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  1. Umm sure - yeah this type of joke about a show that had no casting announcements.
  2. Well you come off as a pretentious nozzle of a douche. Someone who thinks they are a free thinker by parroting Joe Rogan I take nothing seriously and have no plans to be banned. I think you would be though if you spoke honestly.
  3. Do you have any self awareness of how you come off?
  4. Yeah so they postponed on your request when the contract clearly stated they did not have to. You are out of luck.
  5. The LA times is often spot on. -- ‘Condor’s Nest’ Unlike horror films, crime pictures, action-thrillers and even westerns, war movies aren’t a common genre for lower-budget productions anymore — perhaps because it’s hard to stage armed combat on the cheap. But with 2019’s “Point Man” and now “Condor’s Nest,” writer-director Phil Blattenberger has been trying to bring the stripped-down, two-fisted war movie back by eschewing an epic scale and instead telling character-driven tales with pulpy overtones. In “Condor’s Nest,” Jacob Keohane plays Will Spalding, a World War II vet who has spent the decade since the war tracking the Nazi officer who cruelly exterminated Spalding’s bomber crew. In the process, he violently pushes away potential allies while striking deals with the morally shady, until finally he finds a secret Nazi stronghold in South America, which he tries to reach with the help of a Mossad agent (Corinne Britti) and a fugitive German scientist (Al Pagano). The lack of explosive action hinders “Condor’s Nest,” as does the reliance on spare, nondescript locations like bars, offices and open fields. But Blattenberger can write punchy dialogue; he also wisely spends some of his money on ace character actors Michael Ironside, James Urbaniak, Jorge Garcia and Bruce Davison, each of whom pops up for a memorable scene or two. There’s a little bit of a boys playing war quality to this film, but that ultimately may prove more endearing than cheesy, especially for viewers who grew up reading old “Frontline Combat” and “Sgt. Rock” comics. -- Going to catch this on VOD soon - as the critic says low budget war films are not really a thing. Sounds like Phil did good with a small budget. Likely will lead him to bigger projects. Sounds like you have a want to trash him and are digging into what because Roger at Movie Nation and Kelly at East bay Express had to say. Really a pathetic attempt at a dig.
  6. Weddings are big business and without knowing specifics I feel like you may be screwed with this, they postponed for you but I am sure the contract covered with postponing pricing and includeds could change.
  7. What - so this was the vehicle with the messed up motor? Did the guy you buy it from still have keys?
  8. There is a Great Wolf Lodge outside of Williamsburg. About 6 years ago we did a combined trip of the two- Early Check in and Late Check out at Great Wolf for ONE night was perfect for us. Kid felt like he did everything he wanted and us as parents could take it. I would 100% pick outer banks over Ocean City MD, we have been doing the extra 6 hour drive just to get to a more peaceful laid back vibe. Ocean City in prime season is just hell. But I would recommend Pawleys Island - such a laid back beach area and the beach is never too crowded. If you can get a ocean front home its the ultimate in relaxing vacation.
  9. I am trying to rack my brains if I have ever seen such a well done love story in the middle of a dystopian horror film/show. The episode felt perfectly as part of the show but they way it showed love and devotion to those two men without the feel of treading water was amazing. I havent played the game but from the aftershow I know Kathleen and Perry are new characters. I am curious to see if they can nail a human threat well especially seeing they would appear aligned with Joel as anti FEDRA but the set up is heading for Joel to support the FEDRA refugees(holdouts? Threats? - not clear on the status of Henry and his son yet).
  10. Hey I knew Philly was a good guy - I dual majored in History and Anthropology the most useful combo to bring into the real world.
  11. Just play dumb. Actually you dont need to play... As I mentioned for many the bar is higher for some than others, if you never posted in the TB I would not know what your case was. Since you did you certainly fall in the higher bar camp. Enjoy.
  12. I never played the video game. No nothing of the game plot line. Only heard the one was a great game and two is divisive. That being said - this is soooo good. Meaningful death in the first 30 minutes, real fascism taking control, the people show real signs of living through the poo for the past 20 years. Its giving me high hopes that it can keep the quality up through its run.
  13. The bias you let fly in the TB. Jeez you just mention the name Kaepernick and it sets people like you off. The bar is higher for some...
  14. Well A. I am in Baltimore and have seen him play close to 50 times. And yes injuries are an issue - so absolutely that is a consideration. If he was healthy Sunday I would put down a grand easily they would have won. Lamar is very capable of winning playoff games. He is also very capable of putting up 250 yards a game and with the right mix could get closer to 300. You have to take him as a 200-250 yard per game passer PLUS putting plus 50 yards in rushing. The guy is a major threat to any team. And if you want to wait a year - Give me a good breakdown why Maye should be in the same discussion as Caleb. Your layout of reasons to not take him are fine, but you have a bias ( and it plays in to your thoughts on him and I am sorry but it needs calling out.
  15. I make perfect sense. You posted enough in the tinderbox to show who you are. Your post here are of zero surprise to anyone who saw you fail and flounder in the tinderbox.
  16. That is absolutely true - The Jets could have easily put up 10 wins this season Lamar would be enough to put them in a strong spot to make a playoff run.
  17. Catsfan you dragged yourself in the mud in the TB. We know your story.
  18. Anyone all this speculation is likely moot - things are moving and Ravens are positioning to hit Lamar with the franchise tag in the offseason.
  19. The arm is there. Trust me as I’ve said I’ve seen him play probably close to 50 games He chooses to run because it’s also there.
  20. What I guess you are left with is why go through the read progression when after your first or maybe second you see 10 yards of daylight ahead of you.
  21. Paa is just too senile to understand "die off boomer" = die off boomer mindset and culture. Its ridiculous how many times I have to post this basic explanation for him. Anyway that trailer looks great. So I will be checking it out in 2 weeks.
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