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  1. Wtf is in the water here? CMC out a good thing, heck no. The 2nd half is your measuring stick? What about the 1st half with and without CMC. Lord have mercy this is like Kyle Allen all fuging over again, loose a guy and still get wins so must be that the guy that went down wasn't as valuable as believed. Sorry but the O was putting together nice drives with. CMC in all year. It's annoying he is out, again, he is such a large part of the offense and salary cap to boot. With CMC, we know he gives the team a huge weapon that's a matchup nightmare and is a big threat every time he's out there healthy. That's gone now and we will have to use a ton of parts that are a lot more 1 dimensional to fill in for him. He is more than a safety blanket...... Long term the real question that people don't want to hear: is a RB worth the salary he is getting? In some ways because he is such a great receiver and runner (other than the oddity that is short yardage results) he might be vs a more traditional back. Then again would putting that money into, IDK, a better LT worth it?
  2. Very nice start to the season fellas. Took care of business these three games. Honestly other than the boneheaded end of the half on D, the D really gave it to Houston. As good as Sam has been, that D really is the story of the season for us. They were historically terrible to start last year, and flat dominating now. Seeing the fruits of last year's draft on D. Fitt made the right FA moves in Fox, Jones, and discounted Reddick.
  3. Worthy selection in the back half of the 1st round. Would like to have him as it really would help finally move on from Ryan Kalil and get a stud in here.
  4. Pre draft, how would slater and Sewell fit into this group. Thinking: 1. Neal 2. Sewell 3. Slater 4. Walker......
  5. Leno was a FA and went for 5 mill on a prove it deal. Brown is going for double (totally worth that number) and we also would have to give something up for him. Only thing I would say with Leno, Leno and Erving inside are better than Erving with elf inside. Elf was done in Minny, cooked in NYC and dead here. Not saying Leno is some savior or anything close. Now if we could find a LG well that be nice too. Kinda pissed we didn't ask for a friendly deal with the Bills when they moved on so early from Wyatt Teller but that's long gone now. Pretty much anyone that's not big bucks will be a stopgap though, rather pay a penny not the pound that Brown was going to cost.
  6. Eh it was more than just Hurney that failed to get the DL depth there. They lost it over nipple shorts and Hurney to be fair. The odd front was a last ditch effort by Ron and Hurney to try to save there their jobs. And we all know how well that went. The worst part is how it ended Luke as a player.
  7. To be fair, we were paper thin up front that year we tried to switch to a 3-4. zero depth up front and it showed once short went down, then poe and it was game over we had 0 replacements worth a damn..add to that we had a terrible pair of MLB for a 3-4. Sorry but Luke and Shaq can't both play in the middle of a 3-4. Both can't be the clean chase and tackle guy. That's what both really excelled at and instead Ron turned a generational MLB in Luke into a block eater. Was fuging sad and stupid.
  8. Helps that our defense has improved greatly from last year. Helps cover many sins. So far pumping the ball down field has been a nice missing part of the offense, as has having CMC back there. Not really a fair comparison to anything last year. Now is does show that Sam in a solid system with a solid team can take care of business vs the dumpster fire's in NYC. I see nothing so far that makes me think he cannot be on the level of Jake. That's enough with a stout D and a good running game.
  9. Old man Duane brown? Hard pass all summer. Leno being available and for cheap was one a lot of fans will point to. Not that I think Erving has not done well over, but having Leno at LT and Erving at guard likely is a better all around unit.
  10. If you could land a better LT than Erving, who has been shockingly average (which is a good surprise), you likely upgrade 2 spots for one as you also move Erving inside to LG. That said where is this mythical available LT on the cheap or even for two 1st round picks? I am a huge fan of Tunsil, but there are huge costs there, in salary and in picks. So that's out the window. Decker is affordable long term as he is on good deal, but hard to see why the Lions wouldn't want to keep him at RT paired with Sewell at LT. That's cheap bookends that they will need to keep whomever is QB upright. Also I doubt they take less than a 1st for him at this point. Maybe not Tunsil craziness but it's not a fun pill to swallow on a guy inked for a few years. Really the 2 targets that are interesting IMO are with the jags. Our friend at LG Norwell and possibly Cam Robinson. Both are FA after the year so it's a rental. Maybe they come cheap enough to make it interesting. Cam is not really that great so its really hard to love that move unless you think he has an uptick here and it also lets Erving move over to take over at LG. Norwell we all know so no need to really go over that one.
  11. Sucks for tyrod, and great for us. As bad as the Texans were supposed to be, he was keeping them in the game. This defense should absolutely feast on a rookie QB. Hopefully snow can cook up something good for a 3rd straight week
  12. Enjoyed y'all getting pounded again. 10-10 would watch again
  13. Thanks crab legs lol. Think we got the right QB between Darnold and Winston.
  14. Damn almost had them with more penalty yards than yards of offense.
  15. People around here and other sites put him top 5. Dude is average at best and about to hold Cleveland ransom for a big overpay.
  16. They had plenty of time at the 50. That INT was on Baker.
  17. Another example of why Baker is over rated as fug.
  18. Imo, they must do that mostly for 1 reason: mahomes. Don't give him the ball again.
  19. This OL for Cleveland needs to take this game back over. If given times Baker can pull this off. But they HAVE to keep him clean
  20. LOLZ Browns still da Browns. Still time left but they are making a case right now for choke of the week!
  21. To whomever said mahomes wouldn't have picked the bears up. Yeah watch this Cleveland game where he is yet again under pressure right after the snap and still putting up big play after big play. GOAT in the making.
  22. Man, this Cleveland OL is dominating KC. Mayfield can bake a cake back there before he throws.
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