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  1. And that's how the ignore function use for this forum. He's such a pessimistic and just the cancer of this forum.
  2. They do know only 53 players can make the rosters, right?
  3. Now we can grab the whole Oline in Rd3 ..
  4. He got Covid positive and quarantine himself. Poor kid.
  5. Guess Saints is pissed coz they're waiting us to cut Teddy and bring him back...
  6. https://forums.denverbroncos.com/forum/broncos-football/broncos-football-aa/8357858-broncos-trade-a-6th-for-bridgewater
  7. If Fields, Lance, Sewell and Slater are there at 8, I'll wait for the phone to ring and see what other teams to offer. Denver is the ideal trade partner with move back 1 spot plus extra pick and we still get Sewell will be thrilled!
  8. Great moved. Now we trade back and draft 2 starter OL and we are set. Build the freaking line first, worst case we sign a veteran QB like Rogers but have a beast line like the 05 Broncos and last year Bucs as reference.
  9. I'll be thrilled if we can get Sewell at 8 than any of the QB (except Lawrence) . Built the line first and get the QB we need for the system.
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