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  1. A win is a win and that is what it is. So what if players are injured because that is out of our control and the teams with that problem need to use what they have at their disposal even if the injured players in in line-up which is their choice. What do you want that team to do?. Cancel that game just because injured players are involved.
  2. There are plenty of teams that would welcome pessimistic clowns like you as one of their fans with open arms.
  3. Why would we even consider him coming here because his career would be cut short getting killed on the field with poor O-line protection.
  4. We already know the outcome with us at loss #3 and the sweep begins.
  5. It don't matter how the Panthers try to fix the problems they are having in games because the Saints will still most likely sweep us again.
  6. This thread is ridiculous because there is no chance he would ever come to this team. The only way he would even consider it if we were a serious playoff contender every season.
  7. Really ridiculous comment. You are no fan of Panthers thinking pessimistic even though we lose games. Look at Browns every season. They were the bottom trash feeders for many years and their fan base remained loyal that team no matter what even losing every season.
  8. From what it showed a team mate had contact with their own QB and Burns just happened to be close enough to get the call and fined. When will the Refs get calls right before they make the decision on what happened on the field.
  9. Maybe Tepper is the type of owner that is willing to give someone a shot to see if they fit the position but if they don't he needs to sit back and rethink the situation and do what is right for this organization. Tepper needs to keep an eye on any decent HC prospects that become available and bring them in for that position. Only thing is many will will get the offer to be our teams HC and stay away from us because of our record the past few years and want a winning team to be part of.
  10. An apology was given so stop with the whiney crap because it was posted again. Big deal.
  11. Aints laughing at all the NFC South teams. This guy even says something about the refs in our loss to Browns.
  12. How many threads that cover the Rock Hill Project need to be made. Time to merge this with the others.
  13. Why even bother since a flag would be thrown and a penalty to follow.
  14. Saints lost at least 2 key players. One was traded to Eagles and the other is involved with serious legal issues.
  15. https://heavy.com/sports/cleveland-browns/kareem-hunt-trade-falcons-chubb-johnson/
  16. Saints just traded DB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson away to Eagles. https://www.si.com/nfl/falcons/news/new-orleans-saints-trade-cj-chauncey-gardner-johnson-atlanta-season-opener
  17. There are to many Matt Rhule hate threads and they all need to be merged into one.
  18. You know the Patriot's are special and get slaps on the wrist while the rest of the league would get severely punished for any discrepancies/altercations that happen on the field.
  19. That is why you read whole thing before making any assumption not just the beginning part.
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