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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think they put Joey Slye back to their PS again since he missed a FG last week.
  2. I'm excited about this game but huddles overconfidence worry me....
  3. We have zero chance to win if our defense keep on the fields and no help from our offense like the 2nd half last week.
  4. I know Horn is a solid picked and performed well, but we might missed out our franchise LT - Rashawn Slater. Dude is a stud and shut down both Chase Young and Montez Sweat.
  5. I think this is the same guy embarrassed himself in the Jets forum......Amen....
  6. We have so many " Moore" before the training camp and end up just need the best Moore in the squad.
  7. Huddle a year before : Dumpster fire! Let's fired everyone and rebuild the team !! Huddle a year later : Oh ex-Panthers was released by another team, let's sign him back!!!
  8. Funny huddle here always think all the players want to join the Panthers. Is Cam willing to be back here as a backup? Also, he is un-vax so it's almost impossible.
  9. Lions gonna Lions, draft a LT and playing him as a RT
  10. Not the fans of either Grier or PJ but all the PJ 's fans here need to stop the hype.
  11. Just sign the Raven second kicker. He is behind Tucker and is pretty solid.
  12. Let's pray for no any injuries for today game.
  13. Rankings of the NFL Wide Receiver Corp and the Panthers is ------------------------- One position lower than Falcons........
  14. Y'all know Coach Rhule talks about sports science when we hired him, right?
  15. And that's how the ignore function use for this forum. He's such a pessimistic and just the cancer of this forum.
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