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  1. They have Jonah Williams and just signed Reilly Reif. They have options.
  2. And produced little against nobody. It's all hope. Nothing suggests he's even equal to Fields as an athlete
  3. Bitching and insulting fans who don't cry about wins will get you nowhere we just watch. Seriously, go tell the team. I'm sure they will love your input. Call them winning culture morons. Go to the source.
  4. I'd love to see the lose culture morons go talk about this with players and coaches. Go tell them they are morons please. PLEASE
  5. Nothing pisses off fans like winning a game around here.
  6. Acting interested would prompt them to jump ahead of us not trade with us.
  7. Your participation trophy is a giant bowl of poo. You seem to enjoy it.
  8. He really screwed himself by trying so hard to force a trade right after signing a contract. If he hadn't done that he would have a chance to weather this if he wasn't. Well maybe not but he's fuged
  9. He's been consistant if anything and with 3 different qbs and 2 different OCs. Consistency is the topic of the thread. Inconsistent is what you will see with several of the current top 5 wrs
  10. It was actually 7th and 10th in yds per game. How is that middle of the road with 64+ starting receivers?
  11. The only people saying this was a horrible trade are the folks who would find the negative in free ice cream. It's an average trade that's being referred to pretty much everywhere as a fair trade.
  12. It's just sports and rooting for your team. Why is that even a term ?
  13. see a therapist (not massage) History is irrelevant to our situation going forward. But we do win once in a while.
  14. you could be a Falcon fan if that makes you feel better
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