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  1. I would put a gap between 1 and 2 for this reason: QB is a 1 guy problem, the OL is 3 or more guy problem each of the last 3 weeks. Take your pick on which 3 too so it's more like 3.5-4 total. Only one out of 5 is good/great (Moton), and 1 other is marginal in the role he has been asked to fill (Erving). Really as it stands, 4 spots need to be filled (1 could be a shift from LT to LG) I get we need a QB, but man the o-line is such utter garbage. Get it down from 3.5 to even 2 and then it's a coin toss to which is better: 4 good/great lineman carrying the QB and coordinator or 3 OL and a good/great QB carrying the coordinator and 2 linemen. But I'm not sold a QB only change carries the rest of the lot unless it's a first ballot HOF guy. And we won't just pluck one from the sky this year or likely next either.
  2. Ok so if the DL can't feast on the Giants we might have a problem. Last week their #1 pass block grade was in the low 60s. Also had a 0.0 grade and a separate player earned a 0.0 the week before. This is prime time to kick the everliving poo out of a line that is possibly worse than ours. Add in that Jones returned to being a TO machine the last week, there is a glimmer of hope. They don't have their all world RB either to bail them out. So no really excuse this week, much like against Detroit last year. Should be a curb stop by our D to Jones and co. If not big ass red flags everywhere on D.
  3. And in his 1st start as a Vike, Darrisaw with a 64.8 and 1 pressure on 53 pass blocking snaps. And as a run blocker he was pretty dang good. The vikes did help by getting the ball out quick too, hear that Brady............ So thats potentially another OT to add to Slater and Cosmi at OT between Horn and marshall that are out there balling as rookie starters. Then there is Creed Humphreys that would have likely transformed the line as well considering the turd we have at C. So while I'm happy with Marshall and Horn as great guys in the long term, it still stings to see OL talent we missed out on do so well while you see our line really hold us back with aweful performances week in and week out.
  4. That post needs to be pinned if you can find it.
  5. Can PJ catch, is so he can start asap. Hell someone should run an add in the observer: if you can catch you can start for the Carolina Panthers next week!
  6. I would put the 3 interior linemen on the 1st guys out the door. Then Robbie, and finally Brady. Yeah Brady is really suspect, but lord almighty, Judas ole blocking from those 3 makes anything you try look terrible.
  7. When 25% of the passes you throw are straight drops you are gonna have a bad stat line. He hung in there thru it all. Still has a cannon and still can make all the NFL throws. He is far far far from perfect but still see the tools and the appeal for a young guy. Now the D, OL, and WR fug you. Especially the WR group. Never like the shut up and dribble but.... Why not do your jobs and catch the ball. There is a reason plays are not called for some of you with all the damn drops. So before speaking up on that, maybe prove you can actually do your jobs and earn the targets.
  8. Let the clown show continue. Found a worse special teams unit that ours today wooohooo.
  9. So that's why we spent so much on D. To let them walk it down in under a minute?
  10. Pj does not make that drive. Tip of the hat Sammy. Tip of the hat.
  11. I take it back Sam is a wee bit better than teddy. Now why the WRs hated him for 58 minutes, how the fug knows
  12. So 10+ drops out of 40 attempts. That's 25% folks.
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