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  1. Had to look up what double pane meant, before i post and made myself a fool but i guessed right.. In Sweden Triple pane have been standard pretty much since the 80s. But I guess our climate is a bit different. But it still amazes me how hard this cold hit Texas. Glad it worked out ok for you.
  2. Don't see how your comment is relevant to mine. Is it wrong of me to hope Miller can contribute on the field? Btw... KB is out because he was lazy, have you seen reports of Miller being lazy and adding pounds of fat? KB was out his second year, not by choose, but still. KB got a second chance, his second season at the Bills and a third when picked up by Kansas... Why are we still talking about him....
  3. Hopefully he did preventive training during his off year so he won't be as injury prone as in college and his rookie year. Seemed to have some natural talent but only showed some vague flashes. He have a lot to prove at this level but I think he can be a positive "addition".
  4. If there are 5 teams that can be forced to be the Hard Knocks team, yeah, all five are sort of top candidates. Some other years there was 10-12 teams who could be forced. Guess the off season is slow right now, for this kind of discussion taking place...
  5. Is it 5 million in base salary and the rest incentives? Mentioned by Rapoport in this clip. If so, that's more reasonably.
  6. Not familiar with this award. Is it for letting the other team win?
  7. A WR in the fourth would be perfect. Have not looked into this class yet but from a glance there are some great top prospects and hopefully it is just as deep as last year.
  8. Alpaca? Not as useful as a lama but better than nothing I guess.
  9. Said it two weeks ago that Rams was in for a new QB. The price tag for Stafford was my starting offer for Watson. Wow. Really wonder which competition drove up the price. Will read this thread now.
  10. If Newman have a good senior bowl, won't any team jump on him in the second? Weren't he considered to be a potential first rounder at one point? Alot of teams need a QB who might not get their first choice in free agency or in the first round.
  11. Was waiting on this news article. Been obvious for a while now about Goff. Next year will probably be similar when many teams gets disappointed with this years moves.
  12. Shame ESPN have the full practise. Hope it will end up on Gamepass...
  13. Guess my post sound a little smug, that weren't the intention at all. I also like Sewell. Shame we lose out on his talent. Hope there are another promising OTs worthy the 8 pick. Want them to go o-line with a few picks this draft.
  14. Haha.. I feel sorry for my fellow countryman there.. Sewell falling to 8, yeah, unfortunately not gonna happen.
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