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  1. Low low bar going 2-3 to win a game. Need more than another Mac Jones......
  2. Within your own excerpt they mention the shift to odd man fronts to help use the both Lb as edge control vs bringing the safety down. Much of the odd man front issue is always finding the beef to replace the even front in the run game. If you can find it, it's still preference, if you can't see Ron's last year here. No beef, expect to get pounded and your edge rushers to get doubled up and out of the picture. It does mean a guy like Kam Chancellor is obsolete or is a full time OLB. Hell he was boarder line even there as he was the guy to target in that secondary. if you let him roam or play in the box, he was a wrecking ball. Ask him to actually cover a guy, no chance for him, injuries or not. This is not new, see Landon Collins. I do think the ideas from the athletic metrics still make sense, but maybe the beef side of the secondary isnt as big a part as it was on that Seattle team. Favor the length but not the stopping power most of the legion of boom had. Switch out Chancellor for another FS with a rangy coverage safety vs a run stop safety, and that group still may play just fine. Especially if you put that odd front out there as say the Wilfork lead pats fronts. In some ways that's what KC ran with honey badger last few years. Landon Collins moves to an OLB role for Ron in Washington. As a coverage guy, he couldn't cut it. Ask him to be a permanent fixture in the box, he works. Seattle did start the trend and I don't think that's going anywhere soon. With the receivers becoming ever bigger, the 5'9" CB is going to struggle when they keep meeting these 6'4" WR that can run with them. Safeties now have to also deal with a lot more TE that are actually receiving threats and not just little linemen. So the priorities may no longer feature the stopping power of the legion, but prioritizing speed, length, and explosive testing (vert and broad jumps and 10 yard splits) will be the athletic tent poles when measuring guys just like Seattle did early. Don't think you care like Seattle did on finding hitters. Hell the game doesn't really allow it the same to make the boom worth the penalty risk.
  3. So, a lot of vt fans think if you ask him to be a 3-4 OLB/Joker, he's gonna be special. If you ask pure hand in the dirt, no, seen that, gets washed out of plays waaaay too easily. Haynes (resigned) is the guy he is like/has to beat out as the designated pass rusher and ST guy. I do think he was in the wrong system at VT, and that OL could push him out of the way too easily as VT had zippo size inside to take a lick of focus off Barno. IIRC he set a ton of hokie strength and conditioning records at VT, and might not have that huge bulk people think he can add. Don't assume he can just add mass/bulk/muscle waist down and get to 270lb. Reports from a few scouts are he is just gonna be a bit undersized and doesn't have the frame to add to. Idk if that's 100% accurate but I'm not sold he's going to just put on 30lb and transform as a player at this point. His ways to make the squad are designated rusher (and actually finish when he gets position) and coverage teams for ST. Maybe as a speed rush to attack punter/kicker cause of the length/speed combo. For the round, it's a lotto ticket. Big boom if everything hits, ST, practice squad specialist if he doesn't.
  4. So want dohnovan west to slide thru as a udfa....
  5. Another Rhule connection late was bravvion Roy. And as late as he was picked, hey he was solid depth and was ok that late. If Barnes is 6th on the cb depth chart it's ok for this new guy. If he's the starting pr/kr that's not sucky again not bad.
  6. Honestly, total flier anyways. And has speed. I like we values that. Not too mad that it's Baylor
  7. I think if you ask him to play out of the dirt he might be ok. Pure lotto ticket. If he gets the jump, he's a burner to get home. Too often last 2 years, that didn't happen. VT fan frustrated with his lack of production and total pressures.
  8. Welp, hope they can get the good version every game and not the ghost he was for a bunch. RAS I bet is pretty high.
  9. Tests like Tarzan plays like Jane. As a VT fan he disappeared away to often
  10. Damn Mitchell went to the lions a we bit before us
  11. Was supposed to be Parsons 2.0, but never clicked this year. That said, he is the top athlete at LB. If the instincts ever come around and he plays fundamentals instead of going for the splash play, he's gonna be a steal in years 2 and 3. Kinda shocked he lasted this long but w/e
  12. This fits the 5 year plan, 2 years into Rhule. Kid learns from macadoo for year 1 maybe a little game time year 1. His 2nd year gets the top billing unless we get lucky in the 2023 draft and get the big time 1st rounder (and likely a terrible 2022 to net that high high pick). Likely a growth year. Year 3 he's closer to being above average. Add that to the rest of the OL, WR,CMC, and D and it might work in year 5 if Rhule. Love the kids quick arm and zip in the shirt intermediate game. It's not the sexy big deep throws everyone here wants. It's teddy 2.0 possibly in that he can move the ball between the 20s. Now, can he sling it in tight windows the NFL allows inside the 20s? We shall see. He can launch the ball down field but like a few others it's a little more scatter shot. Then again dudes fresh outa school. It can improve and not a deal breaker. Like the fact he was super quick reader in the RPO. Now that's not to say he should run RPO. It's more he can process and make the quick decision. Counter is he had some really rough games 2 years ago that tanked his stock where his read was quick, wrong, and cost his team INTS and points. To his credit, he had no memory and kept firing, but to the wrong tream.... That's a blessing and a curse, but I rather have the guy without fear than one that goes into a shell when something goes wrong (sorry, but imo that's Sam after Minny). This year he was much stingier with the INTS. I can see this being a reason some teams would really push the stock way down. Overall he is that gunslinger, risk taker, and in a great scheme that got his skill players into open windows. He made teams pay, but if you could crack the scheme code, he could turn it over a lot and in a hurry. So some of the stock has to be depressed as it's the system that people look good in. Kind of the opposite of Herbert's system that depressed his product at Oregon. Cause Herbert definitely looks better in a meh chargers team vs Oregon ducks days. Its a pick that has high risk like most QBs. But at 3 next and 4th this year, eh if it hits your a genius, if not it's not the huge blow a miss the 1st 2 rounds can cause (hey Darnold, Rosen, Jones). Here's hoping Macadoo can unlock the offense with him and can keep putting him in positions to win via the scheme like Lane at Ole Miss.
  13. Lol, Tepper still makes $ on this franchise and the buildings by using them for not just the Panthers, but other events. Hes not hurting on long build or floundering around. Well as long as enough tickets are sold and don't go truly unsold from the Panthers (attendance be damned) he won't hurt. Now maximizing $ on game day sales, yeah that's hurting with the stadium not being full, and that's on a poo product the Panthers currently provide and not all opposing teams are going to travel enough to fill up the stadium with panther fans staying home. I am still a little perplex what Rhule/anyone has said that keeps Tepper on board for 2 more after 2022. That's crazy pants. If they regress the next 2 years is he really going to give a crazy 5th year. Heck if he get another vet QB and again regresses or treads water, another year after a 3rd wrong QB eval? I'll grant Rhule this: his D progressed thru year 1 and again from year 1 ending thru most of year 2. Now part of that was it regressed from before Rhule to his 1sr half of year 1 (one of the worst in history). Also the offense flamed out hard and regressed from year 1 to year 2, would say St was pretty poor all 3 years too. 2 steps back for every step forwards gotta stop. He needs to atleast maintain on D or progress on all fronts this year or why keep the this poo going.
  14. That was malpractice. Like no way shanahan should ever get another job. That BS forever tarnished his Denver runs. RG3 with a line and letting him heal likely is in the top 4 QB I'm the league talk today...... Damn you shanahan for wasting such a talent.makes Ron and co look like geniuses with Cam.
  15. Penning is my guy. Like the nasty streak and is a load in the run game. I swear if the guy played at an acc, big 10, or other power 5 powerhouse, he's in the running for top 5.
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