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  1. If a 3rd is all it takes for Julio, sign us up. He's worth that even at his salary. Its 50/50 he moves even if he wants to. Falcons can't really just throw him away for only a 2nd really, but that contract and age bit makes it tough to take him back for a 1st unless you really have room and the team to make a SB run.
  2. Agree that the door is open for Smith as a returner/ST starter with Pharoh Cooper gone. He should focus on PR/KR, coverage teams day one kinda like the last Smith did to start his career here. Honestly, Smith is likely a 2022 guy once they decide on what to do with Anderson and DJ. Also think David Moore vs Smith should be a toss up as #4 WR. David Moore is a know commodity with Fitterer and the NFL, so they have a solid guy if none of the rookies work out. Pride is maybe the dime guy at this juncture and that's a big stretch. Agree he's got a lot of competition from 2 rookies, Jackson, and the 2 FA brought in. Agree he would be a total shock to start right now. Even with Bouye missing the 1st 2 games, he's going to struggle to get past the dime spot to open the season. He has to clear 1 of Melvin, Jackson, or Horn in weeks 1-2, and then also Bouye after that to get into the top 3. I hope he gets to redshirt in essence in 2021 (he needed it last year) and grabs the #3 spot next year.
  3. Yeah Elf is the C in waiting as it stands today. I'm with you that I'm not thrilled with that but, who knows, maybe he gets back to average. Maybe Moore works out as an UDFA at C, but not hitching my wagon to that. Erving would get the 1st crack in 2022 if ELF fails, but I'm not really feeling great with Erving as more than a backup (and a pricy one). Think Erving was brought in as a plug to patch the dam whenever there is a hole; he's the super sub. Super backup IMO, but will forced into a starting role. I'm going with LT as the #1 need again on the line. I'm thinking Christinsan is a LG more than a LT. And that's ok. Think he would grade out as a fantastic LG in a zone blocking scheme. I think they have to keep Moton right now as he's the only good lineman they really have. Yes it's at RT, but they are not finding a LT in FA they can afford. So keep him at a premium for 3-4 years and look for the cheap rookie at LT or role out with a scrap heap guy yet again (okung and other were serviceable). I Would hate to see Brady go to RT out of need because we screwed up with Moton, it create another hole..... Think they have 4+ guys to plug in at RG so that's not an issue in 2022. I do like that we have a few guys that can play 2 or more positions on the line, that's useful for backups. So in 2022 that's: LT: TBD, Scott, Erving LG: Christinsan, Daley, Moore Elf, Erving, Moore RG: Erving, Miller, Brown RT: Moton, Erving, Scott That's 10. Daley would be in a scrap with Brown, Moore, Miller and any rookies to stick.
  4. Would not be shocked to see him as the starting SAM this year. He was/is a really good athlete and when he is on the field, dude produced at all levels. Now it sucks he lost part of 19 and all of 2020, but he has no more of a battle that any of the other 1 year deal guys. Also would not be shocked to see us mix in a lot of odd man fronts where he comes in. The 19 team left us with some interesting OLB mix, as did the acquisition of Reddick. He is the oddly forgotten guy. Think he would have played a lot last year if he was able to.
  5. More interested in watching the D vs the Jets than what Darnold does. What's odd is this is a new Jets staff so no real tape on them. So it will be interesting to see how our staff adapts and how our talent matches up after drafting all D in 2020, out 1st in 2021, and so many other adds this year on D via FA. no excuses vs last year. They better look at least average. That's the side that imo determine how far this team can go. They should curb stomp the Jets O.
  6. Eh Sam isn't exactly careful with the ball and has had some really bad turnovers with the Jets and at USC his sophomore year. 39 INTS and 9 fumbles in 38 games with the Jets isn't confidence inspiring, but on the whole not terrible. He isn't Winston levels of turnover machine atleast, but Winston also put up points (just not enough for the points he gave away). I think Sam needs to be closer to early Jake Delhomme (2003-2005) to get the team where they want to go. Now they need a better D than 2020, kinda like Jake did, to really make any noise. And really that's not a bridge too far for him. Jake was never the completion percentage king, but he did push the ball down field. I'm hoping Sam gets back to that like at USC. I'm willing to see if he looks average with streaks of good/great play this year and makes the real jump in 2022 to good/great on the whole.
  7. The irony. Bills legitimately are the depo for ex panther players, coach, and GM. To become what we could have been if we jettisoned nippleshorts (who became Hurney), and riverboat earlier.
  8. On Marshall: Been a fan of his after 2019, and only grew after watching Jefferson in the NFL. Marshall is a guy that forum draft experts in these parts scoffed at in February as a luxury unneeded pick. Over rated in 2019 bc of all the other guys at LSU. only mediocre stats (a TD plus a game over last 20 games?!?). Only guys I had there with him was Jenkins out of need, not potential or who would be better as a pro. Here's the thing, in 2022 we have to make a tough call on Robbie, either pay 2 wrs 10+ a year or decide which WR to keep ( Moore by a landslide). So we HAD to restocks sometime soon. Is the 2nd too much? No, this is a guy with all pro potential at 59. He was extremely productive in 2019 as 3# at LSU and still got what 13 TDS? Only 4 games out of 12 he didn't score. In big games in 2019: bama 1 TD, Dawgs 2TDS, Sooners 2TDS, tigers 1TD. So he shows up. He dominated games in 2020 to the point they basically made him the offense (mizzu game) and he slayed. 10 TDs in 7 games without a rear QB..... Yeah luxury to have this production over 19 games...... The 2 leading WR at LSU in 2019 both pegged Marshall as the guy with the highest potential. His jump ball rate is otherworldly. Coaches rave about his football IQ. Took a leadership role in 2020 and challenged the team after a slow start as a true junior. Then go read up on his character on the athletic (to those with a sub). He isn't a prima dona like so many wrs. His issue was stuck as #3 in 2019 (13tds poor guy) and limited 2020 thanks to covid, health, and all of LSU 2019 offense all but gone. He does have some medical flags, but on the field he was dynamic. IMO he has 3 real issues: stay on the field, block a bit better, and a little more focus on the ball before turning up field (can get a little lazy here). That's about it, and a little nitpicky.
  9. This would complete the oline. Would give good depth too and young guys time to develop. Fitt keep the role from the weekend going. Get it done.
  10. Comp: 65% Yards: 3950 TDS:32 (air and ground) INTS: 17 board line pro bowl. He has 2 big guys to go to in the red zone vs 2020 in Marshall and Arnold (and maybe CMC). That's worth a few TDS (6+) vs last year. Sam is much more aggressive then teddy (+6TDs). Should have a better backfield then last year to help out (CMC is a +1TD adder, takes away air yards to rushing yards and rushing tds). Marked improvements in D equal more opportunities, but less come from behind opportunities to rack up stats (net I think is wash on TDS, takes away yardage total). Line is marginally improved in terms of play ( no big +- from them).
  11. Joey is the new gano. Another big leg kicker that will have every miss cause a huddle meltdown. He is paid to kick off 1st, XP 2nd (same issue as gano here), mid range fg, then bail out staff and O with bomb 50+ FG. His #1 issue is make all the XP. 64 out of 71 isn't good (90%, 94% seams the new average league wide). Make all those, like Mr consistent Justin Tucker, and most people shut up about not making 60%+ on the 50Yd+ bombs. Same issues as gano. Now as long as he is cheap, no issues (gano was well paid and had these issues). He was 28 of 30 under 50 last year and overall 45 out of 51 (88%). Yeah not thrilling but enough to keep a spot in the NFL. He's replaceable for sure, but at his salary level, not the most important part of the team to go spend on an upgrade. Kickers are all crap shoots other than a few in any year/game.
  12. Shi Smith really has to screw up to not make the top 6 imo. Think he's tough enough that he will do anything for a spot, even ST gunner and possible returner. So that's the 4th. Also looks to be Cooper's replacement. Personally I would have him as a specialist all year: learn to be a kick and punt returner and refine that craft. David Moore might have a slight edge on experience and that's about it. If they think someone else can do as good a job then he shouldn't make it over the guy that's on a cheaper deal. So right now I have him in the hot seat but firmly in at 5 till camps get underway. Bayless is the wild card to me. He turned a lot of heads in camp. Sucked he went down last year and didn't really get to take hold of a spot. He is Moore's strongest threat. Add Kirkwood as the #3 guy to battle for #5. But I don't think the saints-brady connection matters quite as much year 2. Zylstra had a leg up as a ST guy for #6. Now he could have threats from the DB group that didn't play last year can contribute on ST if they want to keep the WR group more offense focused and not stash an additional ST guy there but in the DB group. Now if Shi can come in and play on all the ST packages kinda like cooper, that hurts Zylstra a little bit. But until camp think he's kinda solidly on the roster EDIT: Tremble likely takes a spot on every ST unit so that likely affects the necessity of a true WR gunner.
  13. Yep not exactly a power block team, so he's the oddest pick but hey if you need a guy built for the heavy 6th lineman package, he's your guy. Can straight bulldoze a guy. Think he is just a sub package guy at best unless he finds a way to get lean, find speed, and not lose the power. Not an easy task. Buy for a 6th meh let's role and see if he ever develops, if not, nothing lost.
  14. Grade: A- Horn- B+ : love the player. He is 100% a legacy pick that has production shutting down SEC guys (NFL minor league). He is well regarded by real tacticians at the position such as Richard Sherman. He is a gritty hard nosed guy to boot. So why not an A, value here after seeing a few trades in the following picks. If he was a generational guy, yeah you got to stay and get him. But I'm not that sold on Horn as such. Now the pick will forever be judged against Fields/Darnold as well. If Fields hits and Darnold does not, this will always be judged against horn regardless how horn plays. Marshall- A++: again this is a player I loved. So why a WR when Moore and Anderson are on the squad? #1, he has 1a talent, 2nd he is cheap for the next 4 years, 3rd Anderson is under contract for 1 more year and Moore is only cheap for this year so you can't pay both and needed the next guy. This is a guy the star studded 2019 LSU squad marked as the guy with the highest ceiling overall, not Chase, nor Jefferson, but Marshall. Production this year was great for a solid stretch. What's funny is he was expected to be other worldly with arguably ba much less talented team and QB, so always laughed when he didn't dominate every quarter of every game and fans got upset. Remember he is super young too and will also stand to improve on his already pretty damn good ability. Now factor in we made 2 trade backs and pick up a lot of 3rds and still got him. All around fitterer killed it here in the 2nd. Christensen-B : a lot depends on what you view him as. I think we view him more as a LT, so only a B from me. I think he is a little overrated at LT as he was old for the NCAA, little short armed as a LT, not the best level of competition last year (his highest ranking as a blocker by far). I think he is a good athlete and pretty polished. Little stiff though. Personally I think he was a top G prospect, right there with Vera. If we keep a zone system and plugged him at LG, I'd give this a higher grade. Tremble- B-: honestly like the player as an early gadget guy at a minimum. Much of the issue here is fit in the system as a 3 down guy, and I don't see that. Another young guy with good athleticism vs others and his position. I get the hate here from a value/fit perspective. Also must say he is a load as a blocker, something we have missed for a long time in the TE/FB/H-back role. This will forever be a hotly debated pick. Hubbard- A-: Baby CMC. yeah he is a well rounded RB as shown in OSU. needed insurance behind CMC and a rotational RB. hyper productive early in his career. Averaged over 6ypc as a freshman and sophomore. Ran for 2k yards in 13 games in 2019, 21 TDS. last year was down and hurt his stock. Needs tiki barber school of ball security training. Waaay too many fumbles. Also not a pile driving back (an issue with CMC at times). I think if given a lighter workload and time he is going be a super back to help keep CMC fresh. Still need a bruiser short yardage guy. Nixon- A. Only issue I have is one year wonder. Otherwise fantastic. Great athlete even if he isn't as strong as some point out. Long arms, and can get skinny to shoot gaps. Little too focused on getting in the backfield at all costs. Imo he is extremely versatile: 3 tech or a 5 tech. Could easily see him as an end in a 3-4 with those long arms. Taylor-c: this pick is a senior bowl pick. They saw him got to know him, think he is coachable. Good size mediocre measurables. His tape in 2019 left a lot to be desired with some big lapses for big plays. But this late meh, I did have a few DBs higher, liked a little more OL help too, but I'm no scout. Brown-b: so, this is 100% boom bust but hey it's the 6th round. He isn't really our normal zone guy, but hey, new guard in town so maybe they want to go to a power scheme (but that's not in line with our FA pickups so). Personally I liked stone forsythe a lot more and UDFA Aldrick Jackson too. Smith- A: Nice slot guy, tough as nails. Returner too. Might me a regional scouts recommend guy as this is likely off the top 150 board they had. I hope we don't try to stash him on the PS, as he might get picked up there. Could turn into a sold pick in year 2-3. Fletcher-NA. Not really where I would have gone (Makuamu would have been mine here if not earlier). That said it's a show we are investing in having a better ST unit long term. So I guess cheers to that? Hoskin-NA: no knowledge on this guy other than long big athlete. Similar athletic profile to Nixon above. Old player still really damn raw. Likely a stash guy and hope you can train him into something useful. Again another interesting length size guy that could be a 3 or 5 tech. Overall A- Im no scout but think only 3 picks a little questionable with how the board fell, and even then great pickups and trades throughout. Also in the 6th it's a crap shoot anyway and that's about where I had the most differences.
  15. Damn you bungles was hoping for Trey Hill
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