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  1. He's had a severe problem with getting injured the past two years. I just wanted to know if you think he will be able to be healthy this year or not? If we actually had CMC and halfway decent QB play, combined with a much improved o line. This offense could look very different. Myself. I just can't tell if these injuries are just random occurrences or if theyre mounting / connected to each other? That strangest thing is that he was extremely sturdy in his first 2 or 3 years, I don't know what happened after that. I really wish they'd use Foreman as the RB and just put CMC at slot WR. At least then they could say they tried to keep him healthy. Even though he'd probably not like that and probably wants to play running back.
  2. If you believe in a QB you get him no matter what pick it is IMO If you have any doubts or not sure then stay the hell away from him unless you're taking a flier in later rounds. The only problem with the Panthers staff is I have no faith in their ability to evaluate QBs. Unless your pinning the Teddy and Darnold signings 100% on Joe Brady.
  3. If IM the rams here I run it several times and throw for TD if i have to on 4th down. Give the bengals as small of an amount of time as possible to come back
  4. we're not getting the #1 pick any time soon and this qb class looks like ass cheeks
  5. i just hate how people looked at the bengals winning and just assume we can insert some halfway decent qb and get a ticket back to the super bowl
  6. Look like he tore up his knee again he was screaming holding it on the ground. thats never a simple injury at the very least.
  7. Burrows getting obliterated.. all those idiots over reacting to bengals winning with a bad o line how good does that look now
  8. To say the least, its getting worse
  9. Thats OPI , dude facemasked Ramsey right before the ball got there
  10. That was a bad ass national anthem
  11. Theres always one team that gets introduced with rap and other with classic rock
  12. I have a feeling Fitt will want to trade down in R1 bad but I don't think the demand will be there this year. There are no top flight QBs and the best pass rushers will be gone quick. A lot of teams will probably be pretty content to just sit where they are and go BPA.
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