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  1. PFT is asking the question if the Browns are going to give Baker Mayfield a new contract (rookie contract runs out in 2022). "And it’s not just a question of whether the Browns are willing to extend Mayfield. The real question is whether the Browns will make Mayfield an offer he won’t refuse. At one point not that long ago, each quarterback who was due for a new deal became the new highest-paid player in league history. From Andrew Luck to Derek Carr to Matthew Stafford to Jimmy Garoppolo to Kirk Cousins to Matt Ryan, each guy kept pushing the bar a little higher. That’s likely changing. With Patrick Mahomes at $45 million per year in new money and with Dak Prescott at $40 million (but actually with a much better deal) and Josh Allen splitting the difference at $43 million annually, the chances of Mayfield coming in at $45.1 million, for example, are slim. It makes sense, frankly, for a second tier of quarterback salaries to emerge, with a player who is good enough to remain with his team but not good enough to break the bank getting something in the range of $33 million to $35 million per year in new money. That make seem like a lot. However, with the looming cap explosion fueled by new TV deals and stacks of gambling cash, that soon becomes a significant value.' Question is, would you be willing to pay Mayfield north of $35M/year? I don't necessarily think the guy is a top-5 QB, but he's orders of magnitude better than Darnold and wouldn't cost any draft picks, unless the Panthers tried to trade for him this offseason. Thoughts?
  2. Dude was probably trying to lose weight (who knows how) AND trying to earn a spot. I doubt he's using a proper nutritionist.
  3. Going to be a near repeat of the Philly game without CMC playing. So far, I've seen no ability for the Panthers to play from behind. No two-minute offense to speak of. Minny 23, Panthers 16
  4. Two really big things have to happen for the Panthers to make the postseason: 1- CMC must stay healthy. 2- The OLine must gel, play more as a unit and have consistent improvement. Now, if you believe those two things will happen, you're an optimist. It *could* happen, but I don't think it likely.
  5. Each circumstance is unique. Gilmore and the Patriots couldn't negotiate a contract that would allow the Pats a little more cap room, so their best bet was to release him. The Panthers paid a 6th so they wouldn't have to compete. Jackson has had a strong year - so far - and shows signs of a breakout. His tackling ability has improved noticeably. For a team like Green Bay or another contender, giving up a late 2nd wouldn't be that big of an ask. And, the Jaguars insisted on Dan Arnold. He's not JAG. I'm okay with debating the facts, but let's stick to them and not try to mold them to our narratives.
  6. <started this incorrectly in TB> Joey Slye is available and karma is REAL.
  7. It'd be nice to get a competent interior lineman for DJ, but I expect that's not happening. I could see the Panthers getting a 3rd round pick, potentially a 2nd for him. Lots of teams would love to have a young, fast, potential #1 CB on their team going into the second half of the season. At the end of the year, they could tag him or extend him and would have plenty of time to do so. If they are a playoff team, giving up a late 2nd or 3rd wouldn't be much of an ask and it would certainly be worth it to the Panthers as they try to fix the OLine through the draft.
  8. Have to think they were worried about the impact of losing Samuel along with the value of Marshall at that draft position. I really think they believed the line would be "serviceable". And I'm sure they expected the Darnold to Anderson connection to improve. It also removed question marks from that area for a couple of years, in the same way they are doing that at CB. Unfortunately, the line has been a spectacular fail.
  9. So, you're solution is to wait until his performance drops off, affecting his trade value and THEN trade him?
  10. A couple of ideas moving forward. - We aren't re-signing DJack next year. We need picks for the next draft and trading DJack may net us a decent interior OLineman either directly through trade or through the draft pick received in trade. In a couple of weeks, the Panthers will have Gilmore, Henderson and Bouye available at CB. I think that's a pretty good lineup. Then Horn comes back next year. DJack will be an expensive luxury. - Time to consider Deonte Brown to replace Miller. Maybe move Daley back to his natural side. - Brady needs to come up with more quick passing schemes. Darnold should be able to focus on getting the ball out in under 3 seconds and he just ain't doing that now. CMC will certainly help. - IF DJack is not traded, maybe consider moving Bouye to FS. IIRC, he lined up there a couple of times yesterday and seemed to do okay. Bring Chinn up as Joker/LB. This is still a very young team. I had no expectations coming into the year that this would be a Super Bowl contender. Still don't. Yeah, I hate the way they are losing and I'll hope they can make the playoffs this year, but my eyes are geared towards next year. Fix the line, improve the play-calling and all things are possible.
  11. If I'm the Eagles, I'd spend the second half in the two minute offense. It's the only thing that's worked, so far.
  12. Throwing it away would be better than taking the sack.
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