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  1. Tepper trying to quietly eliminate or at least reduce the presence of the "Keep Pounding" mantra is what made me lose my respect for him. Although it was a short lived, failed attempt it still was a low move. I seriously think he wanted to replace it with the dumbass chest beat and grunt from Wolf of Wall Street
  2. Stupid ass flag for a hard hit.... receiver had possession of the ball, woods made a clean as hit.. weak af if that flag stands, we'll be watching flag football in 10 years....
  3. Bryce is gonna get hit so hard on Sunday his balls might finally drop
  4. Hendon Hooker is the most pro ready QB out of that draft class, his injury was the only reason he wasn't in top 3 consideration. Wait till he gets off IR, or next year if Goff keeps looking good this year, you'll see.
  5. And that was the only time San Francisco had 3 straight anything.
  6. Lol wow...6 weeks in and we have one quarter to hang out hat on.
  7. I get it man, and what I found that works for me was changing the amount of emotional stock I put into the Panthers actual game and their outcome. Do I want a win, yes . However the joy or anger that I use to carry into days after the game is gone and I usually carry that feeling for maybe an hour or two. My focus and reason for enjoying the game now is for reasons outside of the game. I enjoy the tailgate if we're going to the game and I enjoy the backyard grilling and the chance to hang out with friends and drink while we have something on the TV. So use the Panthers playing as a good chance to hang with the bros and focus on that instead of if we get the W or not and your stress level will decrease dramatically.
  8. 1st you knock the mini van then you crap on the cruiser... what's your beef with Mopar !!
  9. Just throwing random questions out there to get rid of some of these doom and gloom threads. But what are some of the biggest "what ifs " y'all think when it comes to the Panthers. Mine is always what if nipple shorts never cut Smitty and he played here through 2016 ?? Would him and Cam become a Moss and Culpeper style of players... would we have won the Superbowl?? Maybe it would have gotten very toxic and maybe the Panthers don't have the same 2015 season as they did... who knows.
  10. The Webber kettle is the poo, it's the Chevy 350 of grills.
  11. Just seeing what the other backyard chefs are using to grill/ smoke their gameday food with . I'm currently running a masterbuilt gravity, after years of using a stick burner offset I'm beyond happy with the ease and results this things has put out. Makes for a damn good smoker and a great grill. Has the convenience of a gas and pellet grill yet I still get the flavor as I did with the offset. Doing surf and turf tonight with smoked crab legs and some reverse seared ribeyes !!
  12. Guessing the cardiac cats are no more.
  13. You're too much of a huddle newbie to know what a swole tuck is.
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