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  1. Lol what. Baby goat was destroyer of worlds after the 1st Q. Just like I thought in my post you quoted lol.
  2. Watching Brady today isn't fair: 3 probowl linemen, Evans, Gio, gronk...... He did have time today for stretches and ate them up. Same in the running game too. Now Winston back there, that team isn't the same, but damn that oline makes him look good at times with a clean pocket.
  3. So telling me the best 2 defensive teams rock the socks off the offensively challenged teams in the playoffs, shocking......... Bills and Bucs have silly good D. And helps both put on a clinic in offense. One has the goat, other team was out for blood. Thinking kc is gonna destroy the Steelers same way. It's down to the other 2 games to give us another good game like the raiders and Bengals.
  4. 100% did. Was a damn dude, bye type of handshake/meeting there haha.
  5. Bills finally really have a QB. Crazy they finally found Jim Kelly's replacement after so many years in the wilderness. Josh Allen v Mac Jones, atleast this year no contest.
  6. Oh this hurts considered all the panther links to the Bills.
  7. Don't want Mac Jones twisting any important ankles here in the 4th.......
  8. Seriously, Zimmer is a great fit here as HC or DC. I respect snow for what he did early, but by the end of the year, his guys were gutted by a poo offense and nothing to play for. Idk if he is 100% trash, but Zimmer is no worse and can be HC in waiting. He did have traction for years in Minny. I'm some ways, think they gave up a little too quick, in others that D was no good this year with a rockstar WR, RB, and at times QB, they still could stop people even Sam had traction at the end of the game against that bunch.... He would have a better start on D than in Minny currently, but poo on O here vs that Minny bunch. Think that Minny thinks every year should be playoffs or bust now so he had 0 room for error and we'll here he sits after 2 subpart years looking for work while Rhule is continuing down the shitter......
  9. Oh how I would love to get zim and Spielman here. Be such an upgrade......
  10. For a team needing the next QB: go Steelers. One team that just might be have to trade up to get the QB if we sit at 6.
  11. Lindstrom later (4th or 5th) maybe, not sold he is rugged enough but if he can make all the line calls correctly to get more out of the others, it's worth it. I like OL with lots of snaps/games. Also put a lot on the C when an entire like plays well. Iowa, Wyoming, and ISU all have run the ball really well for 3+ years with the C they have had and rotation of OG OT year in and out. Speaks to the quality of the players yes, but also to the constant C getting guys into the right calls. Now how they do with pass pro that's another story. Didn't dive into that, not how their line did as units in pass pro. Cryder popped on the radar recently. Likely a bigger name and already well known if not playing for Wyoming.
  12. There are a few decent centers in this draft with good experience after Tyler L. Wanting to see what Keegan Cryder does as he's one on my radar later in the draft as it stands in draftnik circles today. 43 consecutive starts for a top rushing team every year he has been there. I get it Wyoming as the school hence waiting to see so post bowl games, but dude has been in the running last 2 years for best C in the nation. Another is Colon Newell from ISU. Another guy that's been on national watch list for best C in the country for a while now and long time starter. Same, want to see him in the senior bowl and the like as well as the combine to see how he stacks up. Another program that could move the ball on the ground. Lost luster during the year, but might be more due to C not getting pub and Tyler L running away as the beast he is. So curious to see him in all the post season stuff. Alec Lindstrom would be another, and LOTS of pedigree there, from dad to brother. He will be a fun one imo to watch. Rated fairly well this season. Might be a touch undersized and average at the point of attack. Did well per pff in pass protect. Center is the cerebral position in the line so even most of the grading likely will be from scouts and teams watching line calls as much as how they held up or pushed the line. Some of that is why I blame the current group on the center. Calls and confused linemen all year, and center is typically the main guy to call out protections along with the QB. Ryan was a bad ass at that and really made a world of difference anytime he was in on both the run game and pass pro. Everyone played better when he was there. So that's gonna be the real find on these guys: who can get the rest of the unit all into the right call to maximize the unit.
  13. For 2 years we have played Moton out of position IMO. I don't get why we have refused to move him to LT, and with the last 2 staffs, likely no good reason at all. He played there when required against the cowboys, before in college, and said it's not a problem for him at all while he's been a Panther...... This is like Jordan Gross, play your best at LT. That's Moton right now, was Gross years ago. And it's not like a good/great RT can't LT........ Plus he is paid to be the best OL of the group and at OT. Play him over there on the left with this sorry bunch we have. It's almost like the Riverian left handed thing stuck for some dumb reason. Now if you can find a better OT, fine keep him on the right. Reason I would pair Brown and Neal is pretty obvious: get the road graders together. Now if you really think Neal is a LT, ready day one like slater, unlike others here, and currently better than Moton, fine, agree stick him at LT and likely Brown right beside him. Again I pair the big road graders together if I absolutely can. Maybe he is more like Sewell and just more comfortable at LT and Moton comfortable only at RT. I get people sceptical of Brown. Same here, but right now I cannot see where he doesn't compete for a job as a road grader with any OG we have currently as they are traffic cones in pass blocking can't be different than Brown if he's another traffic cone. No way was Elf a good OG ever, and Erving is meh at best inside historically and just bad everywhere this year. Plus Jordan and Miller are really really poor as we all have seen too many weeks in a row. So really small bar to cross for any OG. Now if we could grab Norwell back, that's another matter.... With what we currently have at QB and RB, I'd lean heavy on the running game so create/distribute the line to get a dominant aspect. Right now that's CMC, Hubbard and a running Cam, but they need a better run blasting line at the moment if they want to maximize the best part of the team. No line is going to make the QB room so great or fix dropsies or silly route combos. Might get to meh at best next year with new staff, but that QB room isn't bringing in a top 15 passing QB. So own up to it and lean on TOP and a top run game and solid D. That formula plays but it's boring football. Guess Colts, Titans, even the Pats with a rook QB, all wish they had the flashy big passing # offense instead.
  14. Walker in the 5th too. The sim makes silly choices sometimes this early in "draft season"
  15. Neal is glorious. Pair him with brown on the right. Let moton and Brady man the left. Find a center. Still not sold this works out year one as the C is still a poo show (elf, Erving, draft, FA) and a huge part to make the right line calls (kalil was a master at this). I would play bully ball with that line if they could get a center to go with them.
  16. You need 3 if not 4 spots on the line to be fixed. Best case, 2 if somehow Christensen and brown BOTH work out leaving LT (massive issue) and center (massive issue) both to fix with 1st and no 2nd and lots of other missing picks. If you trade out of the likely top 10 pick, you can say goodbye to a top LT unless you expect a lot of luck/stupidity by the rest of the league. And finding the stud C as a rookie in 3rd plus, good luck. They completely screwed the pooch this year with the FA handouts to TERRIBLE OL with years and $ left. I'm not sold they know what a good OL look like in the NFL. 1st Rhule has gotten a mediocre line and completely let it go to poo. 2nd while at Seattle, it's not like FITT exactly got expert training on finding OL in the draft. Seattle struggled to find guys to keep Russ clean. So you are pinning the hopes on 2 guys that so far haven't found a way to ever build a line to make Sam, who has looked bad behind any line, look serviceable. And if brown and Christensen don't pan out, you need 2 more that the luck in round 1 and 3...... So yeah this OL is screwed. But there is a bunch here that said early in the year it was fixable in one off-season and OL talent fell off trees in FA. like we saw this year, took a lot of swings and struck out on all of them, most teams don't let OL go if they are worth it, or you overpay on them.......
  17. I'll raise you one. Out teppers arse. Just cause tepper bought into the used car salesman.
  18. Great signing by Rhule and Fitt. Glad we got this gem of a player! throwing shade at CMC early and now the media for actually starting to question the team. Isn't this questioning as fluffy as it has been a fan issue too. Think of the NYC media after this game/season/last 2. They would be up the teams and coaches arse so much more than the Charlotte media.
  19. Can't believe I'm gonna agree with @LinvilleGorge, but his trades involving players for picks have really soured me to Fitt as well. Horn inside the top 10, yeah on the right team he is a top 10 guy. For us with other holes I really don't think that was the right move, but atleast it wasn't a big ol bust. I know there are Horn stans in these parts though who will defend it no matter our record. Also all the OL moves in the off-season yuck. Not great market but money for trash is not good use of the $ either. The Reddick move well sure that worked but nice 1 year prove it for Reddick to get a great upcoming contract.
  20. Of all the years, this one is missing a real #2 QB. Maybe we get lucky and get a real LT of the future.
  21. Should have fired up the fire Rhule plane today! If you wanted it for Rivera, should for Rhule.
  22. All the CBs belong to us!!! Cause we only drafted one too in the top 10! Needed MOAR!!!
  23. NO!!! Let him go and get a real line. That's just sticking it to Sam and asking him to get lit and finish any mental space he could have. You want to David Carr the guy more? Quite frankly, start Barkley. Let him back in the NFL get a NFL paycheck and take a few hits. No need for Sam or cam to get back there anymore.
  24. So last year's D is back. Can't get off the field on 3rd down. Rhule is a glorified HS coach guys.
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