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  1. Could it not be the player? Aren't teams constantly in contact with them? Or they can only be in contact at the end of the draft?
  2. Wouldn't surprise me if Marshall ends up having the most TD by any WR on the team.
  3. You got a good point, nice analysis. https://www.panthers.com/news/2021-draft-day-3-transcripts (well copy that quote went really well on the phone. Bah.....)
  4. Has this been posted? Guess someone bet money on Panthers getting a QB and lost... https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-power-rankings-bears-49ers-on-the-rise-after-2021-draft Saw it on Facebook and then I googled and added a few others.
  5. Really! Wow. That's clueless. Maybe they confuse him with Walter, who from time to time seems to have no clue about teams needs. Charlie always do good. Him and Eval Silva is solid. Also glad Josh Norris has a good record. He seem to always be talking about the Panthers. Maybe he is a fan.
  6. To give you credit, few wanted the Panthers to take a WR in the second. But they did and it seems like they planned to do it all along if the value was there.
  7. So I spent way to much time looking at the WR position, so well, the work is done. Might as well post it. I know Darby is missing, but did not catch any film on him. And this list is without seeing senior bowl, so that would probably have changed a few things. Now Im going to sleep, will watch the first round tomorrow with my twin. Then day 2 on saturday morning, and when day 3 starts I have catched up all of you an will visit the forum again. Happy draft day edit: (bold and underlined is tiers just to give some guidance. The last one is players I wouldnt draft)
  8. Saw news reports a few days ago saying that Jacksonville have already handed out their playbook to Lawrence...
  9. 33th pick? So we would have the number 1 pick aswell. And the first in every round. What an awesome trade. 5d chess on a quantum computer type of move.
  10. Just messing with you. Your first option of course. I am perfectly fine with giving Darnold a chance. Earlier this draft season I went out and said that I preferred a LT, Sewell, above a QB that I was unsure of. Now that situation have occoured, Slater of Sewell should be there. Thats a win-win.
  11. In this scenario, who would be our Aaron Rodgers, the draft pick or the so-far-bust Sam Darnold? Given up a second rounder next year who could have helped the draft pick....
  12. the Huddle is always open for new threads if you dont like what the coaching staff is doing...
  13. Could be worse, we could have traded for Joe Burrow... Am I doing it right?
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