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  1. Incoming garbage TD and heaps of passing yards for BY! seen this script before.
  2. Saints can't stop our wildcat, no d-low, but just put sanders/Hubbard in and run every damn down. Wee man is a drive killer.
  3. And wasn't this small with hop jump throws all game long. I would love to get a 2nd but I don't see any way we get that now
  4. That's generational changing money and he isn't the type to do something off the field to cost him getting all that money. His parents and advisors did him right. Sucks the teppers were the suckers and our franchise wears this terrible play.
  5. Tabor just making sure Bryce gets a chance to improve on the 1-8 start thru 25 minutes.
  6. need a 30+ pg thread like we had for stroud/bryce!
  7. did we audible into the screen???????????
  8. levis is worlds better than bryce
  9. doubling down on short with young, short qb throwing passes short
  10. great job throwing it short to get a penalty thats the best we got going in the air
  11. people here would be putting that on hopkins even though it was closer than mingo in the 1st half......
  12. plus the tackle chipped inside leaving landry to get to bryce if sanders didnt blow his block 1st. everything is off. this team is so unorganized (FRANK!)
  13. there is bad, then terrible, then, abysmal, then the panthers, then worst of all time. and we are quickly approaching the worst of all time on offense.
  14. on 3rd he looked fine chipping both DT. maybe he can actually help with line calls??
  15. meathead levis flashing more arm talent this half than wee man
  16. thats what we fired up on 3rd and 4............... gosh.
  17. giveth what, the bears the 1st overall pick and us poo?!?!?!
  18. CB made that play. burns just cleaned up an easy tackle for him.
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