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  1. This is going to be a long 3 months daily Watson trade drama.
  2. You don't get compensatory draft picks for hiring a minority GM. You get them if you lose a minority executives to a promotion. A gm cannot be lost to a promotion
  3. Dead cap money was already paid to him in form of sighing bonus. Dead Cap is only an accounting treatment that applies the bonus to the teams cap over the length of the contract. He won' get paid by both he will just get his normal salary from the new team and any roster or workout bonus.
  4. Goff has been a disappointment. Imagine if they had kept their 1st round picks and drafted Dak Preskott
  5. He's done literally nothing in years and you want to make him a starter?
  6. y'all should offer to give Tepper some guidance on business intelligence
  7. It's not like you can just interview GM candidates every month. You actually need a position to fill and if you do it in bad faith you will make enemies fast and shoot yourself in the foot
  8. You will need rules and moderators to moderate.
  9. If you want it to be used and to keep things in order then you need to moderate in such a way. Move things, etc.
  10. It's sad that his less than hoped for performance has caused people to turn on him personally. Though that's the internet for you.
  11. He's the same size as Watson. If we are concerned about that we probably shouldn't trade away our ability to create a stronger line while paying a fragile framed guy 35 million a year with 40+ million cap hits.
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