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  1. I suppose nobody expected our punter to be that much of a wuss.
  2. It's just a casual source of entertainment for me. I'd never stop following the team. I'm likely to stop reading the Huddle though. Not worth the misery.
  3. It's rather funny how the opinion of arm length has done a 180 degree flip since Brady was drafted. At first it was outrage of drafting a short armed tackle. Now it's outrage over arm length no mattering. This place has the collective memory of a goldfish bowl.
  4. It's not uncommon but don't let that get in the way of a snap judgement. There are so many things to criticize but this is an obvious reach. Everyone want's the staff to look for ways to fix problems.....until they do....then it's just something to whine about.
  5. Where does the joke writing part apply?
  6. You are asking the Huddle which has shown to be obsessed with arm length.
  7. I would agree with this. In retrospect you after moving on from Cam they should have stuck with Teddy. The problem wasn't all him and we were more completive with him even with a crappy defense. He had his limitations and criticism of his contract is fair. But going forward he would have been a fine stop gap for a drafted QB. Brady was as limited or more than Teddy.
  8. I'm sure he would have done well with Drew Brees and a great offensive line. Who wouldn't? He had some nifty route concepts maybe but showed no ability to adapt to roster issues or in-game situations. Red zone 3rd quarter He was allergic to the run this year.
  9. There is literally nothing to suggest he is ready to be a head coach. He's yet to be a successful OC anywhere. He was a passing game consultant on a loaded team.
  10. I'm impressed by coaches who make the calls that lead to wins. It's not about being cute. It's about winning.
  11. I'm not sure it's as much about football or the situation as it is with people generally being more angry online and wanting a pat on the back for supporting the mob.
  12. Word on local media early in the season was that he had no interest in college but I've lost faith in local media knowing what they are talking about. Though I don't care what he does.
  13. He's building an enormous new facility to move the team. How do you come uo with this nonsense? You are more full of poo than Rhule
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