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  1. Would be really nice for Texans and Lions to actually win some games. Especially the Lions. They're just as cursed at Browns used to be
  2. Those 49er picks might be looking better than any of us expected them to look by the time this seasons over
  3. That was the nail in the coffin.. SF can't do anything against the Cheifs passing game
  4. CMC with 38 rushing and 24 receiving and 0 TDs. Every run I saw him in was him getting stuffed up the middle
  5. Oof.. saftey. Cheifs are starting to run away with this one
  6. This other RB Wilson they have has been getting like 10 YPC every time i see him run and CMC been getting stuffed generally
  7. Mahomes makes playing QB in the NFL look easy...
  8. Any deal for one player that includes multiple first and that player isn't your franchise QB? You take that deal and RUN away with that poo
  9. the whole D line besides Burns seems like a bust. And Burns isn't as good as people say he is. Its been years and hes the king of "Almost got it." Ive seen him whiff on so many sacks and that stupid play of him hugging Brisetts leg while Brisset just throws the ball away got me fuming. Burns is a decent DE but he's no super star. And everyone else on the dline is a god damn bum. Burns would be a perfect #2 DE if we had a bonifide #1 Peppers type on the other side.
  10. They were officially credited with 4 sacks. Myles Garret lead the team with 2 sacks with 4 other Cleveland defenders recording a 0.5 sack
  11. Just realized both the rushing offense and defense have the same 2nd to last ranking lol. Good God.
  12. OFFENSE Total offense : 28th Passing offense : 20th Rushing offense : 31st Points per Game : 10th DEFENSE Total defense : 17th Passing defense : 2nd Rushing defense : 31st Points allowed per game : 26th Turnover deferential : 27th Ugly stuff. The only decent rakings we have are points per game and passing defense, and you could argue those are only high as a result of playing catch up and getting obliterated by the run so the browns didnt have to pass a bunch. Was kinda surprised we weren't last in rushing defense apparently that's the Titans. OFFENSE PLAYER STATS LEADERS QB Baker Mayfield : 16/27 passing, 235 passing yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 84.6 passer rating RB Christian McCaffrey : 10 rush, 33 rush yards, 3.3 YPC, 1 TD WR Robby Anderson : 5 receptions, 8 targets, 102 receiving yards, 20.4 YPR, 1 TD DEFENSE Damien Wilson : 1 sack (he has the teams only sack, the whole team is ranked somewhere near the bottom of the league only having one sack. IIRC Pitt and Buffalo lead the league in sacks with 7 total) Xavier Woods : 10 tackles, Brian Burns, 8 tackles , Henry Anderson, 2 tackles for loss. 0 INTS . O forced fumbles. LOL Baker had bit of an ugly day with all the fumbles and that bad pick and the overall innaccuracy, but stats wise he looks kinda average if you don't take the fumbles into account (they don't show up on his stats line). McCaffrey didnt have that many carries but even being said, 3.3 is rather low for him. But if you remember back to his rookie year when he was splitting carries with Jonathan Stewart he got very similar numbers out of similar work volumes of carries so in that sense it may not be too surprising. Robbie that was mosltly off that one pass in busted coverage but its encouraging at least. If you remember his first two seasons he was also off to a big start and he subsequently disappeared last year, so keep an eye out for that.
  13. this is an underrated by true point here. That poo in first half by Baker was inexcusable even taking the OLINE, play calling, defense, and coaching into account he played like it was his first time playing QB in his entire life somehow . It looked like it was too big for him. No cap.
  14. man fug that. They should have trippled garrett and made literally anyone else try to get it done. leaving a rookie one on one with garrett for any amount of time is pure idiocy on either Rhules, Macadoo, or offensive line coaches part, or all 3 of the bozos...
  15. such an incredible bull poo roughing the passer call. Burns hit his arm trying to tackle him and got called for a penalty that dragged them into FG range to win. Inexcusable!!
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