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  1. Looking like it’ll be Byron Leftwich at HC and Adrian Wilson at GM for the Jags. I think that’ll be a solid move for the franchise.
  2. I don’t want Pickett or Corral. If they are deadset on a QB this draft, I’d trade down and try to get Howell or Willis. Ultimately, Tepper should mandate Rhule to roll with Darnold. Both of them will be outta here, and we’ll have our new QB 2023.
  3. I wanted him when he was a free agent, before we got Darnold. He’s better than Darnold by a long shot. I don’t want him now, though. Either go the draft route or bring in an elite QB from the outside.
  4. I’d pass on that. I don’t mind letting Gordon or Oubre go, but not for that. Adding a 1st is insulting
  5. lol the ones who always complain about these threads, and say they hate them, always end up in them and posting in them. I doubt Watson would even want to come here, but I’d love it if he was brought in. He’s an excellent QB; a star QB who is still pretty young. It was great seeing Mahomes and Allen go at it until I realized the Panthers are nowhere near this level. We don’t have a player in the same stratosphere as those 2
  6. Hope y’all are prepared for this to happen. We’ll go 4-13 missing out on picks 1 and 2.
  7. This post is hilarious, and true all at the same time. Most Duke fans I have come across seems to pull for these teams. If they’re not a cowboys fan, they’re a Steelers fan.
  8. Hold up, we don’t have a 3rd round pick for this draft?
  9. I remember when we were just about to get the overall franchise record above .500 for the first time in team history. Seems that talk was so long ago. By the end of this decade, that dream will be out the window FOR GOOD!!!
  10. Man, you just wanna sh*t on the man. Just man up and say that. Just say you don’t like him. That first response of yours is nothing but some crab in the barrel, hating sh*t. I gave you what you wanted and responded, but this will be the last. This is a thread to celebrate one of the best panthers ever!
  11. A fellow Aggie. I remember you said that on here, and I never forgot it. Hope you and yours are well. Panthers gotta get it right one of these days.
  12. Met him out here in ATL, and the mother of my child grew up with him in Riverdale/College Park, GA. He’s a good dude. Signs all over South Fulton, letting it be known he’s appreciated. Hes got multiple businesses out here. He set up his family and friends with businesses as well. He’s going to be fine. I hope, if this is it, he finds peace and can finally settle into who he really is. He brought some of that to Charlotte. He can retire, and know he did some good with the fame he had. A big kid on the football field. I’m going to miss him. I hope the panthers get another like him, and do the next guy a bit better
  13. Man, I remember when he was first drafted; I was a senior at A&T. Cam made it cool to be a panthers fan in the state. I’ll never forget in 2013 seeing all the panthers gear in Hanes Mall. That’s when I said Winston Salem was finally panthers territory. I don’t want it to end, but I’m much more prepared to let him go now.
  14. If this is it, then goodbye Cam. Was good seeing him one final time, if this is it. The best panther QB we’ve ever had
  15. I’m close, but I’m still a few years from completely cutting the chord. I know next year is a wash, so I’m already looking forward to 2023 draft time. I am where I was during the 2010 season, though. I didn’t watch or really pay attention to the team.
  16. I like you, but you weren’t coming at the fans intelligence when they were coming at Cams accuracy and his non winning during his first two years here. This is fact, and you know it. It’s wrong for you to try and come at folks now.
  17. a lot of disingenuous takes in here, and fans trying to scold other fans and take the higher ground, when they didn’t take this position when another certain young QB was going through struggles not as great as the ones Sam is going through. Can’t take those fans seriously. Can’t call for peace now, when you had no problem with the ruckus when the ruckus was being directed towards a player you weren’t fond of
  18. Sheena Quick is fine as hell. I’m smitten. I wish I could be at the stadium tomorrow. If I wasn’t going to be down for the holidays next weekend, I’d have bought tickets
  19. I missed seeing him sit at the goalpost saying a silent prayer, and then the closing of the eyes little prayer before the first snap.
  20. Don’t care about Miller, but Johnson is needed. Aggie Pride!
  21. Robby and DJ should see an uptick in production as well. Both Cam and CMC wrecking shyt opens them up.
  22. Cam and CMC together now you know you in trouble. CMC blacked out on that celebration because he knows what it is. If he can stay healthy, he’ll reclaim his spot as the best of the best. That’s his partner. Cam and cmc together should be fun for the next couple years.
  23. Nah, Cam used it correctly. This is a big nothing burger. This is how folks talk now.
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