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  1. Yeah I'm glad there was one adult in that room. Rhule could really learn something
  2. I hate a coaching carousel and really thought he should get a 3rd season, but this man can't keep his foot out of his mouth. What player or staff could respect him at this point? How hard is it to be quiet? Watch some Belichick tape
  3. I feel the same. I fully expect us to lose out the season no matter who plays qb. I'm going down to the saints game and I'd love to see Cam one last time. Nothing against Sam, but in a sh!t show of a season the fans want to see Cam. We don't have the future qb on the team right now so why not let Cam see out the end of the season?
  4. Hey, but we all know not to listen to anything he says anyway. Where was PJ yesterday? He seemed pretty intent on getting him in the game before we actually got to the game and he let Cam get murdered...
  5. Everything shut down on my account? I'm so flattered!
  6. Yeah I've come down to Charlotte for a decade to attend games and it's honestly kinda sad. It was completely desolate in October. It never felt booming but it was particularly bad this year.
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