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  1. I see them saying both. My point wasn't to judge his accuracy. It was to point out what the actual discussion of his accuracy is.
  2. The analysts who mention his accuracy aren't necessarily talking about his completion percentage. They are referring to ball placement. His receivers are very commonly wide open. When they aren't placement matters a lot more.
  3. I want 40 million a year too but I'm not going to get it either
  4. Watson might have painted himself in to a corner. His gripe is very well legitimate but in hindsight he could have approached it in better way for his interests
  5. He's a free agent. Why would you lose picks?
  6. He can want all he likes but he's not going to command top qb money. He should have accepted previous offers unless he just want out of Dallas.
  7. Yet a great coach will only need to do that for a short period of time because they will acquire the players that fit. After a year, maybe 2 they wouldn't need to tweak.
  8. As critical as I have been of him for lack of passing experience and competition I'm at the point I'd rather just grab him at 8 then give the franchise to Houston for one player.
  9. A history professor I had would iterate the point in his lectures that humans rarely if ever have acted based on the long term best interest and likely never will. I never forgot that and see that point reinforced regularly.
  10. I don't know anything about him. There may be very valid reasons not to but his contract isn't one of them.
  11. His contract is nothing. The acquiring team only takes on the base salary. The highest salary in his contract is $2,187,508 in the final year. He could be cut at any moment with no ill affect.
  12. I don't see Anderson being a terribly valuable chip given he's on his final year of his contract.
  13. I doubt the defense switches the DE's based on which arm the QB throws with. The job of the OTs doesn't change in that scenario.
  14. Just look at Kiper's final mock and then realize how having any emotional reaction to a mock is a waste of energy.
  15. Mid round selecting teams are going to get some fantastic players if all these reaches actually occur.
  16. The media has turned no news in to news. "We don't have any speculation for you. Feel free to soeculate about that so we can pump that back in to the loop.."
  17. We yeah of course but they also might want to see if he's able to be part of a bigger trade for a player or draft move.
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