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  1. Wow.  Really man? Locked my thread?  So typical for this forum.  Don't like what you hear even if it has the truth in it, so it's just swept it under the rug.


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    2. rayzor


      i'm pissed right now. i'm pissed at losing. i'm pissed at the gloating going on by cam haters. and i'm pissed at people giving up after we frikking got to the superbowl like we were never going to have another chance. the first two i was expecting. the last one is a surprise.

    3. blackcatgrowl


      I am too man.  Trust me.  I'm trying to make sense of what I watched and can't.  This game shouldn't have happened the way it did.  Everything leading up to it was damn near perfect.  The team.  Their focus.  For us to go down like that... doesn't add up.  We beat AZ like red-headed step children, then get trucked by a half-team that sucked against the run?

      That's why I'm just about unplugging from it.  Gotta vent some... then just forget about the NFL for awhile.

    4. rayzor


      good luck with that. i'm just going to get my frustration out by banning trolls.

  2. lol, oh I don't care. I derail at times too. There's room for diverse conversation. :)

  3. LOL... I'm srry Salty... Does this make up for it any? olivia_wilde_1.jpeg

  4. LOL yes sir, indeed

  5. Um, can't remember... check it on Tineye. Pantha San's profile has another pic of her.

  6. NCB... your current AV... blonde... large... who? Must... know... :drool5:

  7. Ya. Its just good to start over sometimes. Having too much can get boring.

  8. I don't blame you man. I'm sure people begged you for it.

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