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  1. Thats my expectation, but I'm setting the bar low due to my life experiences as a Panthers fan lol, and simultaneously hoping we blow the doors off in complete dominance.
  2. NGL, I was legit surprised 66 or whatever it was is the 6th highest QBR. I know 50 is considered the average, obviously, as it's on a scale of 100, but I was legitimately surprised it was that high. And the clean pocket stat is nothing but encouraging considering a lot of the concern about him was that he would be antsy and see ghosts from his time in NY. Very, very encouraging.
  3. Damn, what did we do to Sporting News. Also, Football Outsiders are the only authority I trust on advanced football analytics from this point on... fug Collinsworth.
  4. Yeah, the Brown and Bouye inactives make zero sense to me. No way Bouye's is due to the same "soft tissue" injury he missed all of camp with. I just think Rhule is uncomfortable messing with what's been working and/or is worried about Bouye's conditioning translating well into the game. Also, I 100% believe in this team, so I don't know if it's repeated trauma haunting me from seasons past, but this game is much bigger than people are making it out to be for us. It has all of the makings of one of those sneaky trap games that we have faltered in in the past - injury depleted team, short week, prime time/nationally televised game, and we're starting to pick up momentum as a national darling of sorts. I really hope Rhule keeps our guys hungry and don't allow them to buy into their own hype thus far. Play this game like we're 0-0, the opponent is at full strength, and we haven't proven anything yet. Just the circumstances around this game give me Fox/Rivera era heebie jeebies.
  5. Just saw this on the NFL ticker... not buying it's injury. I think it could be there comfortablitiy level with his in-game conditioning and/ornot wanting to mess with the chemistry that has already been building with the guys who have been out there. I disagree with this, because I would rather let him work his way in on a game against Houston, rather than Dallas next game.
  6. I aint offering a player. I'm giving you some mid round draft picks next year and maybe the year after. Thats it.
  7. Was gonna post this yesterday, as the Lions held him out if practice while they pursued a trade... but, from what I saw, the Pats and Rams are the only real suitors. Dan Campbell still refers to him as an athletic LB, but apparently there has been a question with his effort, so they're playing younger guys in front of him and looking to move him. I thought initially it would be a good fit, but the more I have thought on it, I think Rhule believes in the guys he has here and would rather grow with them then bring in someone else at this point - other than kicker of course.
  8. Agreed with everything, and love this clip. I pointed it out in the gameday thread and forgot about it after all of the other highlights of the last two weeks until you shared it here... Love it! We gotta extend him ASAP.
  9. TBH, and I'm sure it wasn't that hit that caused the groin injury, but I was honestly surprised he got up from the Derrick Brown sack. I was sure he broke some ribs and may have been concussed.
  10. And he had it a long time coming. Dude has been a thorn in our side for way too long now, and he always had a habit of rubbing it in, and we finally dominated them and rubbed their faces in it in return... I found it telling how even when they were down 3 scores late, they ran a punt block when we punted the last time... it reeked of anger and desperation because he just isn't used to us being the bully. He was accustomed to having his way with us, especially the last few years under Rivera, and that punt block was the last vengeful gasp to no avail... And as you said, you can see in his body language - there wasn't an anger indicative of "we beat ourselves," it was more a reserved confusion trying to figure out what they just got ran over by, and he had no answers. It's so satisfying.
  11. Yup, love that about him. He really does remind of Labeau in a lot of ways. Also, some Jim Johnson. He just loves working directly with the players and coming up with schemes and could care less for the spotlight. I love it.
  12. Daley has not looked like the guy that flashed early in his career so far... but, I'm hoping that has more to do with constantly moving around. Ideally, this allows him to cement himself into the starting role, get comfortable, and mesh with the guys around him. I hope he takes advantage of this and we can just keep Elf on the Shelf. You're welcome.
  13. A brief summary: https://itsgame7.com/is-pj-washington-paying-brittany-renner-200k-per-month-in-child-support/ Renner is a fitness model who has been romantically linked to James Harden, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Jamal Murray, Ben Simmons, Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Colin Kaepernick in the past. She also frequently used to post about how many celebrities and athletes she’d slept with. Many have suggested that Renner ‘groomed’ Washington by showing up to his games at Kentucky when he was 18 and she was significantly older. So, after her failed pursuits with the aforementioned celebs, she sought out P.J. and began hanging around Kentucky while he was there. He was 18, and she was 27 at the time. And then there is this: Which leads to this: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/brittany-renner-warns-hide-your-sons-at-carolina-panthers-game-news.139512.html Renner and Washington, who had a baby together earlier this year, have been entrenched in a battle for the ages. Washington claims that Renner, somewhat known for her proclivity towards men of a certain financial stature, faked their relationship the entire time they were together and only had a child with him in hopes of securing a substantial child support payments. Washington claims that all child support figures (most notably $200K/month) are false but has been very vocal in expressing his pain and disappointment caused by the whole situation. Renner, on the other hand, has taken the offensive. Explaining numerous times what happened between she and Washington and explaining that "it was never going to work out," Renner has been on a social media whirlwind, comparing her haters to cockroaches, asserting that, under no circumstances, would she let her ex get in her way or get her down and, most notably, declaring that it is "stepdaddy season." Yeesh.
  14. I took a statistics course in college and despite finishing with an A in it, it perfectly demonstrated to me why I could never pursue a career in it. My God, it was mind-numbing... and yet, I know there are people who absolutely love it, and I appreciate them, because if nit for them, I wouldn't look at any advanced metrics or attempt to understand them. That being said, I don't fully get all of them, like this one, but I will happily take it. It's crazy that, despite all of our struggles on that side of the ball, we still have a Top 10 offense. I have said though, that I expected some hiccups early, but if we could win as Sam was still getting comfortable, we/he will only get better as the season goes on. I love it.
  15. Per ESPN app Texans rookie QB Davis Mills will make first career start Thursday after Tyrod Taylor (hamstring) was ruled out https://www.espn.com/nfl/game?gameId=401326363&partial=game http://espn.com/app
  16. Built like Richie Incognito and that jersey really struggling not to say "Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees."
  17. That seat is pretty far back, I think they're safe. Now, once PJ's child support starts coming in, we need to watch out... if she gets near the tunnel or the field-level, we're in trouble. Also, PJ = All-time greatest duck.
  18. I just will never ever understand why Hurney opted for Gano over a younger, cheaper Butker. It just makes zero sense and ultimately set us down the path we are on now. That one decision set all of the others in motion.
  19. Read about this earlier on twitter... they compared it to Spurrier back in 98 or 99, when he apparently elected to punt on 3rd down. He did so because he admitted after the game that he was tired of the offense and frustrated with their performance. BTW, Culley is the guy who once told Steve Smith all he would be is a special teamer/returner his whole career. So, super smart guy.
  20. I watched the whole presser, and yes, Rhule said ST keeps him awake at night and he said we weren't good in any phase of ST on Sunday. He also said that's on him, not on Chase, for not having his staff/players better prepared. Which, to me, translates as, yes, Chase is indeed skating on thin ice with searing hot blades on his skates.
  21. Thought the same thing. Aside from that, IMO, he has shown progress but I'm still not all-in on him for the future here until he shows more and is consistent. These 2nd halves, for the most part, have been absolutely atrocious. If he could maintain his level of play from the first half and carry it an entire game, I would be ecstatic. But, I just looked at the league passing leaders, and he is just outside of the top 15 on most categories, while Teddy, for sake of comparison, is within the Top 10 on most. So, Darnold is not the worst by any means, and grades out to just about average so far, but that is about as good as we could've hoped for 2 games, in considering how bad he looked with the Jets. I'm hopeful, because he's shown flashes, and he's still young so the more comfortable he gets, the better chance he improves and grows in this offense... but, crap like that pick yesterday and the almost pick at the beginning of the game into double coverage - that's gotta go. You can't throw either of those balls, EVER.
  22. I watched this, and even before this piece on our game, in the opening segment on their takeaway from the day, Brees said it was us and went on to fug up twice in like two sentences, including saying that "Sam Bradford" is starting to look comfortable in our system. Brees is a fuging tool.
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