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  1. Article: There’s no question that Brian Burns is about to get paid, and the Carolina Panthers certainly seem intent on starting up those new checks pretty soon. But what are the numbers on those checks going to look like? According to NFL insider Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team, Burns’ expected extension should surpass what the Miami Dolphins gave fellow pass rusher Bradley Chubb last year. Heck, it could even approach what star Myles Garrett has from the Cleveland Browns. Meirov writes: Brian Burns is entering the final year of his rookie contract, and the Carolina Panthers have made it abundantly clear he’s a big part of their future. The Rams offered two first-round picks and a second-round pick for Burns before last year’s trade deadline, only for Carolina to decline. The Bears then wanted Burns in offers for the No. 1 overall pick, but Carolina made it clear he’s off-limits. The former first-round pick out of Florida State led the Panthers in sacks last season with 12.5 and has totaled 38 sacks during the first four years of his career. The team has big plans for him as it transitions from a 4-3 base defense to a 3-4 under new defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero. An extension for Burns should surpass the five-year, $110 million deal Bradley Chubb signed after he was traded to Miami, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it hovers around Myles Garrett’s $25 million AAV. That $25 million annual value currently ranks as the third-highest average amongst all edge defenders. Only Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt ($28 million) and Los Angeles’ Joey Bosa ($27 million) are raking in more cash per year. Now, yes, Burn’s production and overall game may not yet be on the same level as that of a Watt, Bosa or Garrett. But if you’re doing good business, sometimes you’re paying for what you’ll get—not for what you’ve already gotten. And if the Panthers have already gotten a two-time Pro Bowler in Burns, they could be getting a whole lot more out of the 25-year-old and his ascending stock. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/05/28/panthers-nfl-insider-brian-burns-extension-myles-garrett-bradley-chubb/
  2. Article: NFL players want all playing surfaces to be grass, not turf. The NFL prefers to let teams play on artificial surfaces, if they so choose. The debate has intensified in recent months. A Tuesday night feature on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel addressed the situation, focusing on how the use of turf has trickled down to the high-school level, causing an “epidemic” of injuries. While not quite an epidemic yet at the NFL level, a league source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the 2022 injury data for turf fields was “awful.” At this week’s ownership meetings in Minneapolis, NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills acknowledged that the “numbers weren’t good,” without getting into specifics. None of the owners pressed for specifics, we’re told. We’ve asked the NFL for the data, but the league has not yet responded to two separate emails on the issue. As the source put it, the relevant representatives of the league office are “experts at confusing the 26 owners who don’t pay attention.” The source added that, on matters of turf vs. grass, the league will gloss over the fundamental differences between injury risk on real grass and injury risk on fake grass. The situation is gaining momentum, especially with many noticing the willingness of owners of stadiums with artificial turf to find a way to get grass installed for World Cup matches, since grass is a prerequisite to hosting the games. More and more people think grass should be a prerequisite for hosting NFL games. Obviously, it all comes down to money. Despite the many billions the league now generates, there’s a degree of cheapness that keeps teams from embracing a better and safer surface. And there’s also a shortsightedness at play, given that they’re failing to protect their investments in the players who are exposed to less-than-ideal working conditions. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/05/24/source-2022-injury-data-for-turf-fields-was-awful/ Article from the Athletic from last November on “Panthers players join growing chorus speaking out against turf”: https://theathletic.com/3895423/2022/11/14/panthers-stadium-turf-grass-injuries/
  3. Article: The NFL draft can look like a big party for the players selected, but the first pick in the 2023 NFL draft has been all business. Panthers quarterback Bryce Young went to the team facility on Friday and impressed General Manager Scott Fitterer and head coach Frank Reich with how eager he is to get to work. “He acknowledged last night was fun, but today, he’s turning the page now,” Fitterer said of Young. “He talked about minicamp coming up, coached talked to him about getting the playbook. He’s business now.” Reich said Young wants to prove he’ll be ready to start in Week One. “He’s a class act,” Reich said. “That’s one of the things that made him such an attractive pick to us. He will go out and earn it.” For a franchise quarterback, those attributes are as important as the physical tools. Fitterer and Reich have no doubt that they chose the right person to lead their team for years to come. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/04/29/scott-fitterer-frank-reich-impressed-with-how-quickly-bryce-young-is-getting-down-to-business/
  4. Yeah but it was a historically bad year for the nfc south last year that’s why we were even sniffing playoff talk. In a competitive year we wouldn’t have stood a chance at a division title with Baker or Sam. You don’t seriously contend without a QB and Riddler hasn’t shown me anything to be worried about
  5. Nah. Defense is still below standard and you are nothing without a QB. Us with CMC and DJ is a perfect example of this
  6. It’s amazing to me that people can watch us get killed for years by Brees but can’t comprehend how Young can stand up with todays rules helping protect QB’s
  7. He was the head and shoulders number 1 QB in the draft. I know you are disappointed but how can you watch the tape (I know you didn’t other than highlight videos) and come away believing Stroud was the better QB? We have literally been killed for years by Drew Brees and you cannot fathom Young being the best pick?
  8. God please let Levis go to the Falcons
  9. Run on QBs. I am glad AR and Stroud are both in the AFC
  10. Sam Mills, Steve Smith, Bryce Young…..the next short king Panther legend?
  11. Damn! Defensive player incoming…gotta be right?
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