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  1. I didnt have many Bryce takes in the off season but I did find this one. Still a pretty salient point. Well. Im not "OKAY" with having Bryce right now lol.
  2. This dude had to be picked on so much in school with a name like Moe Cox .
  3. This. 10000000000000000000000000000000000000x He needs to be gone Tuesday morning. No fuging excuses.
  4. Saying hes a bust after his first year is premature. But you can certainly say he's trending that way. Year 2 is going to be absolutely critical for his career. He wont be able to survive 2 years of play like this in terms of being a starting QB in the NFL.
  5. I really hope Fitterer gets fired this week. We need to see a head roll after an embarrassment like this.
  6. Bryce had a great game followed by a game that was like most of his other games this season. 19/32 (59%), 112 passing yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT. I think hes had 2 mediocre games where he eeked out 2 wins, 1 good game vs the packers. And 12 terrible games against everyone else hes played this year. Simply put, what I have seen from Bryce this season hasnt been good enough for a #1 overall pick. Not even close. Hes going to have to have a great turnaround in his 2nd year for the new staff to not turn on him and draft their own QB in 2025.
  7. Look at the bright side. If Bryce is this bad next year, we're probably getting one of the top QBs in the draft in 2025 if Bryce doesnt get benched.
  8. Can Scott Fitterer finally be fired after this game????
  9. I think Bryce has had 1 good game, 2 mediocre games where he eeked out wins at the end vs the texasn and falcons, and 12 terrible games, out of 15 games hes played this year.
  10. Andddd he throws a pick. Hes treding towards bust territory.
  11. If Bryce doesnt take a gargantuan step in 2024, he could be toast after next year. Especially because the next staff didnt draft him and probably want their own guy. And we have a 1st in 2025. Another season like this could net us the #1 overall pick in 2025. He's been outperformed by every starting QB in the NFL this year and at least half the back up QBs ive seen play this year.
  12. Tepper sounds incredibly desperate and desperate people aren't prone to making good decisions. Well Tepper was already a horrible decision maker but damn hearing all of this doesnt give me a good vibe.
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