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  1. Moton gets paid. The logic is pretty simple. Keep him, develop Christensen and expect at least one of the young linemen to develop into a solid starter. That gives you a young core of OLine from which to build. Don't skimp on the OLine picks over the next couple of years and a perceived weakness develops into a strength. Lose Moton and the Panthers are back to bailing wire and duct tape for the foreseeable future. The only fly in the ointment is Moton and his desire to stay in Carolina. I don't believe the contract delay has all been on Carolina's side.
  2. It's cute you cut-n-paste one comment from the post and ignore the message of the post. Leadership was evident with Cam, Olsen, Luke and TD - you didn't have to go looking for it. Show me how CMC is exhibiting obvious leadership with this team. He's a great player, no doubt, but he hasn't established himself as a team leader, yet. Neither has anyone else on the offensive side of the ball. It's part of the reason the team lost a lot of close games last year.
  3. I'm going to go a different route. I think leadership is the trait that is sorely lacking on this team. Within the last couple of years, we've seen the likes of TD, Luke, Olsen and Cam leave the team. This isn't about discussing the merits of those departures, but they did take with them the leadership of the team. Someone needs to step up and right soon. On defense, that *might* be Chinn and/or Brown. I don't know enough about them to say they have it in them or don't. Don't come @me with Shaq being a leader - his play isn't strong enough to support that argument. The glaring
  4. I grew up not far from Cincy when the Big Red Machine was in full swing. Our school system would take regular field trips to attend games there. It was a huge deal. I have a set of four baseballs signed by Morgan, Rose, Perez and Bench. Having said that, my flavor for baseball has waned considerably over the years as the Reds have had some crappy ass ownership. My days of taking days off to watch opening day ended many years ago. Living in Raleigh, it would be interesting to have a team here. I didn't follow hockey before the Canes came to town, but have been an avid fan for years no
  5. Isn't that THE answer to life, the universe and everything? So, what you're saying is, the answer really is...The Panthers.
  6. Or they don't like what they see. I'm not hearing glowing remarks about any of the ones drafted right now. "Needs work" "Will have to be coached up" "Will struggle early"
  7. The way things are falling, I'm looking OT and WR for the next two picks. Wouldn't mind Cosmi and Dyami Brown.
  8. Bengals must not have liked Jenkins all that much.
  9. Seems like many people believe the Panthers are just one or two picks away from the Superb Owl, so they are looking at positions of need instead of best player. I don't think the Superb Owl is in the mix next year, but could be in two or three years. Who are we going to draft TODAY who we expect to be part of the team that brings home the hardware? So yeah, taking a LT today is simply a placeholder until we find a long-term answer, but I'm looking for that cornerstone.
  10. I think OLine is where we go 2nd round, but don't sleep on the idea of Kellen Mond...
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