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  1. The reactionary hand wringing over this is one of the more embarrassing things this fan base has done. So they did the drummer and this is only about not getting the prompt to do the cheer that used to erupt spontaneously?
  2. He will be active when he is starting. That's the simple case for a one position backup.
  3. 26 years and our crowd still needs to be led to cheer
  4. Only sheep need a wolf to lead them to cheer for their team. Just fuging cheer.
  5. He coached in the NFL previously and interviewed for NFL jobs. Is your entire speculation based on now knowing any facts?
  6. Did you watch the second half? How can you excuse a half of poor play calling while blaming it all on 2 very catchable throws that were off by an inch at most?
  7. Replacing Elfein with Daley is at best a wash. Daley has looked rather bad every time he's been in a game too.
  8. This community put way too much energy in to finding things to complain about. Bitching gets the clicks.
  9. Everybody is seeking out poo to make themselves and the rest feel bad today. Lol
  10. You know its not a strong metric when it shows the Jets line being twice as effective.....lol
  11. It looked like that was from the near horsecollar tackle
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