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  1. I agree. I have been as frustrated as most fans with how this season unfolded and questionable coaching decisions. However, at the end of the day it is the owners team and his decisions. Who knows, we may have some good coaching hires and be pleasantly surprised next season. I will always have hope.
  2. 1%% He takes a year off and really looks at opportunities closely. Anything he would do now he could do in a year. I don’t see him coaching again in the NFL South unless he returns to New Orleans.
  3. It will be interesting to see how the situation with Watson unfolds. If the Panthers are interested there are several teams that may be interested in addition to the Panthers. Philadelphia, Washington, Denver, Chicago, Minnesota, New York (Giants), and possibly New Orleans. If Brady does not come back you can throw Tampa Bay in that mix. I think it may depend a lot on which teams feel they won’t lose half their fan base if they sign him. It will be in Watson’s and Houston’s interest to resolve this before the NFL draft. The quarterback carousel will be interesting this year.
  4. I hope we do not have Erving on the roster. Whether it is injuries or something else, it seemed he seldom finished a game he started. His performance was dreadful this season.
  5. Indifferent as to which team won this game but two observations. #1- I am glad the interception-non interception will not be “the play” that determined the outcome… decided by a referee. #2- Any free agent offensive linemen than this year will sure be in high demand. There are a lot of teams that need help on the offensive line. Not good for the Panthers.
  6. I have the same thoughts. I would imagine some of them that were upset when he gave Rhule the $ contract he did are privately glad it isn’t going so smoothly in Carolina.
  7. I would take him, but not 5 years. Maybe 3 years with incentives.
  8. I hope you are right about talent still being there if we trade back. I just have to wonder if there is anyone in the first 6 picks that has the skill set that anyone would trade up for. Would they give up enough to make it worthwhile?
  9. If I remember correctly I believe they used him at center a little bit in preseason. If they had assigned him one position to learn this year he would be light years ahead of where he is now.
  10. I agree with the decision about Ron Rivera, just feel like he should have been allowed to finish the season. I am not saying Darnold is the answer. However, receivers not running routes correctly and dropping passes need to be held accountable too. You make some good points.
  11. David Tepper paid 2.3 billion dollars for the Panthers in 2018. Make no mistake, he is an alpha male. He did not buy this team and intend for it to be a last pace team. He will not allow what we saw this year to continue without exhausting all the tools he has in his tool box. He made a mistake by firing a respected coach (Ron Rivera) before the season ended which was almost unprecedented. He made another mistake with the length of the Rhule Contract. He did not want to make those mistake again and get a reputation as someone who had constant coaching turnover; quality coaching prospects need reasonable security. (IE: Brian Flores) As much as I question Rhule being the right person to coach the Panthers I understand Tepper’s decision to delay pulling the trigger. I keep seeing post from those who feel he needs to hold a press conference, I understand the frustration but I don’t expect him to hold a press conference. The coaching changes that are forthcoming are a statement from him. I expect there to be a coaching hire that could serve as an interim head coach if the Panthers next season does not begin well. While it may not be stated publicly I do not feel Rhule will have the autonomy over personnel decisions he has had. As much as I feel Sam Darnold is not the answer at quarterback he needs not only an offensive line but more consistent help from the coaching staff. Hiring the best position coaches available will be a huge step in the right direction for the offense. It will certainly be an interesting off season for the Panthers.
  12. The sad thing about this is that Brady C. And Deonte Brown have not seen the field enough to know if they are going to be starters. Wasted year almost in that regard.
  13. I was encouraged a little today by the performance of Brady Christensen and Deonte Brown. I felt they were far better than Dennis Daley and John Miller. Brown’s first game and only a few more for Christensen. I do wish they had been used more.
  14. It was a terrible spot. I agreee, if you were trying to sneak it bring Cam in.
  15. Future line? Trying to find bright spots, I hope Deonte Brown plays some today. I will try and focus on Brady Christensen as well and wish to find some hope. I have heard Deonte might play some today.
  16. It is a known fact that Russel Wilsons wife wants certain markets because of her career, and Carolina is not one.
  17. I would not be surprised if New Orleans does something creative to make a run at Sean Watson this off-season.
  18. I hear you. I am older than most of you guys and it worries me to think my dogs may outlive me (2) and I wonder about their future. No one else in my family to take care of them.
  19. How much is losing the fan base and empty seats costing him? We run the risk of being Jacksonville North.
  20. I have to wonder if Tepper will reconsider his decision to bring Rhule back after these last two games. If he truly has “lost the locker room” what would be different to begin year 3? Did Tepper tell Rhule he had job security to get to the end of this season?
  21. Yes, pretty good. I am streaming “Direct Now” which is $100 a month and increasing in Jan. The only time I watch ESPN is for live sporting event, I don’t watch the commentators. I have an antenna that gives me local channels and I have Netflix and Prime. It just seems overkill to pay Direct TV over $100 dollars a month for a few ball games. The best bet may be to find the cheapest streaming service that has ESPN. I “cut the cord” several years ago.
  22. Sports on TV Vs Streaming on Tablet is something I am considering. I only watch ESPN for select ball games, but hate to eliminate it completely. I wonder if anyone has tried streaming sports on electronic devices without a tv subscription. Is it worth saving about $100 a month to watch sports on a tablet vs a tv? Thanks for any input.
  23. Cannot understand Gilmore giving A. Brown so much space.
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