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  1. Something that shouldn't be forgotten. He was #3 option at Texas. He really was underutilized. He is a candidate for better pro than college player
  2. Dolphins have a type and getting Washington this late is gravy. He fits their system so well.
  3. So the going from 33 to 32 is SVP at center for the bills and smith-wade at cb for us. Idk if that's worth the move up ATM. That will be a fun one to track over the years.
  4. Yeah he made a name for himself that weekend for sure. That's when he popped on my radar.
  5. fuging saints. watch rattler figure it out there after carr is done
  6. the irony is moving up to 32 costs us SVP.
  7. they always draft well. reason they are now a perennial top team
  8. there was a pool of 3C to start the 4th that were interesting. Bortolini filled the RAS special. SVP is the "big" name left that was the constant rock on UGA's OL for their run the past few year. hes a tough SOB and rumbles, but for the position hes a little undersized and not the RAS freak Bortolini is. The guy that snuck up on everyone in the process is Hunter Nourzad. Ivey league to big-10. played all positions well. has good length and size for a C. he really snuck in there though as a solid guy as people went through all the prospects. concern is stunt pickup (yikes) but otherwise was really good in happy valley.
  9. damn there went Bortolini. high end athlete at C. the knock was arm length and how that works out, otherwise all the measurables, snap count, and success you want to see.
  10. of course the steelers snatch wilson. next big time LB there.
  11. Corley not on the list but r. Wilson and Polk? Not a Polk fan at all and that's mighty high on r. Wilson, even though I'm a fan. Went Franklin, but Corley is right up there if it's 39 or earlier. Outside the 2nd, I think there is still great value (Luke mcc, Washington, McMillan, B rice.....)
  12. Austin Reed. been banging that drum since the senior bowl practices. hes a guy that has an NFL arm and not the publicity that the others have. he may make it to 240 or UDFA. he isnt going to be chucking it 70 yards, nor laser flat 20 yard out routes. thats ok. he can be effective. little bit of a gambler though so he can give a lot and take away sometimes being aggressive. for a 3rd qb to dev and run the backups sure for pick 240 or UDFA. Rattler is this year's wildcard. he could be a top guy in a few years or a guy that never makes it to the end of his rookie contract. That arm is elite. at 141/142 idk if i would pass on the lotto ticket with that level and what we have here currently. no way he makes it to 240. very polarizing player for damn sure. personally i would not be shocked to see him in the top 70 picks though as someone thinks they can unlock him. also could see him past 140 cause the red flags of 2022 and 2023 scare everyone off that he will never unlock the arm talent as he doesn't process fast enough or have the consistency to be anything more than a 3rd qb.
  13. been ringing the bell hes the guy for months. watch this bowl game just put everyone on skates. was a "4th" (lol) then and was always the target with those old silly boards. then watch him destroy all challengers in the senior bowl. as a 290+lb DT/ 5 tech, he's super athletic with a 8+ RAS score. he's fonally making it into the 2nd and 1st as he should. he isnt burns but thats not his game. pair him with rob and brown, the front 3 are locked down. IDK, he may not make it to our pick. hes little like brown in the levers for arms, tall 3tech or 5 tech, just not as thick. hes going to be a long time pro. idk if he ever fills the stat sheet with sacks/tackles, and thats fine. hes going to disrupt, hold the line to let the 2nd level defenders thrive. braswell is the other i really want too. that pair would be lethal. solidify the front 3, then get the all out rusher. doubt we can get him without missing on a top 3 center though.
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