepper trying to quietly eliminate or at least reduce the presence of the "Keep Pounding" mantra is what made me lose my respect for him. Although it was a short lived, failed attempt it still was a low move. I seriously think he wanted to replace it with the dumbass chest beat and grunt from Wolf of Wall Street
  9. Stupid ass flag for a hard hit.... receiver had possession of the ball, woods made a clean as hit.. weak af if that flag stands, we'll be watching flag football in 10 years....
  10. Bryce is gonna get hit so hard on Sunday his balls might finally drop
  11. Hendon Hooker is the most pro ready QB out of that draft class, his injury was the only reason he wasn't in top 3 consideration. Wait till he gets off IR, or next year if Goff keeps looking good this year, you'll see.
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