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  1. Eh Sam isn't exactly careful with the ball and has had some really bad turnovers with the Jets and at USC his sophomore year. 39 INTS and 9 fumbles in 38 games with the Jets isn't confidence inspiring, but on the whole not terrible. He isn't Winston levels of turnover machine atleast, but Winston also put up points (just not enough for the points he gave away). I think Sam needs to be closer to early Jake Delhomme (2003-2005) to get the team where they want to go. Now they need a better D than 2020, kinda like Jake did, to really make any noise. And really that's not a bridge too f
  2. The irony. Bills legitimately are the depo for ex panther players, coach, and GM. To become what we could have been if we jettisoned nippleshorts (who became Hurney), and riverboat earlier.
  3. On Marshall: Been a fan of his after 2019, and only grew after watching Jefferson in the NFL. Marshall is a guy that forum draft experts in these parts scoffed at in February as a luxury unneeded pick. Over rated in 2019 bc of all the other guys at LSU. only mediocre stats (a TD plus a game over last 20 games?!?). Only guys I had there with him was Jenkins out of need, not potential or who would be better as a pro. Here's the thing, in 2022 we have to make a tough call on Robbie, either pay 2 wrs 10+ a year or decide which WR to keep ( Moore by a landslide). So we HAD to rest
  4. This would complete the oline. Would give good depth too and young guys time to develop. Fitt keep the role from the weekend going. Get it done.
  5. Comp: 65% Yards: 3950 TDS:32 (air and ground) INTS: 17 board line pro bowl. He has 2 big guys to go to in the red zone vs 2020 in Marshall and Arnold (and maybe CMC). That's worth a few TDS (6+) vs last year. Sam is much more aggressive then teddy (+6TDs). Should have a better backfield then last year to help out (CMC is a +1TD adder, takes away air yards to rushing yards and rushing tds). Marked improvements in D equal more opportunities, but less come from behind opportunities to rack up stats (net I think is wash on TDS, takes away yardage total). Line is mar
  6. Joey is the new gano. Another big leg kicker that will have every miss cause a huddle meltdown. He is paid to kick off 1st, XP 2nd (same issue as gano here), mid range fg, then bail out staff and O with bomb 50+ FG. His #1 issue is make all the XP. 64 out of 71 isn't good (90%, 94% seams the new average league wide). Make all those, like Mr consistent Justin Tucker, and most people shut up about not making 60%+ on the 50Yd+ bombs. Same issues as gano. Now as long as he is cheap, no issues (gano was well paid and had these issues). He was 28 of 30 under 50 last year and overall 45
  7. Shi Smith really has to screw up to not make the top 6 imo. Think he's tough enough that he will do anything for a spot, even ST gunner and possible returner. So that's the 4th. Also looks to be Cooper's replacement. Personally I would have him as a specialist all year: learn to be a kick and punt returner and refine that craft. David Moore might have a slight edge on experience and that's about it. If they think someone else can do as good a job then he shouldn't make it over the guy that's on a cheaper deal. So right now I have him in the hot seat but firmly in at 5 till camps g
  8. Yep not exactly a power block team, so he's the oddest pick but hey if you need a guy built for the heavy 6th lineman package, he's your guy. Can straight bulldoze a guy. Think he is just a sub package guy at best unless he finds a way to get lean, find speed, and not lose the power. Not an easy task. Buy for a 6th meh let's role and see if he ever develops, if not, nothing lost.
  9. Grade: A- Horn- B+ : love the player. He is 100% a legacy pick that has production shutting down SEC guys (NFL minor league). He is well regarded by real tacticians at the position such as Richard Sherman. He is a gritty hard nosed guy to boot. So why not an A, value here after seeing a few trades in the following picks. If he was a generational guy, yeah you got to stay and get him. But I'm not that sold on Horn as such. Now the pick will forever be judged against Fields/Darnold as well. If Fields hits and Darnold does not, this will always be judged against horn regardless how horn play
  10. Damn you bungles was hoping for Trey Hill
  11. It lacks production. There are a few that have been 1 year guys in the oddity that was 2020 covid year. Without the combine it's been really hard to stack them all up and see who's who.
  12. How is Ford in your top 10, as he did test slow as molasses 4.9. also 29 vert and 9-2 on the broad jump. I liked him for the attitude he brings but not much else after that showing. He was always a test and see guy as he didn't jump off the page for range at the safety spot. He does as a hitter that's for sure. On Makuamu: your knock is might be slow? Had a 9-11 on the broad jump and 36.5 on vert. At 6'4, 212 and 34" arms. That's a lot of space he covers. Sucks he didn't run but he isnt ford slow.
  13. I'm going with more a Chris Cooley comp. I don't think he is a 100 rec a year guy ever. He is a willing/nasty blocker, good speed, and fine hands. He isn't going to be Pitts but hell no one else is like Pitts. He's a chess piece with a lot less development not do than or previous H-back. He doesn't need to touch the ball to be an effect player which is not easy for a non-ol guy to do. I am not thrilled with the pick vs the board but it's not awful.
  14. So we heard that the new in thing is positional flexibility. He will get RB, TE, H-back looks. He is a work in progress as a reliable bpass catcher. Really good athlete. Nasty run blocker (got to love that). Now that sounds like a guy I liked I'm Washington a few years ago: Chris Cooley, another 3rd rounder people screamed was a terrible pick. now Cooley had a lot more production but was a small school guy.
  15. Lol that's a homer take. Christensen is a nice prospect but yes old for a college guy and short arms. Inside, I think he's fine to plus guy. Still think they are looking for a guy to develop as a backup in 2021, and start in 2022.
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