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  1. Tex Mex was created as a mix of native American and Spanish food in the Texas region when Texas was part of Mexico. Everything you know of as Mexican falls under this. If you think anytbing with cheese is an abomination I feel for you.
  2. Bouye is as good or better. And he plays man coverage. Sherman was never known for that. We want man corners. That's why we got Melvin, Bouye, Horn. Why get a guy who doesn't do that when we already have the guys we picked up to fill those roles before the draft unfurled?
  3. Did he lineup against Burns? Admittedly I don't know how if or how much we move our edge guys but I do know that Reddick abused Tunsil regularly So......
  4. Well, in 2022 there are 2 4-3 linebackers making more and in 2023 there is 1 3-4 inside linebacker making more already. So obviously there are other GMs who can manufacture those numbers
  5. It was a reasonable question and the proper answer. What did I miss?
  6. It appeared his injury was unrelated to either the turf or too many touches. But whatever.
  7. It's week 3. Enjoy your breakfast before thinking about dinner tomorrow night
  8. Even if true I couldn't care less what sports media thinks. Irrelevant.
  9. He's a zone corner. Our backups fit our need for a man corner better.
  10. I disagree that losing CMC is a blessing. He's a reason receivers can get open downfield.
  11. I've noticed many folks are more interested in reading or hearing other people saying there team is good than anything else.
  12. The only thing that really matters is how or record stacks up against our conference and division. The rest is not relevant.
  13. The thing is they and others are too concerned with declaring him great or not. The whole crowning thing. If they just look at what he's done on the field this year it's an easier judgement but less controversial. Enjoy watching each game, grade it, and relax.
  14. They were 6th in yards allowed and 6th in points allowed. That's not really bending.
  15. It's way too early is my honest opinion
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