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  1. If any coach that can do it it will be him but I still think Darnold is trash. No QB worth anything puts up Darnold numbers against the Saints last year. Multiple times Ivr watched Darnold through out these years and his decision making, accuracy and overall job as a QB was horrendous. Back up material? Yeah sure but Pro Bowl??? Lolol I'd put a lot of money on he never sniffs a Pro Bowl and especially and All Pro team.......he just doesn't have "it"
  2. FRESH....LOL at all you scrooge mcducks hating on the flat brim. Love the retro look. Won't buy one at their price point but would definitely rock if cheaper
  3. Exactly the guy wants elite money probably anyway. Let's see if he can actually put up elite numbers before shelling that out
  4. If I was GM I would wait after this year to do a deal. Tag him . I believe the tag costs around 19mil this year for linebackers or Defensive ends so that's considerably less than what I believe Burns is looking for
  5. This offseason has continuously answered a big question the Huddle would debate Who ran roster moves more Rhule or Fitt? Welp this offseason has CLEARLY showed Tepper let Rhule literally run the whole team like Belicheat. Fitt balling with all these moves and you can't debate that my friends....LFG Fitterer!
  6. I'd obv love to see Chark or somehow pull off getting Hopkins come here but I still would love to see our defense bolstered with some veteran FA right now..... Poona Ford DT, Clowney DE, Ingram DE/OLB, Floyd OLB, Ya-Sin CB, Peters CB, Callahan CB/nickel Sure you that front with guys that can still get in the backfield and great depth/starters at CB considering our CB1 n 2 are made of fn GLASS
  7. I do think this last week should quite some of the huddlers that have been calling for Fitt getting the axe when Rhule got fired. Fitt has been busy! As far as Tepper I like how he admitted guilt of giving so much power to a dumbass college coach like Rhule. IMO the jury is still out on Tepper tho as a competent owner. The guy just seems to fug something up as soon as he touches it. Whether the field issue, new facility, etc.
  8. This contract shows who was really running things in the Foohle years.....Finally letting the GM do GM things and the coach do Coach things. Wow crazy this is new and refreshing AF
  9. Never been a fan of Hurst so not liking this signing personally
  10. Chinn bout to move too ILB or OLB n ball out in Evero 3-4 scheme. Bet
  11. Best believe Tepper and Fitt are all over this though. Reich probably has a lot of respect for Lamar as a player and Josh McCown probably has a crush as well. I'd love to hear Everos honest assessment of Lamar's game as a DC. If I was Fitt and Evero was scared of his game than I'm calling Tepper to get the bag of cash ready.
  12. Genius move by Ravens FO. Pay him less than what he wanted and see his market value. If not they take the 2 firsts n flip that into a young QB coming out this year. Honestly they probably praying for the latter at this point
  13. If any huddler who wanted him here AND would give him that contract please delete said account
  14. Hooker getting more love than AR right now kinda shocked but pleased with those results. Stroud obv the best option in this draft and if this organization believes the same then we bout to leverage the future to acquire him....o boy this huddle bout to implode!
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