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  1. If you read the article, it mentions him being signed because of injuries last year. He played well, but the injured players returned so he was cut.
  2. Incomplete for all. The coaches that need to stand out are OLine, DLine, TE and WR. I don't think our WRs or TEs are all that, which is why having Marshall tend towards bust is a blow. If the coaches can help, we may have an offense.
  3. Well, I guess we know why PJ is still on the team. Think they still have Will Grier's number?
  4. It's not good for a QB to lock on to a receiver 2 yards passed the LOS and throw late?
  5. The DLine is paper thin. Injuries happen and the depth isn't good enough to cover for it.
  6. Give Baker and Sam one good series each or the 1st quarter, whichever happens first. PJ plays the second quarter. Corral plays the second half.
  7. OLine, DLine and LB play. On paper, the team looks like it could be a .500 team, but that only happens if those three units come together quickly.
  8. In terms of sheer physical talent, you could argue that Sam Darnold has more. Could also make that same argument in favor of Jeff George. Neither of them have won and I don't think it's a stretch to say they never will. Delhomme had that nasty "intangible" thing. He was a leader. He understood the game and got the most of the talent that he had. I don't know enough about Baker to make an assessment other than to say Baker certainly has more physical talent.
  9. Naw, I think Sam's talent is hanging out by the pool/beach making 10%.
  10. Re: 2 minute drill... Was the offense bad or was the defense that good?
  11. Auburn (SEC) and Nebraska (Big 10) would be intriguing options for any coach. Their names still carry weight.
  12. Need to be looking to see if there are any decent college football coaching positions coming open this year. If so, I wouldn't be surprised in Rhule jumped ship before the year is over with McAdoo being handed the reins (at least temporarily).
  13. How I see this going, potentially. - NFL/Harvey level the suspension at one year. Justification is, the original arbitrator ruled on four cases only whereas the NFL is taking into account the remainder of the cases. Settled cases do not indicate innocence or guilt, but the number of accusers filing suit is considered in the decision. - Watson and attorney go to court to contest the decision. This would likely last the entire NFL season. - Goodell places Watson on the exempt list. Question is, would a court injunction overrule the commissioner's exempt list? Edited to add... Have to wonder if Houston is going to be handed a pretty massive fine (including the loss of draft picks) for their actions. I don't think Cleveland has done enough to warrant a fine against them, unless you can fine a team for utter stupidity.
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