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  1. Dang.........that double duplicate paragraph from the article let me thought my coffee is not strong enough for my morning read ........
  2. Look like the initial trade for them is for AR. But after more film and go to the 1 then they decide Bryce is the one to get.
  3. Fitts talks about trading to NO.1 with Mike Florio
  4. He played with Chark before and under Reich so probably.........But he is really bad against the run
  5. Dollar Tree Park sound cheap for me ...lol ~ Jumpman 23 will be epic!
  6. Hope the kid works out and worth for the traded up. Otherwise just like another Rasheen Gaulden picked....
  7. Another 3rd round Rasheen Gaulden type picked.......dang...could have pick Dorian William ....
  8. Brian branch is 1st round talent.....hard to pass...
  9. Probably can't find any trade partners....
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