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  1. I listened to the entire thing. Fantastic content. You made me feel much better about the “position battles” going on at QB, center and LT
  2. Just got through interviewing Corrals girlfriend. She said he never comes early. I quickly changed the subject and ask her to talk about camp and the QB competition
  3. Nothing like having your choice of 1st offensive player on your board, then acting like they he won’t be given a starting role. He’s a rookie but throw him in there with the ones and let him learn and adjust. If Icky is not a day 1 starter, Rhule should be fired before the 1st game.
  4. I was pumping gas this morning at 5 am and Corral was nice enough to clean my windshield. He was listening to a special edition of the Macadoo audio playbook for dummies. I ask what he was doing up so early, and he said as a rookie he was told he had to throw away all of the vets piss bottles.
  5. Matt is stuck on some bulls*t making easy choices “Earn it” like Mayfield, Bozeman, and Ickey. He started Erving no questions ask last year but is acting this year like Ickey may not start. Him and his staff had first choice of offensive player in last years draft and now he’s playing position roulette and not letting our top 10 pick get reps with the first. I think he will be just fine going against all pro Gross Matos
  6. That says a ton about him and the staff if they had the choice of first offensive player in the draft and they don’t see the field. He’s a total Moron for even acting like a top talent like Ickey won’t be our starting LT
  7. Article: The Panthers are unlikely to have linebacker Shaq Thompson on the field for their initial training camp practices this week. Head coach Matt Rhule said on Monday that Thompson is likely to open camp on the physically unable to perform list. Thompson had a surgical procedure to clean up his knee this offseason and Rhule said, via multiple reporters, that he could miss a couple of weeks while working his way back to full strength. Thompson had 104 tackles, two sacks, and two interceptions while appearing in 14 games for the Panthers last season. Rhule also said that the team expects to have defensive tackle Daviyon Nixon on the field. Nixon played seven games last year before a season-ending knee injury. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/07/25/shaq-thompson-likely-to-go-on-pup-list-after-having-knee-cleaned-up/
  8. If he becomes an above average Left Guard for us we will really be set on the line. If Bradley Bozeman performs well we sign him to a 3-4 year extension and have all 5 starters set for years
  9. I would be happy with both of them locking down a spot but it would make me cringe thinking about Icky being licked number 6 overall, 1st offensive player drafted, prototype LT going into LG. That seems like the ultimate Rhule move but I see no way it happens that way
  10. This 1000000000%. It has been missing since Cams shoulder injury
  11. We haven’t had a QB who could throw deep in a very long time. That alone will get me excited and it will DJ and Robby as well. They both have been playing the underneath game waaaaay to much the last two years.
  12. Slow time so another article I came across. Florio has an attitude about him that really gets annoying. Last year, when the Eagles sent quarterback Carson Wentz to the Colts, Wentz was able to tell himself that he was right and the Eagles were wrong. After one year in Indy, it became obvious that he was wrong about who was right and who was wrong. This year, the Browns have sent quarterback Baker Mayfield to the Panthers. Is Mayfield telling himself that it’s the team’s fault that things didn’t work? Does he take any responsibility for how things went in Cleveland? It’s an important point to keep in mind moving forward, Eventually, and inevitably, Mayfield will encounter adversity in Carolina. Whether he doesn’t win the starting job (it’s possible Sam Darnoldgets the gig) or struggles in the early part of the season or gets injured or has a bad showing in a win and snubs the media or whatever, at some point his maturity will be tested. Enter his passion. The passion is the root of the periodic displays of immaturity. He wants to win. When he doesn’t win (or when things don’t go his way), he gets salty. He gets snippy. Former Browns coach Freddie Kitchens, whose one-year tenure saw Mayfield regress from his success as a rookie, said in a recent appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Mayfield’s passion is “an attribute . . . not necesarily a detriment.” It can be both. For the best quarterbacks, the challenge becomes using the passion to push the right buttons, but to not let the passion cause problems. That’s the strangest thing about the obsession with winning that so many pro athletes exhibit. In a kid, the compulsion to win at anything and everything is viewed as a negative. In an adult, it’s regarded as admirable. “The difference between good, great, and elite is sometime the passion you bring to the game,” Kitchens said. He’s right. Still, that passion causes the adult to behave at times like a child, it’s not good. It poisoned the well for Mayfield in Cleveland. It may have contributed to Kitchens, now a senior football analyst at the University of South Carolina, getting fired after only one year as the head coach. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/07/15/freddie-kitchens-baker-mayfieds-passion-is-an-attribute-not-a-detriment/
  13. Don’t you dare compare him to that softie. He made Paradis look like a body builder.
  14. ARTICLE: The Panthers say they will be holding an open competition for the quarterback job during training camp after trading for Baker Mayfield and rookie left tackle Ickey Ekwonu isn’t picking any favorites in Mayfield’s battle with Sam Darnold. Ekwonu told Jane Slater of NFL Media that he believes “competition brings best out of everybody” when asked about last week’s change to the quarterback landscape in Carolina. He also vowed to do the same job regardless of who the coaching staff picks to be on the field against the Browns in Week 1 of the regular season. “Whoever the coaching staff puts out there, you know, I feel like we’ll be ready to go,” Ekwonu said. “We’re all just excited to enter training camp. I feel like we all got full confidence in the coaching staff and whoever’s back there, I’ll be doing everything I can to keep him safe.” The Panthers drafted Ekwonu because one of the many issues plaguing their offense was pass protection. That makes the rookie a valuable piece of the offense regardless of who winds up taking the snaps.
  15. Cousins is a very very good QB. He is also a QB who will never get his team deep in the playoffs or win a Super Bowl. I believe you have to have a certain personality that can help you connect with offense and defense as well as alpha energy in the huddle to make your entire team better. That’s what gets teams deep in the playoffs and helps them win Super Bowls. Cousins is not the guy who brings the Tom Brady energy to his team which is why he will always be a QB who has great stats, but nothing when it matters most. With all that being said he is clearly a much better QB talent wise than anything we have currently.
  16. That would be on another level of suck if he ever traded away picks and money for the pill popping bozo. Tepper would go to the upside down if he even attempted that garbage.
  17. Article from the turd himself: Sorry, Panthers. You apparently didn’t make the cut, again. The team that tried (twice) and failed (twice) to get quarterback Deshaun Watson previously was linked to former Saints coach Sean Payton for 2023. The team’s official response was something less than a full-throated denial. Regardless, Payton widely is believed to be destined to return to coaching in 2023. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, citing an unnamed source close to Payton, lists the Dolphins, Chargers, and Cowboys as teams that could draw Payton’s interest in 2023. The source added the catch-all “among other teams,” so there may still be hope for the Panthers and other potentially interested teams. The main factors for Payton are, per Jackson: (1) warm weather; (2) a roster that can contend; and (3) control over personnel decisions. The Cowboys already are on the short list to pursue Payton, despite the ongoing efforts of owner Jerry Jones to put the kibosh on the subject. (As reported in Playmakers, the Cowboys nearly hired Payton in 2019.) The other two teams are surprising. Although the source told Jackson that Payton would never lobby for a job that’s already filled, Jason Garrett serve as head coach of the Cowboys when the pieces were put in place behind the scenes for the Cowboys to hire Payton. So even if he wouldn’t “lobby,” he also wouldn’t slam the door in the face of an owner who is interested in hiring him, regardless of whether that owner currently has a coach under contract. Jackson, given his beat, focuses on the Dolphins. Despite the fact that the story was grossly underreported (in large part because reporters working for ESPN and NFL Network flatly ignored it), the Dolphins’ clandestine pursuit of Payton and quarterback Tom Brady was one of the biggest developments of the offseason. Jackson doesn’t slam the door on the possibility of Dauphins owner Stephen Ross rekindling his interest in Payton, if the team disappoints under first-year coach Mike McDaniel. If would be awkward to say the least, and it would be expensive. But if Ross wants Brady and if Brady wants Payton, buying out McDaniel’s contract becomes part of the cost of doing business. And that’s the thing to remember. Brady will be a free agent in 2023. The Payton-Brady partnership could still happen in Miami next year. Frankly, McDaniel doesn’t deserve to be saddled with that speculation before he ever coaches a single game. Anyone who pays any attention to the NFL knows that anything can happen, however. If not Payton-Brady, it could be Payton-Herbert. Or Payton-Prescott. Wherever Payton goes (and he likely will be coaching somewhere in 2023), he’ll want to be in a place that has a quarterback, because that will be the most important factor in Payton’s effort to become the first coach in league history to win a Super Bowl with two different franchises https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/07/13/new-report-links-sean-payton-to-dolphins-chargers-cowboys-for-2023/
  18. I have hopes that he can be the future of the team. I absolutely feel like a complete red shirt year will do wonders for his development. It will also give our team time to develop and build depth as we are still young and Unproven. Corral starting this year could do more harm than good in my opinion. He’s a third round pick and should not have pressure to start at all this season. With Baker and Sam locked in with what we are paying them he can sit back and learn the NFL and have a real shot to compete for a starting role next year. If he becomes the starter we will be set up perfect to have a good team built around him with three rookie years to go
  19. We all expected us to suck this year regardless being that we were stuck with Sam “Gumby” Darnold. This is a low risk, high reward move. I’m all for a possible upgrade over the Sh*tshow that we had to witness last year. That was the least amount of fire in a huddle since jimmy the pickle days. At least we will get some energy out of our offense, if that pays off we shall see. I’m on the bandwagon until we see worse results.
  20. I don’t care how much they compete in practice, no way I’d take Sam starting over Baker no matter how they look in camp. Darnold has always been a strong practice guy….well maybe strong is the wrong word. The article questions Corrals development if he’s not number 2 compared to Sam being our primary backup. I would like for Corral to have a true redshirt year where he does not see the field at all and really gets time to grasp the NFL so that he has the best shot at long term success. If Matt was the primary backup and Baker goes down he could be thrown to the wolves and pick up some bad habits. Being that we picked him him in the third round there should be no pressure for him to perform immediately.
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