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  1. I also was pushing for him even before it was rumored... it's tough to say what happened without being privy to the behind the scenes stuff, but what I assumed, was it was our decision, not his. Reason being, I doubt he comes back and does a second interview in-person ( which was widely reported) after Atkinson fell through if he had no intention of accepting the position. Even if he felt jilted that we hired Atkinson over him the first round, I doubt he comes back to interview with us if he knew he didn't want the job. So that has led me to my theory, that between the draft night trade where we basically punted a lottery pick for nothing, and then hiring a retread coach we previously fired who has shown no signs of improvement, progress, or evolving and got fired again after he left here... that there's no way that reunion comes together without a) Clifford knowing he has no other chance at being a HC again, so he makes some concessions (i.e. lower salary demands, swallows his pride to come back and interview with a previous employer that fired him), and b) Charlotte knowing they can pay him less because of the position he found himself in with no other chance HC prospects and his previous history with the org. Simply put, I think the lottery pick trade and hiring Clifford were both about MJ saving money and maybe a slight hint of comfortability with familiarity. There's no way you look at those two candidates and decide Clifford was the better option that offers us a better chance at success on the court... it had to be money.
  2. Yeah, sorry... wasn't intending that towards you, just as a general statement to the people who yammered on about why would we hire D'Antoni when our issue was defense... so we passed on a likely HOF coach with a proven system who has come closer to an NBA finals multiple times than we ever have... and not passed on him once, BUT TWICE! Only to hire a retread we already fired who is stuck in his ways, and his ways, at their best, has a ceiling of getting blown out and/or swept from the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed. Fantastic management, I tell ya!
  3. Welp... prepare to rage fellas. One interesting footnote I kept thinking that everyone seemed to be ignoring after the draft night trade fiasco, was aside from the obvious - we enabled Detroit to save money to throw at Miles by giving them a young center so that they don't have to pursue Ayton - many left out the fact that Detroit is Miles' hometown team. So not only did we enable them to offer him beaucoup amounts of money that will likely scare MJ's cheap ass from matching, but he has even extra incentive to sign with the team that we helped because he's from there. I swear our teams are headed by fuging idiots.
  4. Lol. That's what should happen, but we just hired Steve back... so, expect a Mason Plumlee and Bismack Biyimbo re-signing to start in the front court and eat up 32 minutes per game each. But hey! All you guys that wanted defense will get your wish as we slow the game down to limit possessions!
  5. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if we lose him. The Panthers and Hornets are clearly cursed franchises. Just look at the poo they did over the last two weeks... losing Miles falls right in line with all of it. We are a dysfunctional organization, so I like to go ahead and prepare myself for the worst possible outcomes with our teams... That being said, if you look at the Kyler Murray situation with the Cardinals earlier this offseason, he did the same thing while trying to negotiate an extension. I think it's par for the course with agencies/athletes and their teams nowadays, but again, I wouldn't be surprised at all if we lose him.
  6. TBH, if we can't get Duren at 13, I hope that's all it takes to get Myles. 13th plus salary for Myles... after that, I really don't care. Although Williams' size is intriguing, he is much of the same dinosaur that we've had issues with forever now, and those guys tend to get exposed when running into the better run orgs in the league (i.e., the ones we aspire to be if we ever want to win)... so, no thanks.
  7. Well, I want to watch the whole league burn after what they've done, and be humbled like never before... and I heard a report today that after him trying to dodge them saying he had a pre-planned trip to make, apparently Congress now plans to subpoena Snyder. I hope he ends up losing the team and it gets really yucky for the whole league as he tries to bring others down with him.
  8. Yup. 100%. IIRC, there was also some bad blood lingering from the CBA stuff and I thought I remembered reading that a lot of the owners had an ongoing beef with JR, which again, makes that story breaking when and how it did all the more convenient for them... Again, his actions were his own and he deserved whatever consequences he had coming for them... but what we all have seen, and continue to see and agree on is, he clearly wasn't the only owner with moral and ethical shortcomings; in fact, many are exposing themselves to be even worse... difference is, they are still in goodstanding in the good ol' boys club and that apparently makes all the difference.
  9. Correct. Technically. But they generally move in lockstep. So you're (not you, but a general you) telling me they all saw eye to eye on JR, but all of them are fine with what Snyder is doing and how he keeps making the league look? I'm convinced the JR stuff all started with Goodell.
  10. It's possible, but there seemed to be a lot more outward pressure... seemingly, manufactured, and at the right place and right time with no relenting. Clearly, Goodell didnt come to JR's rescue like he keeps doing for all of these other upstanding men of integrity. The story wasn't going away. And it was all for a reason. Every time something comes up with one of the other owners, they have simply swept it under the rug and usually, effectively killed the stories. In hindsight, to me, it feels like everything that happened was engineered to get JR out so he could give/"sell" the team to Tepper who had long been rumored to be the next guy in line to join the billionaire boys club. It wasn't so much about the offenses for the NFL, it was that it was a convenient story to allow them to transfer power to whom they wanted... because clearly Goodell doesn't give a poo about human rights, domestic abuse, racism, healthy workplace environments, or player and employee safety and well-being. Dude is a fuging slimeball.
  11. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34131214/roger-goodell-says-no-authority-remove-daniel-snyder-owner-washington-commanders So, just thought I would share this as I find it interesting that this guy has nonstop been an issue since he took over there and has had issues with racism, sexism, sexual harassment and abuse almost to the level of human trafficking, has been investigated countless times for countless egregious offenses, but Goodell says he has no authority to remove him? Interesting, because the asshole had no problem stepping in here and forcing JR out for far lesser (in terms of quantity and magnitude) offenses because we're just the Carolina Panthers... and now we're stuck with a fuging dumbass for an owner, knowing Snyder is equally, if not more, of a bigot, misogynist, predator and racist... And I have no doubt vocal idiots like Jerry Jones, The McNairs, and Stephen Ross have just as many violations with racism and other workplace problems, and yet, they're still sitting comfortably in power. Note: This is not to excuse JR or what he was accused of. Everyone that knows me on this board and in real-life knows I stand on the side of justice, equality and equity, and love for all. This is simply to point out that this is more evidence that Goodell is a fuging asshole that only meddles when he sees fit and is a fuging piece of poo human being... and it still just pisses me off that we got stuck with Tepper because of their bullshit when the stuff Snyder and Washington have done is of the same category of violation but to a much greater degree and magnitude - for instance, JR demanded Blue Jean Fridays or whatever it was... Snyder had his whole office walking around trading cards of nude cheerleaders they forced into taking nude photographs of, who were essentially being held hostage in a hostile work environment. Both disgusting, but I'd say the second one is far more egregious, and yet, this douche has remained bulletproof. I don't disagree that JR had to sell, but when you see the poo happening in DC, it all feels very predetermined, what happened here. Snyder has not just violated the "shield" multiple times, but he has broken countless state and federal laws with his behavior and the culture he has set forth in DC, and he has not had to answer for it a single time. And not only does he not answer for it, Goodell capes for him. How tf does a coach for another team get fired after they read the internal emails from a whole separate organization, but no one within that organization gets fired? And then Goodell refused to disclose the rest of the emails or release them to media. I fuging hate dude, and he is the main reason why I don't trust that what we see on the field is ever actually a legit, untampered product. From destroying Spygate evidence, to seeing the Ray Rice video and not making a move until the media got it and made it public because of how it made the league look, to officiating in Superbowl 50, to intervening when the JR story broke, and then taking this stance every fuging time more of Snyder's dirt is shoveled up, it just feels all very dirty and manipulated, and it doesn't seem we are one of the favored teams... Again, not defending JR. I'm saying the poo Snyder has done and gotten away with is unbelievable and Goodell has a history of selectively stepping in and not stepping in at all when it's convenient for him and his buddies. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  12. Borrego was what he was. We saw his ceiling as a coach, and it wasn't pretty. We need a new coach and although this is embarrassing, it probably is for the best because Atkinson is a bum and D'Antoni and Snyder are better options.
  13. D'Antoni, Mark Jackson, or Snyder, and I'm more excited than I ever was for this clown. D'Antoni was my favorite from the beginning, but I would love Jackson or Snyder as well. I'm guessing Jackson isn't an option though bc we never interviewed him in the first place. Might be an MJ thing. Never trusted him to begin with, because although he overachiever witht he pre-KD/Kyrie Nets, he flaked out on them too. People now play revisionist history and say he left because they essentially forced him out, but I remember the initial word was that he just resigned on his own, and it was pretty much out of nowhere, just like this was. Oh well, hope he enjoys being a end-of-bench cuck for the rest of his coaching career. It's certainly embarrassing and leaves a bit of a stench on the org, and makes zero sense why you would accept in the first place, but like I said, he had an established history of being a flake, which is why I was lukewarm on him in the first place. We're better off for it... hire one of the guys I listed, and we're projecting a lot higher than we ever would have with this clown.
  14. While acclimating to the pros, Corral has shadowed Darnold's behaviors. "(I'm) just picking up on his habits," Corral said. NO PLEASE! DON'T!!!! DON'T DO IT, MATT!!!
  15. I hate them with a passion, but that is clean.
  16. Jimmy is solid, but is very much in the mold of a game manager (I kind of hedge towards Baker being that as well), and considering Baker had a severe injury he was playing through all of last season, it's kind of hard to glean much, if anything, from his performances as a result. Also, for that same reason, I don't know how much we can translate from last season to the upcoming season for Jimmy with him coming off of a pretty scary surgery himself. Regardless, if the price is right, I'm taking either over Sam.
  17. Not even checking the link or anything, just came to post that I'm just tired of our media and staff. I honestly don't care what they say anymore. Show me. Period. Every week it seems we have some new little tidbit to keep us engaged, but I just don't care. I'm burned out on this staff and PR department. Show us. Straight up. Stop talking and start doing. And I like Snow, but man, I've had it with the fluff and meaningless breadcrumbs they try to push as news to obfuscate the fact that we're in the midst of our worst stretch in franchise history under what appears to be dysfunctional and unlikeable (currently, all things considered) ownership that we were forced into by the NFL's meddling and manipulation. I'm just over it.
  18. There was a story from last season where someone within the organization had even said he was the best safety we had or the most talented, but they chalked it up to just needing the opportunity or something like that... which I took as, "he's not one of Rhule's guys, and now we have to play him and it's making us look bad for not playing him earlier." No question he's always made plays when he's on the field, and should've been on playing in front of Rhule's Temple and Baylor guys.
  19. Yall can say what you want with the revisionist history and saying it changed when his mother passed... it didn't. It just gave him an excuse to be more of who he already was. KB is a piece of poo. I never wanted him and knew he was going to be exactly what he became - a fat fuging bum. The signs were all there at FSU, but Gettleman wanted to show everybody how much smahtah he was then everyone else. The character issues, as well as the inability to control his weight, giving up on plays/routes, laziness, lack of work ethic - all of that poo was there before we drafted him. It's the same reason I was adamant I didn't want Funchess when those rumors started... and guess what? Both of them ended up washing out in similar fashion. And I'm not going to give KB a pass for anything. Life happens, he was just too immature to cope with it in a healthy manner, and because of his fat lazy ass, we lost our generational talent at QB and took what could've been a 15 year Superbowl window to about a 6 year run, all in 1 play. fug KB. And fug Gettleman.
  20. NGL, I was surprised by that aspect because when you saw him command the huddle and pregame speeches in NO, he had tons of charisma and a surprising amount of bravado. I know that doesn't translate necessarily, but he was so flat on TV, it was a huge contrast. It's definitely a different world, which is why they shouldn't be handing these jobs out without a proven amount of time and experience in doing it. Greg had been doing the spots for NFLN and Fox before he was even retired and even the longtime TV guys were going on about how good he is, and yet, Mr. Toupee here and Brady are raking in huge deals and displacing guys despite having no experience with it. Imagine how Rodney Harrison (F him, by the way) feels. He got ousted out of the studio for THAT, and now they fire him after one year.
  21. Sure, but as I mentioned, he put up numbers that had him in the bottom three all-time passers that ever attempted a specific number of throws since stats have been tracked over several weeks. So, he could look better than he did, but that better is probably how he looked with the Jets, which still isn't good...
  22. Again, not saying Cam is what he was, because as a passer, he clearly isn't, but it was clear the entire offense was dysfunctional to a degree I have never recalled seeing in an offense before... From the playcalling to the protection, anyone who lined up under center was going to look far worse than they actually are. All things considered, Cam did an admirable job with what he was working with (or against). Where he looked average to good outside of the Miami game, Darnold was putting up "all-time worst passer in NFL history"-level numbers over a 3 week stretch in the same conditions. I'm convinced had Brady been playing in this offense and under that staff last season the headlines would be "He needs to retire before he tarnishes his legacy." It was that bad.
  23. Tepper and losing have sucked the life and energy out of the team and fanbase.
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