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  1. Raddler is Sam Darnold with a bad OC and meh talent this year. Was a lite version of usc-w Darnold at OU with a great OC and top talent. Maybe there is time for it to all click and he becomes a great NFL guy. A team might be won over on the interview, but right now he's a day 3 pick on what he's done. 6th round flier, why not. if he does nothing little lost, if he actually can process pre snap looks and go thru progressions well, he's got the skills to be a starter.
  2. Minshew or Mike white come on down..... maybe one of them is another Jake, likely not
  3. Honestly, if vick trained for the 40 like some do today, he may have been 4.20 or better. He had both a ridiculous top speed and off the line burst. Too bad he was a falcon, and well, a convict.
  4. What. Cam ward isn't vick. Like not close. Vick without doubt easy 4.3x if not faster in the 40. Wards not touching that. And vick light isn't good as vick at this stage couldn't pass. And ward did the last 2 years. So wtf is with that comp. Vick was the best (for a short time) runner at QB the NFL ever saw. Now he couldn't pass to save his life till way late in his career. Jackson's the closest to prime vick as a runner. And Baltimore is much better all around than those sorry falcons teams vick played for. Hated vick was a falcon.
  5. So gotta be a top 4 of: UGA UM TCU USC (w). Outside is now OSU and bama. Idk if anyone else can get in. USC (w) likely only team of the top 4 that must win to stay in.
  6. Great TD pass for Auburn. Bama's D isn't the typical unit this year
  7. Learning here, at the huddle, if a pass catcher touches it the expectation is catch and not on the QB if it isn't. Neat.
  8. "hit him in the hands". Who fuging cares! Why any thing that isn't caught needs this always brought up for some bs context?
  9. Hitting a guy in the hands /= a catchable ball or good throw.......
  10. But that's part of it. If he can stay healthy in the pros someone will be thrilled to take him. He doesn't a GM and coaching staff go out with him.
  11. More than half the league would be. Cousins gets a terrible rap.
  12. Clearly the size is the 1st knock, 2nd is like stroud: has superior tallent all around him. But he is damn accurate.
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