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  1. If each player has their name on the jersey...why does a number even matter? Get rid of them all.
  2. I don't put Slater to far behind Sewell and have seen more than a couple of mocks interchange them. I really want the Panthers to get one of the two, so... QB not named Mac Jones>Sewell/Slater>trade down
  3. If QB and Sewell/Slater are not available at 8 and Pitts is, I'd rather trade down and get another selection or two. Nothing against Pitts, but he won't be the core player the Panthers need.
  4. Well, they needed depth along the DLine... ...and he fits the Bill.
  5. I'd love to have him, but he's going to be bringing the circus with him and... ...therein lies the rub.
  6. If some is good, Moore must be better!
  7. Let's see... Houston signs a QB... Carolina signs an edge player when they already have Burns and YGM. Sure seems like the puzzle pieces are coming together. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Watson trade go down with Burns included in the trade.
  8. My concern with Justin Fields is the same concern I have for Mac Jones. Neither Ohio State nor Alabama have produced an above average NFL QB in the last 30 years. Now, you could argue that there are plenty of other schools lacking success in developing QBs, but the difference is, OSU and Alabama have had the pick of the litter. They get the highest-rated QBs coming out of high school, face the toughest teams AND consistently win. Their QBs are typically highly-rated and consistently compete for the Heisman, but when they get to the NFL... Some will point to Joe Burrow as an OSU QB, b
  9. I'm not happy to see anyone lose their jobs, but it does make for a very intriguing offseason.
  10. With Tre Boston gone (thankfully), I wouldn't be opposed in drafting a safety. It'd have to be someone similar to Chinn - useful in several different aspects, but that would be a consideration I'd entertain to keep the defense flexible. I'd prefer to draft players that can be on the field in all downs and not be out of position against fast-moving offenses.
  11. Every time there's a Super Bowl, some definitive statement is made. While there is some truth to the statements, it's not as cut-and-dried as "must have an overpowering defense" or " must have a great offense". Tampa Bay won this year's SB (not without controversy). They were a well-rounded team and had a great game plan for a less-than-healthy KC team. So, now everyone's on the "must have an overpowering defense" bandwagon. But wait, didn't KC win the SB the year before? No one would mistake KCs defense for Tampa Bay's, so...what happened there? The key to winning a Super Bowl
  12. Those aren't the correct cap numbers for Watson. If he's traded the prorated bonus for Watson kicks in (at Houston's expense). This means the Panthers would not pay any part of that. They would, however, be on the hook for any roster bonuses. That said, he would have the following cap numbers: 2021 - $10,540,000 2022 - $35,000,000 2023 - $37,000,000 2024 - $32,000,000 2025 - $32,000,000 Considering where QB contracts are headed, DW's contract is going to be a real bargain, although I would expect new contract negotiations after 2023.
  13. NY and Miami are the wildcards. I don't see many scenarios in which one or both of the two teams doesn't trade back with a team in need of a QB. The only way they wouldn't trade back is if, say, one of them completes a trade with Houston for Deshaun, figures Darnold (or Miami sticks with Tag) is worth a shot at QB and then decides to draft Sewell or Slater to help with protection. There is simply no scenario in which Fields or Wilson fall beyond pick #4 otherwise.
  14. Why was he released and not traded? Who, in their right mind, would be willing to give up a "solid draft pick" AND pay $17.5M for a guy who has a hard time staying healthy and had 5.5 sacks last year? I mean, they couldn't trade him to Houston...
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