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  1. Marvin Mims in the draft. That's my guy. Campbell was a underwear Olympics champ. I'm meh on it but maybe he started to turn the corner last year and can be a ginn type as a burner outside.
  2. Tanking for dang sure. Idk if I like that with the next QB class. Hopefully that the top 2 pull a luck and don't want to go to Tampa ha!
  3. Marvin Mims in the draft. Gonna pound the table for him. Give me Juju as a FA. I dont see him sticking in KC. Hardman is all about the price, I doubt it's cheap enough, as the chiefs likely try to retain him as he just fits so well vs Juju. Chark is a fun one everyone wanted here when he was draft eligible. Again at what price?
  4. Eh idk if they view fields as better than this QB class, but the value of 1-1 with a smaller drop from this class vs fields, they are basically all in here in fields and all the picks the next few years. It's a calculated risk that the over quantity of picks and fields are better than less picks and a new QB. It will be really interesting in 3 years how this plays out. If fields is a top 15 guy and they hit on the picks they get for 1-1 they can turn that dumpster fire around. But if 1-1 goes supernova and fields is 15th best eh might not be so rosy.
  5. Spears, Gibbs or Chase Brown. Watched some of Spears this year and he's the real deal. Idk if he holds up long term but RB life spans are short anyway. Little Kahlil Herbert in him. Not exactly the biggest guy but good burst and wiggle thru the hole. Little disappointed he didn't run the 40 but likely is not a sub 4.5 guy.
  6. chbright


    Marvin Mims jr folks. That's the real riser after the combine. He was overlooked in the draftnik community, even though he had 3 QBs and produced 20+ ypc the last 2 years and 16+ in 2020. Dude averaged 19.5 ypc at ou. Dudes a slot burner that can take the top off the defense and give TMJ and DJ space to operate or you air it out if you don't respect it. He doesn't have the advanced route tree yet. As a bonus he was a fair/good returner. As a slot guy, can definitely be the primary returner. Also he's a true junior I believe so a young guy too without the milage and has growth left. also the TE class is hella deep. I would 100% pass on meyer for one of the 2-4 guys after him. Musgrave is my #1 in the class now. Sam LaPorta out of Iowa is underrated this year, and I'm fine with him as the 5th guy off the Te board, and everyone's favorite Darnell Washington is a risk with aky high potential at multiple positions, a longer term dev guy in Zach Kurtz who scored a damn RAS of 10, and Dalton Kincaid. If we pass on TE this year oof.
  7. So we are going to dismiss the bad fill prior to Tenn and it's 1 read offense. When he was in the acc, he was pretty meh to bad. And it wasn't like he had some uber talented guys to beat out at VT. That OU/spread O hides QBs. His head coach at Tenn being a perfect example. He's old in prospect terms and from a QB friendly system. Wish him the best but if so eone else wants to spend a 2nd and take the risk, fine.
  8. Not how a holding call works. Very big difference. They called it a hold so it did not matter if the ball was thrown elsewhere even after the hold occured.
  9. If that hold was in the 1st half, it be a nothing burger. But end of game zebras suck. They had a blown spearing call on Philly the same drive that won it. Sucks it happened when it did. Definitely less time for the eagles to react and that's the big problem.
  10. Lol what a lame Hail Mary. More like a Fail Mary.
  11. So Butker has to actually make one
  12. And there is it is refs joined. Finally got him for a hold
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