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  1. It's just weird though... not discounting BC or Corbett, but Zavala and Mays at the very least have the builds and what would seem like the ability to be mailers in the run game. I haven't watched Throckmorton a ton, but it seems to be a fit for him too. Maybe they just need more time to gel considering all of the movement along the OL so far, but idk...
  2. Yeah, I know... but that's why I'm sharing bc he's been getting a ton of blame and I've been seeing a lot of comparisons to what he did in Philly and people asking why he hasn't done it here. But this brings me back to coaching. Sure, the OL ability and effort on the field has a lot to do with his productivity, but I made the point last week that when Wilks took over last season and we went to the power run game, the OL was dominant. We started this year with the same OL minus Corbett, and even with Zavala in his place, we still had the personnel for a similar scheme as what we ran with Foreman last season... and yet, our OL looks like complete ass. I really think it's what the coaches are asking the OL and RBs to do, and it doesn't line up with their strengths.
  3. I dont think he's Jerry Rice incarnate, but I think he could be solid. He isn't being utilized and neither is the majority of our playmaker on offense. That's my point.
  4. Ok. And that was with some fantastic QB play and excellent scheme and playcalling from one Ben McAdoodoo. Sometimes stats don't tell the whole story.
  5. Or maybe Philly had something we don't? Wow. I know some of it is coaching here, but we cant deny the blocking has a ron to do with it too.
  6. How many under Wilks? He showed his potential. Good route running and ability to high-point and win back shoulder throws... now he's not being utilized at all.
  7. Why single out Marshall? You could literally ask this about any player not named Chark or Thielen bc the offense fuging sucks. TMJ showed what he could be under Wilks last season... this poo is Frank and Bryce fault. Viska, Chuba, Hurst, TMJ, Miles... they're all victims of this shitty ass scheme and our inability to distribute touches.
  8. I like Donte as a person, but I have been saying how bad he was for years. Not bad, but not good. I complained when we resigned him over Gilmore and many went at me for it and defended him... and here we are. Should've kept Gilmore. And now Sonte is coming off of one of worst injuries a guy who relied heavily on his athleticism could suffer. Whew. It's not looking good.
  9. TBH, LG, the way it has played out now, with him only missing a week, and the way Dalton performed, I really think it was two-fold - I think they were giving Bryce a chance to sit and reset without the embarrassment or pressure of saying he was officially benched, used the injury as a way to do it, and also figured if Dalton performed well it would give them, as well as Bryce, a chance to see what they expected from Bryce when he came back. They now are able to show Bryce what throws he was avoiding that they expect him to make/attempt. I think maybe they showed him the film and asked him what he was comfortable with and then played it by ear as to whether they felt he was ready and willing to get back in there to do it. Just a thought...
  10. More team-media PR hype. I'll get excited when he "maestros" against another team in a game of meaningful football. I hope he does... But that being said, just watching TNF and they showed the standings for the NFCN and I saw the Vikings sitting at 0-3, and my first immediate thought was "they are going to beat our ass."
  11. Only thing that makes me happier seeing that is that the Broncos are even worse. I wish them all the worst for the rest of the time humanity has on Earth. But man... sure would be a lot easier to stomach this stretch with the Superbowl championship they and the NFL stole from us.
  12. Wow. Didn't realize he was a FA. I liked him from what I saw of him in college and I remember being impressed with some of what I saw of him in the game he played for LA. Seems like he has a ton of talent, just needs to be developed.
  13. I'm not going to say the book is done on him, but again, the foreshadowing is not looking good... I just think he was always extremely limited and dependent in the talent around him more than a franchise QB should be. And my take is not influenced by whether they're trying to hide him or not with an injury... I felt this way before we drafted him and I felt even more conviction about it after seeing his play through the preseason and the first two weeks of the regular season. I'm not completely writing him off, but I also believe after what we've seen, that hoping he figures it out and becomes an elite QB now or in the future is a really, really slim possibility. Still hoping for the best, but I just don't see it.
  14. Brother, I don't know of any team in their right mind that trades their top receiver and next year's first plus more to get a QB at #1, revamp their entire offensive roster to help him, and THEN decide to tank knowing they don't have picks the next year. It defeats the purpose of tanking. Put it in the bank - this is not what they planned to do or intended. They sold out for Bryce because they thought they were gonna win immediately with him. We are in for a rough few years, at best.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I even said it at the time, I hate his squirmy guts, but i viewed it as having a guy like Rodman or Charles Oakley... you absolutely can't stand them playing against you, but if they're on your side, you absolutely revel in it. He is a bitch, though lol.
  16. As I said, as a former athlete that played basketball through college - if I ever rolled my ankle, I either could go or I couldn't. There wasn't an ankle sprain that I could walk on without a limp that I wouldn't have played through. If it inhibited my ability to walk with a normal gait, then I couldn't play. Bryce is moving fine. This is a real mess.
  17. I happily eat my crow where possible... and I was vocal about wanting Payton. I still think he's a better coach, but I also think he is purposely fuging poo up there to get rhem to move on from Russ or something bc that poo is insane. You don't just forget how to coach when you've proven you know how to do it - unless you just grow too stubborn and dont evolve with the game, which is also a possibility there, but I don't think it's likely. And despite them getting a 70-burger dropped on them (love McDaniel, btw), I don't quite feel like admitting I wanted Payton and them sucking is eating crow because we still made a worse hire in Reich. ahhh, life as a Panthers fan. Never gets old.
  18. Careful there. That's apparently a "conspiracy theory" according to some here lol.
  19. It's revisionist history at its finest though... there were a lot of us, myself included, who preferred to sign Carr or a Dalton and play this season out and then take a swing at QB in this coming draft, not the one we just traded our top WR and multiple picks to move up for Bryce in. You can call Carr or Dalton retreads, but we would've been so much better off taking that approach, and I felt that way even before we saw how the season has played out... now it just hurts that much more seeing that it looks like the worst case scenario and that we gave up everything we did, with the brass fully believing this plan would get us back on the right track, and whether it's the coach being the wrong hire or Bryce not being a franchise QB, or both, we still have a very, very long road ahead of us at a huge cost.
  20. Sweet. That's some high quality coaching right there. Even Matt Rhule couldn't lay claim to this stat at any point in his horrible, clueless tenure.
  21. I've already accepted they're picking 1 and 2.
  22. Same thing Viska did to get phased out for no fuging reason. Reich sucks.
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