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  1. This money paid just doesn’t make sense. I’ve been stewing on this for a day and it just pisses me off.
  2. They did a great job. Truly a one of kind piece.
  3. Best Panthers news in years. KEEP POUNDING
  4. Been pulling for Panthers, NCSU and Carolina Hurricanes all my life. You always stick by your team. It makes you savor the good year years more. Some of you have been spoiled pulling for UNC and Duke basketball. Most teams suck more often than not very few are great consistently.
  5. So I don’t have time to read through 9 pages but Rhule gets the added hate over Ron because he keeps lying and saying things that do not make sense. He earned the hate.
  6. I would say build the new o-line. The floor for this team would be so much higher with a good offensive line. If we had a good offensive line maybe the Panthers would be a more attractive option to free ageants like Stafford in the future.
  7. Chinn has made some great choices. I look forward to seeing who he chooses each week.
  8. Shulu was the worst coach. And who can forget the embarrassment that was Rae Carruth.
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