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  1. Yeah now the 30 yards makes sense. But ya know folks here saying the moment was too big or he couldn't get it done cause not a 1st rounder and all. Huddle gonna hudde. Terrible for Purdy and CMC, good for our draft pick lol. Sucks it happened early and really made it a much easier game for the Eagles to defend as SF couldn't find a NFL starter off the streets after their #3 goes down. Compound that by having to insert the injured guy back on cause they had no choice as a throwing decoy and that was a laugher of a "game". Hurts really didn't have an effective game throwing the ball (and got a big gift via the refs). Gonna be interesting game as Eagles had a cake walk into this unlike the Chiefs. I expect the Chiefs continue to chip with the TE and backs just like they had to with the bungles. I do think the eagles have a better D in every position group than the bungles, so baby goat better hope that ankle heals up soon. In some ways feals like our SB, Eagles should be favored here like us. Idk if they want the experience of KC vs bungles though.
  2. It's a fair RB class again this year. There isn't really another CMC, but a committee can give you a lot of it. It was a light trade, I chuckled over talk of almost a 1st at the time round these parts. The better SF does the lower that 2nd sinks and while the aggregate of the picks might be close, the odds to nab top talent shrink as the draft and goes more towards JAG talent vs top talent like a CMC.............. It's still not as bad as the non trade with the rams for burns.
  3. Idk if Stroud can will a team of meh to greatness, but with above average offense around him, he's going play well almost every night. I'd be up for moving in on him and trade up. Think he might be the guy of the draft. I like levis's arm but eh to the results and age bit. Young is boom bust. Boom if healthy cause he sees the field well and has the arm to make the hard throws in tight spots. Bust if he gets hurt. I doubt he gets a GM fires as he likely plays middle of the road starter when healthy. AR can get a guy fired or keep a meh GM and coach around. Biggest boom bust in rnd 1.
  4. Lol still a poo post got what it deserved. What was the last metric that mattered for you GWD? Look up the leader this year. It's cousins with 8 in the 4th. Yeah he can't win them all. And boy that was a bad time for a bad one. But over rated nah. He ain't top 5 and is likely on the outside of the top 10 but he is right there. Defense didn't do him favors or the OL (false start on the damn sneak was bad for by VT boy) and had to kick the FG. I'd take cousins here all damn day he's wolds better than the teddy B comments floating out. Lolz
  5. 8gwd this year. That was a really bad call from the booth but he was almost ready to get sacked. Defense for the giants was the difference.
  6. Lord, I'm in your head now lmao!
  7. Glass QB rules are dumb. It ain't flag football!
  8. Not against it, who's the D coordinator then? But if that's the resume, it's pretty damn good
  9. Yeah the giants d has been the better unit tonight. That said Jones is doing enough too but had some wide open well designed plays to really. Kafka and co really shining tonight. And it's not like they are riding Barkley here tonight. Lots of rub routes and confusion in the Vikings secondary helping out. Really both QBs playing well, but this is closer to the norm for cousins vs Jones. And degree of difficulty for cousins higher imo.
  10. Hockenson is such a beast. And they pried him from a division rival too.
  11. Nice catch on that medicine ball. He got lit and hung on.
  12. Panthers with cousins woulda won 9+ games and never traded CMC assuming rhule still got fired when he did. Cousins ain't top 5 but he's in that top 12 or better area. Yet over rated lolz! Foreskins were crazy to let him go and suffering for it.
  13. Right! He is carrying the D went who hasn't shown up, but he is over rated cause he defense blows? Mk. Huddle huddling strong again!
  14. Cousins ain't a former 1st rounder but dude still playing at a high level with all kinds of pressure all over him so far
  15. Lots of open receivers for the giants. Great concepts to boot. Can the Vikings hang on O, cause they cannot on D.
  16. TCU played the best game of their lives last game. This week that was UGA. And TCU picked a bad day to have a bad day to boot. This isn't representative of the gap between the teams of they played ten times. I didn't expect them to stay withing 10 all night but this, naw this is fluky. But heck hats off to UGA.
  17. And got blown out by a legit team in there, blown out to a baaaaad rams team, destroyed by old ass Brady who was meh for weeks before. But we won against a team throwing the game on a last second kick to get to 6-6 vs a 5-7 record if they actually tried there at the end lol. Wilks ain't it.
  18. Is it really a GWD, cause it seams more like a loss of draft position drive
  19. Did he fug your wife or daughter, Sam lives in your head rent free!
  20. Eh, QB eyes are bright when he's out there. That's the only bright spot.
  21. Hendo as a 4th or maybe a 3rd ain't bad. But as the main guy woof. And like his best bud RE, wilks wouldn't help out with safeties on Evans and guess what, 200+ yards, 10 rec, 3 tds. Fug off wilks.
  22. Yeah not hanging har on Sam long term, hell short term, but there are worse options out there (crab legs, Wentz, baker, Houston's poo). Also even with the secondary we have, lord we need more. And move chinn back to LB. Honestly the D is the side that's been the let down with the investments there. Couldn't get pressure in any big game.
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