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  1. Trump has played twice as much.
  2. I'm in the Winston area. People up here have been surprisingly pretty good about wearing masks. Unfortunately some areas have different demographics and have started a war on common sense.
  3. I've visited a handful of dealerships the past several week. Most everyone I've seen is wearing a mask and they had masks for customers at the door if needed.
  4. If this is coming from somebody in the know that's one thing. It certainly sounds like some assumptions and bs though.
  5. Don't you think it's time to move this thread? It hasn't served a purpose other than political debate for 2 months.
  6. yes, all around the world. Luckily we have finally got things orgainized here and industry is now kicking in to frantically manufacture all these things. They are reusing equipment this week out of necessity. They are making their own equipment and protective ware. Local technical schools are volunteering to manufacture these items as fast as they can using 3D Printers.
  7. That's great news? We reached in like a month what it took since November to get with exponential growth that is just ramping up . Wonderful!
  8. It's stressing the capacity of our hospitals regardless. The shortages of ventilators and protective equipment is real regardless of whatever the rate actually is.
  9. Sure it does have it's benefits. But having a Federal void isn't helping.
  10. Though nothing has been federally mandated so far. So the states can still deal with it as they are currently. Some Governors are doing great jobs. Just a really poor way for a country to deal with something. Hopefully a lot is learned from this and we get a capable leader with good intentions at some point. I don't care what party they come from but we desperately need a real one.
  11. We aren't mass testing. It's nearly impossible to get tested unless you meet specific criteria. We need to be but we don't have the resources. A friend is over 65 and meets multiple other CDC testing criteria associated with previous conditions to be tested AND just flew through Korea and Seattle and cant get a test. I was out of the country. There was a number you call if you feel symptoms. They coordinate where you go to get screened and most likely tested. You might have to pay $25 for this. Here it's a convoluted mess where each insurance provider, each healthcare system, each ho
  12. The worst thing would be to start this process, incur the economic toll, then bail on it and get hammered then try to start it again. We haven't even reached to point it is mathematically possible to realize any benefits and people want to bail on it.
  13. Virus don't walk or fly. They spread when people move and they have a shelf life on surfaces. Pretty simple.
  14. I don't think they do it with belief that force is neccessary for every person..it makes people take it serious if nothing else.
  15. A surprise lockdown would do nobody any good and ne a disaster. The li downs have all been announced. You have to give people time to get where they can be. The previous 3 have had advanced notification.
  16. It is explained on the image. Days since 100 total cases
  17. Paronoia, xenophobia, legal issues, human nature, uncertainty, etc. Tuberculosis kills about 520 per calendar year in the USA and the cases have been in a constant decline. Its treated with antibiotics and this has been understood for a long time. Were at 57 confirmed deaths in the USA in like a month. No idea why toilet paper is so important all of a sudden.
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