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  1. These three are connected and with little differences and are very close in relation to each another.
  2. It kind of does depending on what passes are thrown especially when taller defensive players will be ready.
  3. It might just get worse and may need to be locked.
  4. You mean when he tells Young not to worry when he has the refs in his back pocket to protect him from getting sacked or if a defensive player as much as looks at him a flag will get thrown for a penalty.
  5. Would Quinnen Williams be worth a look. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/quinnen-williams-potential-landing-spots-where-jets-star-dt-could-end-up-after-cryptic-social-media-post/
  6. The Saints(and their fans) will really be ecstatic if that happened since Goodell is blamed for their failing to get to the SB since they played the Rams.
  7. https://catcrave.com/posts/carolina-panthers-news-bryce-young-rankings-austin-corbett-jonathan-mingo
  8. https://catcrave.com/posts/carolina-panthers-news-brian-burns-jonathan-mingo-udfa-frank-reich
  9. The way many here think Young could get hurt or anything else is inevitable when you play football in the NFL. If there is so much worry about his well being lets just give him the treatment Brady did in NE. Any player that much as looks in his direction will get a flag thrown. Other than that the NFL has changed their rule how to tackle a QB which everyone knows is no full body tackles with full weight on a QB. The defensive players just might as well put a pillow between them and Young when they tackle him to play it safe and without injury.
  10. Would we benefit getting LB Patrick Queen from the Ravens if the price is right and bring him into the defensive fold as a veteran LB. https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/patrick-queen-fifth-year-options-ravens-decline
  11. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/36464268/source-ravens-decline-lb-patrick-queen-2024-option
  12. Why are you so critical on others posts here.
  13. Cant even post a thread from another teams forum. Must have a block on it or something. Saints fans are already starting to claim they will take the division over us and Falcons on SaintsReport.com thread(The Panthers, Not the Saints, Projected to win the NFC South in early 2023 predictions). I hope we take our division.
  14. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2023-nfl-draft-home-runs-head-scratchers-from-day-3-rams-reach-for-stetson-bennett-cowboys-bears-stand-out/?utm_source=Column&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_campaign=230430_134132_CarolinaPanthersNewsletter&utm_content=Link&eid=2ccfed8ceb74a6831360862ef513b8a4156aff61db70e46769e1e9002b357b70
  15. Could have given Washington a chance at TE but just skipped over him but many teams may have been staying away from him because of his knee injury. Other than that we could have had him as our pick at TE.
  16. It is better to accept it while you can because you may never see us getting an A again.
  17. Just be happy we don't have to play the Eagles twice every season in our division especially with the players they drafted.
  18. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10074374-nfl-draft-2023-day-3-grades-for-every-pick
  19. Hopefully Trice, Ringo, or other decent players are left. My daughter is a GA Bulldog fan and she said Ringo is the one that intercepted Bryce Young in that national title game game which ended with GA winning that game. She said wouldn't it be convenient to draft the guy that stole the game from Young end up one of Youngs weapons.
  20. Hopefully that will happen. Only thing is wasn't 93 and 145 traded to Steelers. If that is the case we will only have 2 picks left 114 and 132.
  21. Nobody has brought up CB Cory Trice and he is still out there.
  22. Must be picks 114 and 132 then. 93 and 145 were given to Steelers I believe.
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