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  1. We are screwed if we keep this guy as a starter. No way he should play, even as a backup he is terrible.
  2. They should have been interviewing since Brady was fired. No one is going to want this job knowing you will be fired after one year.
  3. He may have meant trading away some players for a 2nd or 3rd round pick. It may not be trading away future draft picks
  4. I respect your opinion but I think you are selling him short a little bit. Again he is 23 and look at some stats from all edge defenders from the 2020 and 2021 season and this is where he lands: Burns among edge defenders | 2020-21 Pass Rush Grade 84.7 11th Total Pressures 120 9th Sacks 19 12th Pass Rush Productivity 8.2 14th Pressure Percentage 14.2% 16th Batted Passes 6 7th Forced Fumbles 5 7th Defensive Stops 58 12th
  5. Burns is already producing close to 10 sacks per year and is still growing and learning the ways of the NFL. He’s also the younger than some rookies coming out (the guy is 23 years old). He’s a building block for a team if I’ve ever seen one.
  6. Keep Burns. The guy is still growing into the position and adding muscle. He will only get better with time and will always produce around 10 sacks or more if he continues to grow into the role (HE IS ONLY 23 years old!!!!!!) Reddick should be tagged and traded for picks
  7. We have become the new joke of the NFL. I can’t name 3 teams in worse shape than us.
  8. Lol no this can easily be done with a couple salary cap moves (see other threads) and I want to hear your plan not a critique of mine. All resources of our cap should be going to fixing our terrible line…..you know this mayne.
  9. Okay Huddlers: The time has come for you play pretend. Imagine overnight you gain 75 pounds, snort some coke, sweat through your smock, and sell some used cars to become our fearless DBO king Rhule. You have one job….to fix the teams O line and QB in one offseason to save your job. What would you do in order to fix the disaster we currently have on offense? Here is a random example of MY plan: 1. Sign Guard Laken Tomlinson to a 3 year, 27 million dollar contract. 2. Move Brady Christensen to Left Guard 3. Draft the best LT at pick number 6 (Charles Cross or Icky Ekwonu as Neal will be gone by 6) 4. Sign G/C James Daniels to a 5 year 50 million dollar contract (10 million average, 24 million guaranteed) 5. Sign Vet QB: We all know we are tied to Sam but SCREW his fragile feelings. He needs to compete with another vet and not be given anything other than the 18 million (kill me please). Ryan Fitzpatrick or Tyrod Taylor would be signed with a chance to start for the year. They can be signed cheap without hurting future cap. 6. Draft your best prospects in rounds 4-7. This could be a rookie developmental QB, more Guards, Centers, etc. but it better be O line or QB. 26. G LAKEN TOMLINSON, SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS Tomlinson has picked up where he left off in 2020, earning a second consecutive grade above 70.0. He has yet to allow a sack through Week 13 of the 2021 season. Tomlinson has surrendered a quarterback pressure on just 3.8% of pass-rush snaps, the 16th-best mark among guards with at least 200 snaps on the season. The former first-round pick of the Detroit Lions in 2015 may be in for a bigger deal this time around than his early extension signed in 2018 for three years, $16.5 million. Strengths: -Value-add in run game, one of highest percentages of positively graded run blocks -Zone blocking Weaknesses: -Pass blocking on true pass sets -Locking onto targets on the move Scheme Fit/Role: STARTING GUARD: Tomlinson has developed into one of the best guards in the league under Kyle Shanahan, so a zone-heavy system is best for him to ensure continued high production. However, Tomlinson has done it all throughout his career and he can play in any scheme. Recent Injury History: Since 2017, Tomlinson has played at least 1,000 snaps in every season. He tore an MCL toward the end of 2018 but recovered in time to play every game in 2019. Contract Projection: Three years, $27 million ($9M per year, $16.5 million total guaranteed) Bottom Line: After a slow start to his career, Tomlinson developed into a high-end starter and his most recent work ranks him among the league's best guards. He's a valuable asset in the run game and a strong pass protector who has plenty of good football left as a starting guard. 40. G JAMES DANIELS, CHICAGO BEARS Daniels is quietly in the midst of his best NFL season, with the Bears finally putting him at one position — right guard — and leaving him there to improve over the year. Daniels was one of the youngest draft picks in 2018 and will still be just 24 years old in Week 1 of 2022. The combination of youth and the fact Daniels kept getting moved around the interior of the offensive line suggests he could have even more untapped potential as a full-time right guard. From Week 4 to Week 12 this season, Daniels’ 78.5 overall grade ranks ninth among guards, his 80.0 pass-blocking grade ranks sixth and his 78.7 run-blocking grade ranks 11th. Strengths: – Age – Zone blocking – Pass blocking Weaknesses: – Gap runs – Facing power Scheme Fit/Role: STARTING GUARD IN A ZONE-BLOCKING SCHEME: Daniels has played predominantly in zone-heavy attacks between college at Iowa and his four years with the Bears, and that's where he excels when it comes to the run game. Recent Injury History: Daniels played in every game in 2018 and 2019 before a torn pectoral robbed him of all but five games in 2020. He's been healthy again in 2021, playing in every game through Week 12. Contract Projection: Five years, $50 million ($10M per year, $24M total guaranteed) Bottom Line: Since 2018, Daniels has been productive at both guard positions. He also has experience at center and will turn 25 just after opening day in 2022. Daniels is an excellent fit for a zone-blocking scheme and has been one of the best pass-blocking guards in the league over the last two seasons. His best football may still be ahead of him.
  10. It does not matter who the OC is. We know we aren’t getting top talent because of the situation with Rhule…not including the horrific shape our offense is in with no line, and no QB. Even if we had a “Rockstar” it will be impossible for us to not suck ass with Rhule running this joke of a team.
  11. Exactly. Rhule was bragging the entire time at the year end press conference about his “number 2 defense” even though we were in the bottom half of run defense, and started slipping tremendously in the back half of the year. We are now most likely going to be without Rediick, Gilmore, Jackson, we have no linebackers other than Shaq (Luvu is a FA), all while having an impossible goal of getting a franchise QB and rebuilding the entire offensive line in one offseason. That also does not touch implementing a new offensive playbook, adjusting from our league worst coaching and many other things. To sum it up…..we are absolutely screwed.
  12. Tepper is all about analytics unless it shows he made a mistake.
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