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  1. We are facing Jameis this week…..That will come to an end.
  2. Damn…for them to draft a franchise QB, and.the next year a Franchise LT….it should make all Panther fans cringe.
  3. Guard seemed to be one of the deepest positions on the line when we started training camp, but it’s our weakest position in reality.
  4. Pat has got to go as a starter. One thing that did stand out today as well, and they mentioned it on the radio after show, our short yardage push is a big red flag. Every time when we needed it, we failed. This is a trend from the Steelers pre season game, so I hope it does not continue. 11 pressures is still concerning against better teams it may get ugly. With that being said, I was at the game today, and fugging happy that we beat the breaks off the Jets to get opening day win. Side note……when was the last time we one the first game at home? Dallas?)
  5. I really don’t mind the Irving signing. He has shown flashes and absolute worst case he would be paid decent for LT depth (something we never have). Elflein on the other hand is a true head scratcher, I would only use him as a backup center and possible backup guard in a rough spot very short term but never as a primary starter. He should have never received the amount he did that early in FA. With that being said, it’s only a 2 year deal so not the end of the world
  6. I’m feeling so saxxy after reading this post. I appreciate the vibes that is Sax man heading into football kickoff day
  7. Hey let just go ahead and worry about our O line even more.
  8. I don’t understand releasing Melvin. It would be good to have him on reserve as a vet presence in case we have an injury, but things could have went down behind the scenes to cause the release that we don’t know about esp with open positions on the practice squad already
  9. I’m extremely unhappy with my draft lol it’s the worst I’ve had but I shall prevail throughout the season with pickups and hopefully some trades
  10. 2 min until the first draft. Good luck everyone
  11. Just checked and the first draft is 2pm PT so it would be 5PM Eastern time. Second league is set for 8 pm Eastern time
  12. Reminder draft tomes are 5 pm today for the first league, 8 pm for the second league
  13. Because we only pay for the draft pick if he plays two games.
  14. He was much more confident as the game went on. I aM glad the starters played a half, and thank god no major injuries. The Online worries me, but hopefully we figure out what the hell is going on at Guard (yes casual fans…this is a bigger issue than LT at the moment, Erving is the starter)
  15. He was distracted at the beginning of the game after warming up listening to rap music, but after he played a while he settled down and played well
  16. Our staring line was garbage. I will say however that I agree with the starting tackles to start off the year. Guard is another story altogether.
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