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  1. Wonder if ATL has a trade setup to send Penix somewhere else.
  2. Morale may be a problem, but I think a MUCH larger problem throughout Rhule's and Reich's tenures has been the absolute lack of leadership. Rhule really screwed up when he let Olsen, Cam and Luke walk out the door, not because their of their skillset, but the leadership they provided. There hasn't been a leader in that locker room since then. The coach can provide some leadership, but you also need the players to provide their own. Who is going to hold their feet to the fire when the coaches aren't always around? Until that problem is addressed, I don't think the Panthers move forward. Now, it's possible Derrick Brown steps up. I could certainly see that happening. And maybe Bryce will, once he establishes himself a bit more, but I don't see any other obvious candidates.
  3. I don't disagree with this take. Additionally, Evero needs to discuss Jeremy Chinn and why he isn't playing him more than a handful of snaps per game. That is some seriously wasted talent.
  4. Falcons out there doing Falcon things...
  5. It is going to be a tough decision. Imagine he comes back and balls out the rest of the year. What's the team's best option then? Keep him and sign him to an extension or try to trade him for draft capital? At this point, if a team comes calling with a high 2nd round pick, how tough would it be to turn that down?
  6. This team is just difficult to watch, so I'm turning it off. I'll be back next year to see if there's any improvement, but I doubt they beat a good college team right now.
  7. Looks like Trevon Diggs suffered a torn ACL in practice. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/report-cowboys-fear-a-torn-acl-for-trevon-diggs
  8. Brandon Thorn provides a nice analysis of the matchup between Derrick Brown and Chris Lindstrom during the Week 1 matchup vs. the Falcons.
  9. Former Cowboys quarterback Will Grier, who lost his spot when the team traded for Trey Lance, has a new home. Grier will sign with the Bengals’ practice squad, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com. ...per NBCSports
  10. With the hundreds of millions of dollars the NFL makes every year, they should designate a small percentage towards a stadium renovation/replacement fund for the teams. It really wouldn't take much out of the owner's pockets to fund improvements and new stadiums if they understand that it improves their profitability to do so. Problem is, most owners don't want to own a stadium. That's a lot of upkeep for a facility they only use 10-12 times per year.
  11. I'm interested in seeing if Young and Mingo can develop into at least a lite version of Burrow/Chase (or Montana/Rice for us older folks). That's less likely to happen with Hopkins in the mix. Additionally, the timing just isn't right. Hopkins is expensive and looking for a contender. The Panthers window hasn't opened yet and may not for a couple of years. It wouldn't help if Hopkins was leaving about the time the Panthers were turning into legit contenders. He's a nice thought, but not now.
  12. Wherever he goes, it will be interesting to see who the "winning" team has to get rid of from their WR corps.
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