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  1. Yes why not? It is just another Sunday NFL game. Win or lose, if you check back this place, you still will find those consistent huddle bit*h about something..... If we win - Yah....because of Dalton and Young is a bust, waste of pick ....yada..yada If we lose - Meltdown Mode, fire everyone, worst owner.....!@#$%^&*.^#* .....
  2. You guys do know CJ Stroud already injured the shoulder and Anthony Richardon already out of last game, right? It's football and some of you guys here are just pathetic.....
  3. Give some respect to Shaq. Dude takes pay cut to stay here....Get well soon.
  4. Is going to be a long long long seasons.......
  5. Well, that's a bad news for sure....get well soon, boy. Next man up and time to move on.....
  6. Well, good question. I been laughed by folks here when I asked why we don't add any QB in our PS.........
  7. Torn Archilles, out of season for AR... The Jets team is cursed....
  8. Looks like a steal for me on the 5th round.......way to go kid..
  9. Maybe sense of urgency? Because huddle here told me we need to keep 3qbs in the 53 rosters when we cut Matt Corral....
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