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  1. Robbie isn’t a #1. He’s a good receiver, but a great receiver/#1 comes down with that pass. He did get blanketed by them defenders. Baker showed enough to where he is the clear guy. He’s our starting QB.
  2. This Commanders announcer is horrible. He’s a try hard. I don’t even know how the other guy stands him
  3. Nice throw. Can’t wait to see him as he progresses. That side arm throw was bananas!
  4. Yes! Darryl Johnson (Aggie Pride!) is so close to starting!
  5. Corral will get his time. Right now, it’s Bakers. He’s got the juice right now.
  6. I wasn’t of age, and didn’t really focus on panthers football until around 2001. Jake and Cam have been the best panther QBs I’ve seen, with both having the intangibles a QB needs to have to succeed. They could make plays, and they could get the guys around them to buy into whatever it was they were selling. Darnold doesn’t have that in him. One thing about Jake, Cam, and it looks to be the same with Baker; they can mesh in any surrounding. I’m not saying they are among the greats, but the greats had that ability. To be successful in this game, you have to be able to mingle with everyone. I hate this word, but you have to have an alpha personality
  7. I love this type of stuff. Ain’t had it since 2017 Cam. Baker has an edge to him
  8. Yea, I’m ready to admit that. Baker looks to be the real deal. He’s earned that starting spot, and he earned after the first couple of practices. I just pray that it translates into the regular season, and it equals some wins
  9. Those are last 3 years numbers? Are they right; the numbers posted?
  10. Don’t know? Just as a former Mississippi resident, and brother of a Mississippi State grad, I had to take a shot lol
  11. @Jackie Lee Thanks for the updates.
  12. I can’t wait to see DJ with Baker as QB in the regular season. He can easily be a receiver that gets 1500 plus yards a season. That QB “competition” was done after today. It really should be Baker vs Corral, with Corral getting some work with the ones to further develop him
  13. Went to the wrong school in Mississippi. He should feel some regret.
  14. But you have been talking down on Robbie for 2 years now. Let’s not be disingenuous, and act like last season started your rampage on Robbie. Keep in mind, Robbie had good year prior to last, and his NYJ numbers were mediocre, but well above camp fodder. Again, you don’t like that man for reasons more than just football. Just say that.
  15. I wish we had gotten a real DC this offseason. i like Snow, but he’s not a NFL coach. I’d like to see what our pieces look like with real nfl coaching
  16. I won’t stop. You don’t like it, ignore me. It’s simple. You liked plenty of players that talked trash. Robbie had a good year just the season before.
  17. No. Have him play, and show he’s the guy. That move Rhule pulled with Sam was a red flag, and brought up questions with quiet a few of us.
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