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  1. There's only 1 football CMC gets a ton of the touches every drive of every game DJ gets a ton of touches for critical short yardage passes (Not many touches left to give?)
  2. horse poo. Ill believe it when i see it Only thing I've learned from this new regime is they like to draft defense as high as previous regimes did.
  3. Trust me when I say that the last thing you want is for another 2015 when we cruise to the deep playoffs and meet a buzzsaw dline that runs through our oline like a hot knife through butter and we lose again. And the coaching staff will still be sitting there totally oblivious to the problem at hand. IIRC it was baffling when Gettleman proceeded to draft a DT, 3 CBs, and a TE who didnt even play in the NFL I don't believe. After witnessing the Oline get totally shredded in Super Bowl 50. That level of ineptitude will keep your franchise buried under the sand for a long, long time until it finally gets recognized and corrected. And I'm still waiting to see it from the current staff. (Also doesn't help our new GM comes from the seahawks who have had oline problems for years as well).
  4. You know the Panthers will never do this. We haven't drafted Oline in R1 since Otah in 2008 and Gross in 2003. In 21 fuging years!! Thats several different regimes of coaches, staff, even different owners lol. Its an ingrained franchise problem where almost every year they think they can scrap together some leftover free agents that other teams didnt want and think that will be good enough. They've shown absolutely no evidence that theyre changing that mindset any time soon.
  5. IIRC they weren't world beaters but they were good at getting timely turnovers which was the main thing.
  6. Nah. Lets just actually draft oline high in the next draft. And pick up a high quality free agent next offseason. TBR if we keep winning games then no one's getting replaced lol
  7. She looks like a Hunger Games character. NGL.
  8. We really need someone to take the #2 RB role. I almost had a panic attack when CMC went out with cramps and the Saints were coming back
  9. 8 rushes for 10 yards (1.3 YPC). 2 receptions for 4 yards Yeesh.
  10. I bet the entire narritive from the talking heads this week will keep talking about how the Saints lost the game rather than how we won it . Usually how it goes.
  11. Is there a reason why Brady refuses to call toss plays for McCaffrey? IIRC Shula and Norv didnt like to do those either. Just odd that you have a RB thats good in space and you over commit him to running in the middle where your weakest part of your oline is. Bit of a head scratcher. CMC is not Derrick Henry but Brady thinks he is playcalling wise
  12. Theyre going to be tested in a bad way vs the Buccaneers late in the season for sure baring injuries to their defensive front . And we have to play the Bills in that window too I beleive. The last few games are gonna be brutal
  13. We're only 2nd I'm guessing b/c the 49ers played and won vs NFC opponents and we played the Jets week one. Lol.
  14. Pass blocking has been okay? I saw some times Darnold has forever to throw but sometimes it collapses on longer throws. Its better than I expected but don't crown them IMO. We're doing a lot of short and medium quick throws that make them look better than they are .
  15. Run blocking was piss poor. CMC did incredible to get what he got, an average RB (or a average rookie like C Hubbard) simply gets stonewalled 9 times out of 10 with that level of run blocking. Just way too much penetration and they arent moving guys off the ball when they do hold their blocks. People getting mad at CMAC should rewatch the entire game and just look at the oline on every one of those plays and look at how many defenders are immediately shedding blocks our oline attempts.
  16. Kickers are so damn important. Lot of games being decided on walk off field goals
  17. really? are you in a bar or at a watch party?
  18. TItans WRs have butterfingers in overtime lol
  19. We def want the AFC team to win vs NFC teams.
  20. Its looking like the NFC West is going to gobble up all the wild card spots lol. Im kinda not joking though
  21. Im going on a vikings forum just to see the meltdown after that. Blair Walsh vibes.
  22. Vikings have a worse kicking curse than we do. I almost expected him to miss it and he did. Cowboys kicker proved me wrong though, he made his walk off field goal. Just goes to show kicker is one of the most important positions and IDK if ours has that kinda leg lol . Guess he hasnt been tested on long kicks or game winners here yet.
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