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  1. Don't think thats how the craziness of Floridans is spread so you should be good. But if you see the smart dead people giving you advice, then start worry
  2. Them fellas been dead for decades/centuries and they ain't saying hi to anyone unless you are a Florida Man or Woman...
  3. Track record against teams .471+? Reich win/lose record looked ok until looking at the teams he won against. Remember Rhules record against rankad teams in College...
  4. Futures Anatomy: How to Win NFL Coach of the Year & How You Should Bet It (actionnetwork.com) Been known in betting circles for years... So if you want to win coach of the year multiple times, consistency is a bad thing.... show improvement a year and you have chanse to win, its not the best coach that gets the award. Has it been poste here what Vrabels record is against above .500 teams? I did look into Reich record after 2-3 games and him getting fired, yeah no surprise.
  5. No worry. I could have been more clear in my post.
  6. spelling correction? Teams -> Team? (adding a S where it should not be, is a common mistake Swedes do when talking/writing English) Otherwise I refer to picking WR with 2 first, and 4 second rounders in the last 9 drafts. Have not really worked out. Adding another second rounder... We have 4 former second rounders already, showing it is a gamble. Rather gamble in the middle or later rounds.
  7. Is WR the position the Panthers have invested the most draft capital in the last 10 years? Carolina Panthers Draft History | Carolina Panthers - Panthers.com Not so fun facts... team already have 4 WRs that was drafted in the second round (Shenault and Chark by other teams)... Hoping to spend the second pick on another position and rather double dip in middle or later rounds.
  8. If this has been posted already, just delete my post. 1 minute long, last drive. Link to Facebook where NFL posted it
  9. They played 5 games together in college. Zavala was transferred during the summer, later got injured so they barely trained and played together. BC have played and trained more with Ickey than Zavala have. Chandler Zavala will return to NC State after NCAA overturns waiver decision (fayobserver.com)
  10. D'Shawn Jamison #29 https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/J/JamiDS00.htm
  11. People that talk about Franklin being slow, yeah, watch the game. If he would run faster it might not be a TD. Clearly he slowed down and waited for someone to block the last Viking player...
  12. QB School mentions that regularly. With the defender having his back turned and "chasing" the WR, the WR is open. The defender then only covers the area the size of his body... which is shown in your clip. Does that happen with Panthers WR, do they regularly beat their man and have the defender turn their back?
  13. Can't agree on the Teddy vibes. Once Bryce saw the opportunity, he throwed to people that got open or was about to get open. Teddy never throwed to a contested situation, even if the WR was about to get open, heck, he could even see an open player and still went for the checkdown. Still remember when a game was on the line, and instead of going for the 8 yard contested play which could convert, he threw the checkdown for 2-3 yards.... on a third or fourth down. Do Bryce need to make completion on long throws, yes and its a bit of a concern. But its only been one game.
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