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  1. Oddly specific, care to share?
  2. https://soccer.nbcsports.com/2021/07/21/uswnt-sweden-olympics-video-highlights-analysis-reaction/
  3. The women tournament started today and tomorrow the men will start their tournament. Men https://www.fifa.com/tournaments/mens/mensolympic/tokyo2020/match-center Women https://www.fifa.com/tournaments/womens/womensolympic/tokyo2020/match-center
  4. There was an interview this off-season with Luke, posted on this forum. I think he stated he thought Tackle for loss was an underrated stat. I think Reddick ended up top 5 in that stat. Is that worth to be included? What stats did the rookies have in college?
  5. So 9 wide receivers in the re-draft. 6 in the original and two who did not make it, Reagor and Ruggs. It was a great WR draft class, but so was this year's. I have no clue about the other positional groups so not sure how these years compare. But I would not be surprised if Marshall end up as a great pick for us. Not saying he will end up as a first rounder in next years "re-draft" because there was a bunch of good WR prospects ending up in good situations. This year's draft was absolutely the right year to double down on the WR position.
  6. Swedish company naming a stadium in a city barely any Swede had heard of. That is weird. Sure they were top of the world at that time but still. And they opted out of the contract because the it-crash in early -00 and the company nearly went bankrupt. Sounds about right for this team, up and down.. Sorry guys and gals
  7. Agree 100%. Think it is a question about talent and lack of talent. If this new WR group ends up being better than last years, there should be more 4 WR sets. Only way I see DJ Moore and Anderson having less snaps (%), is if Marshall and the unknown sixth WR ends up as alternatives on the outside. Not sure if David Moore is an option on the outside.
  8. Last season we had Moore, Anderson, Samuel and nothing else. My prediction is that the load will be shared more than last season and that all three mentioned will get plenty of opportunities. Shi Smith should get less than the other two. Looking at stats, hopefully Marshall end up as WR3 so he can emerge and be WR1/2 next year. David Moore should have a big advantage over Shi Smith for snaps in the slot, because he is proven in the league. So that will amount a fair share of yards and TD for him. I am not sure about Shi Smith playing on the outside so his opportunities will depend on how well the others do on the outside and how much rotation there will be for him to add up some yardage and TD. Worth mentioning. Shi Smith and David Moore could end up taking snaps on the special team and maybe do a few returns along with RB2/3. The WR group looks super interesting. Cant wait for TC to start and we hear news about the progress. Do we keep 6 WR and who will it be? I am still hoping on Omar Bayless but... we will see.
  9. Wait, so, that is not Sam's father in the picture?
  10. Thanks for all the page after page comments on former players in this thread titled Mini camps clips....
  11. Pictures didn't show up on my phone. Is it a D and a picture of a white fence? Or is it "USA USA USA" chants? Perhaps a guy yelling "yeah, kill him..!"
  12. First thing. I am a fan of American sports and entertainment in general. But there are few things as underwhelming and cringe as the stadium chants and stadium culture. Specially being used to the British style and banter. I recommend watching it on YouTube.
  13. Could it not be the player? Aren't teams constantly in contact with them? Or they can only be in contact at the end of the draft?
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