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  1. I love Houston to be "likely to be very likely open".... That's funny!
  2. Char\meck will cough up the money..some day some time. Hornets leaving back when, they won't ever let that happen again.
  3. If only the out of town fans would have got onboard the last 3 home games.
  4. That farmer tan so thick, it looks like he broke his arm
  5. The best thing going this year is the entry lines into the stadium.
  6. Grew up in Brevard. There were 2 big plants that most everyone worked for..olin and dupont. Those plants eventually closed and the town and county suffered. To the credit of locals and retirees moving in, the town didn't drown for long. They realized the value of their surroundings and worked to utilize the natural resources in a good way. The town is geared towards tourism, but not over the top, imo. The DuPont plant is now a very big natural area..fishing, hiking, biking. The Pisgah forest leads up pa st looking glass, Sliding rock, cradle of forestry, and blue ridge parkway. The upper end of Transylvania County is a whole different experience. The county hills itself as "the land of waterfalls". There is snow, but not alot. You could probably get away with no a.c. Kids i grew up with (80's) are teachers now, and I'd recommend them today. you hear a lot about Brevard \Asheville..but there is also Brevard \Greenville Sc..not a lot further of the trip to Asheville. Breweries everywhere. Oskar Blues, Sierra Neveda, New Belgium east operations right nearby..not to mention the Asheville breweries that are growing. Brevard Music Center. Hey, I like my hometown
  7. Rather listen to cowherd for a couple of hours than local midday fnz..
  8. the whole thing was a cluster..we really yelped 0
  9. Actually had a rec softball team with some them. Meatpile was a surprisingly good athlete.
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