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  1. I joked about LB earlier but that value at our 2nd round pick is too hard to ignore
  2. 1. Owusu Koramoah (Pure best available player) 2. Dillon Radunz (Best remaining LT prospect) 3. Liam Eichenburg (2nd best remaining LT Prospect) 4. Creed Humphrey (Possibly the best C/G prospect in the draft not named Vera-Tucker) 5. Trevon Moehrig (Best pure saftey in the draft)
  3. You guys just havent had enough of your oft injured olinemen have you??
  4. Leatherwood just went in the mid 1st lol. You guys are delusional about the remaining tackle prospects dropping to our pick. If the Panthers want a dude they will have to trade up for him. END. OF. DISCUSSION.
  5. fug F.U.C.K. F.U.CK injured OLINE!!! We always have injured oline and we just signed bunch of dudes that struggle with injuries while we already traded LAST season for a dude that struggled with injuires.
  6. not if the same 4 dudes everyone mentions goes in the late first or just gets snatched up before we pick again.
  7. Fitterers sorry ass will draft a god damn saftey or linebacker instead. You guys didn't learn nothin from pick 8 .
  8. exactly my perspective on this pick. Any other is complete and utter buffoonery.
  9. That would have to be for Sewell I'd imagine. Or a quarterback.
  10. Trade down is good if you do it right but is fuging horrible if done wrong. IMO you don't trade down below 15 unless someones offering you a future first rounder. You don't trade down to any position if you're getting a piss poor deal (ex. trade down to 19 and pick up a 3rd rounder). Staying at 8 and going BPA has a ton of merit still. Keep in mind we're picking in the top 10 of almost every round so our 1st 2nd and 3rd rounders have a ton of value by themselves. I think people are in love with the idea that we can fix the entire team perfectly in one offseason and are also obsessed with trying to make up for the picks we gave up for Darnold from next years draft. The only pick we gave up for him that has much meaning is the 2nd rounder . Oh boo hoo you lost a 2nd rounder. Get over it. Acting like we gave up 5 firsts for darnold lol.
  11. They already traded three picks away for Darnold you think they'd trade away even more for another QB?
  12. He is not a damn TE. If he can't or wont block hes a WR. Seriously. Especially because we lost Manhertz.
  13. Immediately lost my job due to coronavirus shutting down all schools. Doubt most companies are hiring right now. So.. I'm going to trucking school next week. Get paid in school, during training , and get a job automatically if I pass the CDL exam
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