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  1. Looks like Trevon Diggs suffered a torn ACL in practice. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/report-cowboys-fear-a-torn-acl-for-trevon-diggs
  2. Brandon Thorn provides a nice analysis of the matchup between Derrick Brown and Chris Lindstrom during the Week 1 matchup vs. the Falcons.
  3. Former Cowboys quarterback Will Grier, who lost his spot when the team traded for Trey Lance, has a new home. Grier will sign with the Bengals’ practice squad, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com. ...per NBCSports
  4. With the hundreds of millions of dollars the NFL makes every year, they should designate a small percentage towards a stadium renovation/replacement fund for the teams. It really wouldn't take much out of the owner's pockets to fund improvements and new stadiums if they understand that it improves their profitability to do so. Problem is, most owners don't want to own a stadium. That's a lot of upkeep for a facility they only use 10-12 times per year.
  5. I'm interested in seeing if Young and Mingo can develop into at least a lite version of Burrow/Chase (or Montana/Rice for us older folks). That's less likely to happen with Hopkins in the mix. Additionally, the timing just isn't right. Hopkins is expensive and looking for a contender. The Panthers window hasn't opened yet and may not for a couple of years. It wouldn't help if Hopkins was leaving about the time the Panthers were turning into legit contenders. He's a nice thought, but not now.
  6. Wherever he goes, it will be interesting to see who the "winning" team has to get rid of from their WR corps.
  7. Rhule: Wilkes: Reich:
  8. How to take the "special" out of special teams.
  9. The NFL pulled in just over 18 BILLION last year in revenue. You would have to think that taking a percentage of that money and setting it aside for "Infrastructure" would be a prudent course of action. Let's say they take 5% off the top. That's about $900,000,000 per year they could set aside. Surely they would be able to collect enough money to provide "loans" to NFL teams who would pay them back, meanwhile writing off a good chunk of that on their taxes. Kinda seems like a win-win just waiting to be exploited. And then there's depreciation. What am I missing?
  10. As much criticism as he receives - and some of it deserved - I have little faith the owners will find a better replacement.
  11. If you've been around a boss like Tepper, you'd already know the answer to your question. Reich/Fitterer are going to make the pick. Tepper may have his preference, but at the end of the day, he hired them to make decisions just like this. It's their job. Likewise, I'm sure they understand that they need to make the right pick. If their pick at QB doesn't make the franchise markedly better, they'll have to answer for it. It's just simple accountability.
  12. Yeah, that about sums it up for me, too. Sounds like someone's boss told him to toss out article ASAP and this is the result. Pure crap.
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