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  1. Well I don't even want to move him there for one snap. We have one WR that are consistent, let's use him wise. There are two RB on the roster not mentioned here, anyone know their traits?
  2. Haven't Rhule (or was it Fitterer?) mentioned that DJ Moore is versatile and can run the ball also? I think it was related to a question before or after the draft regarding adding more competition for the RB spots. So there is the answer I think... This is a good topic. Are there any other RB signed to the 90 roster beside those already mentioned in the first post?
  3. ... this is what my post post yesterday was about. At this speed, the kid is deemed a HOF lock before traning camp.
  4. From the clip @trueblade posted. Reporter Question: Coach.... (did not hear name) said, you are closer to be NFL ready, more than some analysts gave you before the draft. Were do you feel that you stand. How close of being an NFL ready, compete for starring job with Darnold? Matt C answer: All it comes down to is knowing the playbook. If I just can know the playbook I will be ready to play. And as far as, uhm, you know, be a starter. That's not my, of course my mentality is to be a starter but right now. I am trying to get on the 53 man roster. My take... People really want him to replace Darnold. But this is kind of ridiculous, even from journalists. He is a third round pick. This behavior is just setting him up to fail expectations. Yes I know, be ready and compete. Compete hard and let us all scream, the American way. Yada. I don't think throwing the whole franchise on his shoulders and expecting him to be able to carry it from day one is the best way forward. I hope he settles in good and can win the job. But give him time.
  5. I know traning camp dates wont be accounced until mid of june, but do anyone have a guess which week/date it could start? (maybe Wednesday 27th of july?)
  6. Does the number of players on each position indicate a "need"? 5 CB (need?) 2 DE 3 DT 6 LB 2 OL 3 QB 2 RB 4 S (need?) 2 T 4 TE 9 WR Highlighted what can be seemed to be positions were they want more competition... AND the number of CB and S could be to go up against the WR/TE?
  7. Exactly. I did not know this. Thank you. If Corral won't become an Elite QB, we know why.
  8. Will there be a presser soon? I guess no and that they will be working the UDFA.
  9. Only 28 wr taken so far. In a typical draft 36-38 are taken. 8 wr on the roster right now, so maybe they add a few UDFA.
  10. Oh, this was so great..!! Hahaha.. No idea who this person is but this is what I am talking about. This is what I signed up for. Crazy Americans and their football..
  11. Correct. A foreigner like me, relative new to the sport could see he was not a first rounder.. that was my third draft... I mocked him to the Raiders at 24 because all the chatter of them taking him... then picked at 4, also over Burns and Sweat...
  12. @mickeye76 In the Scott and Matt presser, Scott said they were the ones making calls to other teams just to hear if there was some interest. Nope. Died out when the CBs went off the board.
  13. My dream before the draft would be if someone could point out which late round picks that have been linked to the team. Any write ups on this topic? Any discussions which positions they tend to adress and so on....
  14. Good luck to all the moderators tonight. I believe in you!! One wish, pin the thread discussing the pick so I dont have to go through all melt down threads tomorrow night. 9 hours until my 20 hour media black out.
  15. Place a bad QB on a good team... A good team have GM and coaches that find good players... So it is mostly about the player and be in a position to get him.
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