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  1. It wasn't the TJ Watt hit that busted his shoulder. Most likely he went into the season not fully recovered. He was listed as limited on practice, I think after the Eagles game and that continued during the rest of his season until IR. I don't think he even practiced the week before the Ravens game. Its a few years ago, so maybe it was other teams but it happened weeks before the Steelers game. If you do a 2 min Google research you will be able to confirm that. The TJ hit is what people remember because it was so visual. But it wasn't the cause. I dont even think Cams numbers went down after that, but stayed similiar to his start of the season, until the two last horrendous game before the IR. Your comment about Norv and all that. 100% correct. I hope Cam can do something similiar this season and keep up the higher completion %.
  2. I have no idea what I just saw.
  3. Signed Matt Barkley. I think we are going for it. Super bowl here we come. Source (shoulder injury/Falcons game) https://www.panthers.com/news/week-9-final-injury-report-sam-darnold-questionable
  4. Before the NE game, Darnold had a suspected concussion but was cleared. He also had an injury, unclear what. He got injured during during the NE game. He played awful, but they kept him in. Tells you all you need regarding PJ.
  5. "Can we open our eyes now? " (They both seem to have them closed, like they were still standing on the field...)
  6. I read the title as "Panthers Lost Game Press Conference" so I had to click on it, and confirm, because it seemed plausible.
  7. P.J should be cut. Wasted roster spot. Rhule guy + coming into the season he weren't a threat to Darnold. Could barely beat out Grier during pre season. He is trash.
  8. What I have learned from these press conferences. - Rhule are telling the opposing team what tweak to our game we will do - Rhule expect them to play as they did previous weeks, then find out they made changes It's like Rhule feel the need to tell the world he knows about football. Your the head coach of a NFL team. We got it. You know football. He needs to learn to talk without saying anything. I wished he talked about missed opportunities.
  9. Maybe they should. But should they trust a new scout or decision maker to do the first round pick their first year at the position before they have a proven record. Anyway, I wouldn't mind a first round pick on OL. Or trade back and throw a few picks on OL.
  10. Should a team who are bad at evaluate OL, spend a first round pick on OL? Or either use that pick on a "safer" choice or trade back and spend the picks on OL. Safer = at another position they have had success with before.
  11. Will the Panthers get a comp pick if he do not extend his contract? And how likely is it, that it will be a 6th or higher valued pick? Could be a genius move, even if he only plays here for this season.
  12. I pay ~270 USD, split into 68 USD in sept, oct, nov and dec. Trick to get it cheaper When signing up. Some Swedes chose a VPN and with an IP in Brazil they paid 110 USD instead of 270. (I don't do that). When watching they don't need the VPN. But I'm sure Americans need a VPN all the time. Edited: Some have had problems to sign up lately. They had to use Paypal as some kind of workaround. Does VPN work? There are some conflicting info on that. Maybe it depends on the VPN. Maybe try the Free version using by creating a "junk" GAMEPASS account. Try using a VPN and see if it works. Content On demand - you can watch all games from season 2012 -> today Other content included, not on the list: Hard Knocks, All or Nothing, the whole Draft process from Bowl games, combine to the Draft itself. Just ask if you want me to check availability for any specific content...
  13. Should be coming soon. It's available on the international version.
  14. And 3rd or 4th in tackle for loss. Great pickup this off season.
  15. Brian Burns should have had 4 sacks by now... Yes I betted on him to be league sack leader.. Come on.
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