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  1. We don't believe in the coaching staff right now. Winning cures everything.
  2. This week Brady should be fired. If we don't make the playoffs (or do and really suck) the entire staff should be fired. Snow isn't any better than the others. Get him out too with his goddamn Wide 9.
  3. Hot take: Snow also sucks and has been carried by talent.
  4. It's a one score game with an entire quarter to go.
  5. I'm pretty sure we want just one guy (Cam) out there playing his game and forming his chemistry. Only 7 more games of the season left. Cam can handle it.
  6. PA shovel pass was nice I thought. But yeah we used up all the clock and played right into the strengths of the defense on two of those plays.
  7. I like that PA shovel pass to Tremble. I hope we use it more in the future.
  8. Game isn't over. Time to play like each point matters. 9 minutes is a long time to grind.
  9. He needs some assistance in evaluating the offensive side of the ball. If Rhule has final say that's what it is but I foresee some pro scouting hires this offseason.
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