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  1. 4 more years to go....i just feel bad for those PSLs owners...
  2. Bunch of college coaches counting paychecks every week......
  3. You actually can tell which players are watching films and which player are playing video games
  4. These stuff just don't know how to utilize the strength of our playes...just fire them and stop wasting the time.
  5. Mix feeling....I want Matt Rhule to get canned but I don't want us to lose to the Saints.
  6. Well, at lease Joe Brady is having fun now with the Bills and might even help them get a ring and add to his resume before our lame duck coach!
  7. Come here for the update and see Rhule is still as a Head Coach......Sigh.....
  8. And why we keep forcing the ball to Shi Smith ?? The plays and routes are even worst than Joe Brady as a OC....
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