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  1. Wow, wow, wow... I can't fuging wait for Rhule to be out of here fast enough. This poo is a sick fuging joke.
  2. Wow we are a fully engulfed and overflowing port-a-potty right now.
  3. It was supposed to be "of". But I guess either works in this case. Damn autocorrect.
  4. I've screamed to the mountaintops here about my belief in Fitt. I'm not wavering... I am certain we got the GM hire right for the first time ever (Polian doesn't count, and fug him). We also got the related front office hires right (Morgan, Stewart, Sulaiman, etc.). From the program he came from to his analytical-laden answers in pressers and the methodical way he approached the draft and was able to keep trading back and got numerous starters, as far down as the 5th round... its the same thing they did when building Seattle into a contender. Kam Chancellor and Sherman were late round picks. He knows football. He's smart. Now, if we could just get rid of the useless slab of clueless lard that is Fhule.
  5. OP's take is exactly why if this is Tepper's ultimatum it is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Not only because no OC worth their salt or currently employed elsewhere would want to come here, Rhule wouldn't want to hire any OC that presents as a threat to his current throne, and as OP said, because what's stopping Fhule from dragging ass all offseason so that Tepper has no choice but to keep him and let him see the 2022 season. It is as dysfunctional as dysfunctional gets.
  6. Great game overall. But, damn, Chargers... thats gotta hurt. But, at least it restored a very, very minute amount of integrity for the league... if it had ended in a tie, I 100% would've believed either the teams agreed to it or the NFL mandated it beforehand.
  7. I've always liked him and he has always seemed like a solid, capable, productive NBA player when I've watched him in games. Only reason I can think of why he hasn't stuck is because NBA teams have went thr way of smaller/athletic bigs who can move and are interchangeable with guards on the PnR. But honestly, ask yourself what does Plumlee do that Fall can't? So, I say all of that to say, I would sign him.
  8. I kept looking for him when he was in, but didn't see much one way or another... which means he was a thousand times better than Miller.
  9. *goes to cut up a sped up montage of Darnold lowlights*
  10. With Rhule's return being reported as likely, it's being rumored Tepper is looking to adopt a new fight song that more accurately portrays the state of our team under Coach Hov and he found it! Can't wait to hear it blaring out of the PA system next season!
  11. But did you see that absolute can of corn, err, I mean drop in a bucket of a throw by Sam??? Heh. If we could just get him to make those type throws 25 more times a game instead of sending the entire WR depth chart to the hospital or throwing 3 picks and having 2 fumbles every game, watch out! We have a franchise QB on our hands!
  12. If this is it... and I hope it's not (and hopefully he comes back with a new staff if it isn't), but if it is, thank you for everything Cam. In your prime, there was never a player before you, and there likely will never be one after you that possessed the talent you displayed. A true generational talent. A force of nature, and an unstoppable weapon on the field that electrified an entire fanbase with a rarely seen charisma. The greatest QB in Carolina history and a hall of famer. A forgotten man who was cast aside for his sins. A young man who was slandered and put down... and he rose above it all to take us to unfathomable heights, all while giving hope to others who were also cast aside and forgotten... a young man that inspired. A young man that cared. A young man that proved, you can change and be redeemed. Thank you for everything Cam. 1LOVE.
  13. I hate them. But I'm not laughing at anyone else... we are currently neck and neck with the Jaguars for the worst run organization in football.
  14. You silly kids and your microwave culture... No respect or patience for the process. It took Jay-Z seven years to become an overnight sensation. Sorry, you didn't see that video on Instabook.
  15. When did you give up on him, fiz? What was the final straw? As I know you were defending him most of the season. (This isn't a slight or attack, just a serious question)
  16. We might be able to swing a deal for Amini Silatolu if he's still in the league.
  17. Check out that absolute lazer right there!!!
  18. I'm not arguing either. Just my opinion, that I expect that throw from my starter. We just have spent the last 2 years watching them miss receivers on clutch plays, so when they give then a chance everyone revels in it. I am unimpressed. I'm not asking for company. I'm just unmoved.
  19. Not trying to spin anything. I credit him for the effort and giving the receiver a chance. I expect that from an NFL starter. Our fanbase has just grown to accept the expected as amazing.
  20. Hey guys, can Sam get another one of our receivers knocked out before the season is over? Let's see some more of those amazing throwz!
  21. When average/expected throws become "really good," it really crystallizes where we're at as a franchise.
  22. I gave him credit for giving him a chance. I maintain the throw was not ideal nor perfect. People are acting like he just threaded the needle between 4 defenders on a rope 50 yards downfield. He threw up a fuging lob as he was getting thrashed. Good job. That's what NFL starters do every Sunday. Yay! He did it once! ... And then he fumbled the next drive to put the game away.
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