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  1. It's more a joke on how some fans think Cam is a magician that's gonna fix our offense.
  2. Apparently our bathrooms are very inviting too. Anyone catch the video of the eagles fans being busted for banging in the bathroom?
  3. In 533 row 13 like I am for every home game....why? Do you want to come bring me a beer or something?
  4. As far as the transplant theory goes..yea I'll say that might play a small role but their are larger transplant cities that seem to have a stronger home team vibe .. LA ,NY and hell even Denver rank higher on the transplant cities list than Charlotte and they all seem to be doing a better job than we are I Charlotte.
  5. Maybe when the Falcons or Saints are in town.. otherwise I'll be happy with being a redskins ..sorry wft level of hostile.
  6. Is absurd....other teams always walk around like it's their house and I'm sick of seeing a conservative 20% of opposing fans in our stadium , cheering and chanting or whatever. I wish we we were like other stadiums where opposing team fans were sketched out to even wear a shirt of the visiting team. Do you ever think we get to that point or are we always gonna have a welcome mat for other teams?
  7. Yea Montanna led the team to their pinnacle of success, as did Cam. Although Montana's/ 49ers success was greater than what Cam/ Panthers achieved fact remains he was the QB of our team during the most successful season we've ever had. Thanks for proving my point.
  8. As long as Cam isn't with the Panthers theres going to be a pretty decent percentage of fans who are going to keep up with him. He was our 1st #1 pick, he led us to a 15-1 season that had him as an MVP and got us to a Super Bowl. He was the face of the franchise and has had a major impact on our organization so it's weird that people get so butthurt when he's brought up. I mean if football forums were around in Montana's era I'm sure San Fran Fans wouldn't stop talking about him once he went to KC. I'm pretty sure that Pats fans still bring up Brady more than we do Cam. When you have a player like that who is no longer playing for their original team these conversations will continue to happen until they retire.
  9. I don't get it, I thought Smitty was hilarious and gave good insight. People are so offended that he would be blunt and call out bad plays, play calls or players thinking that being objective is a bad thing. Yea he might be a little harsh when speaking about players but lets not forget that he would throw jabs at the other team too, it wasn't just him "grinding an axe" with us . I guess that there's just some fans who rather hear Mick gush about Ron's ample chest rather than to hear someone speaking the truth.
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