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  1. Yep that's what I said Richardson is the next Luck. You're rrrrrrr
  2. Yep, in the NFL you figure out how to win with what you can get. Better teams don't dig for the perfect #1 draft pick. We should know from experience we've ruined plenty of great ones.
  3. Richardson is a good prospect. If you don't wanna take a chance on him then I suspect you want to lose forever until we find the next Andy Luck.
  4. If he actually did no one would have this problem. He's an unbearable holier than thou god botherer.
  5. I probably eat some banh khot tom and then wait to watch some football.
  6. Oh no we won a game it's the end of the flipping world
  7. I forgot watching TV was an intellectual activity oh forgive me Allah
  8. Having fun is preferable to being a miserable bastard usually. NFL doesnt actually matter dude. But I'll suck yours if you suck mine loser.
  9. Panther fan prefers losing to gain respect. Perhaps try another avenue.
  10. Find another team to root for or a kitten to stroke.
  11. Oh no fans are happy they won that's why we get no respect. Who gives a poo. Horsey boys lose cat men win. What a great day. Get you a cat to pet.
  12. 32 coming up!... Let me enjoy this today.
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