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  1. Have to be the first? Right?
  2. Lol. No. We know he did not drink 15 lbs of water. BECAUSE HE IS STILL ALIVE.
  3. Few questions arise when reading this. Most of it, is lack of information. I would want a more in depth analysis. Just a quick look, and it seems the hit rate on 6 feet or shorter QBs are marginally higher than for QBs above 6. My guess, have to be good prospects to even be considered. But what i would find interesting is: Are smaller players more injury prone? and are there statics for QBs? Does battered balls correlate with height or any "scheme"? Does success correlate with height/weight compared to (talent) draft/undraft position. I would think there is a selection being made during school and from high school to college, were bigger guys are given more chances but that smaller guys with the obvious talent do get a shot. Just like in icehockey, were for many years, it didnt matter if you could skate, if you was a bigger defender you could get drafted "just because". Same selection is being made in Swedish football, kids born earlier on the year, are more often picked for regional all-star teams which gives them an advantage to become pros.
  4. I was looking for Cam Newtons stats, since he always seemed to have a lot of battered balls. Baker had 4-5 per game. Is Baker Mayfield's height to blame for his passes getting batted down? - ABC11 Raleigh-Durham Here is an article regarding Cam. Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton struggling with passes batted down - Carolina Panthers Blog- ESPN
  5. Of course the one on the left is the rank. I was asking for the definition of the tiers. and especially the 4th tier with Dorian, DTR, if it says something about what round. (Doesn't seem so) Not heard DTR being suggested in rounds 1, 2,3 before so either he is high on him or really low on Levis.
  6. What are the definitions for tier 1-4 and so on.. DTR, Dorian... 4th. Is that round 1,2, 3 or what.. Where is the full list?
  7. Any trade back rumors with the Colt would have to involve the Cardinals moving to the 4th. No one would believe Panthers would drop to 4th, and risk any team to jump to 3rd. One of the most frequent posters here, whom have also promoted this idea of a trade back, have hammered in that the Panthers aren't willing to drop more than to the 2nd (!!?!?!?!?). How all this trade back then magically would happen. One scenario is see is. Panthers going to Texans and, pretty please. Can you trade with us, please
  8. Yes, and signing him for that reason makes a lot of sense. Stroud doesn't (even try) score with his legs and no one wants Young to go for it.
  9. Draft Wr depth.. any prospects that can play on the outside? Would be great if Marshall could be played more from the slot, but.. not how the roster looked like last year.
  10. Saw this yesterday, yes I know, PFF.... but what are peoples opinion, any truth to this chart?
  11. Did any of them fail because of their height?
  12. One could hope. And that this kind of articles is part of the smokescreen. To make a big move, Panthers needed the right staff Red flag for me regarding coaches and GMs, "We can fix him" mentality...
  13. Does anyone have the list of QBs taken top 10, that failed in the league because of their size? Would also like to see the list of QBs with a height under 6, that had the talent to be a top 10 pick but deemed to short and therefore fell. Bonus would be, outcome, did the player fail and was it because of the height/size?
  14. You have stated multiple times now that the Panthers wouldn't go below 2. So what is the leverage? Do Texans only like one? Is that confirmed?
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