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  1. And I'll be the first to admit that, and have stated the exact same thing repeatedly, irrespective of Burns. But, you still don't cut your nose off to spite your face. Yes, we need a QB, buy the goal is to hold on to as many of the young core players we have and find the QB in the process. And again, with the atronomical bust rate, especially for QBs specifically, it really doesn't matter if you stockpile 20 picks and use every one of them on a QB. Because if you take 1 in the first and they suck, you likely just cost the HC and GM their job anyway and the next regime has to come in and give it a swing, which likely sets you back another 3 years, regardless of the number of picks you have. The key is hitting on one, and you don't have to have a million picks for that.
  2. Still think Darnold is a dookie QB, but that wad a beautiful throw to DJ. Also, fug you Pat Surtain. That poo doesn't happen to Jaycee Horn.
  3. Nothing speaks to the state of this organization more than that. *Injured player* Scoreboard guy: You know what? Cue up the wave! That really gets these folks going! *Injured player still writhing in pain on the ground as cheers and laughs abound
  4. Lol and I am really enjoying seeing Wilson without the horseshoe implanted up his ass that he had all those years in Seattle.
  5. I always ask people, aside from cap implications, name a time these trades works out... QBs, tackles, and pass rushers are the 3 most valuable positions in football, with WRs now pushing for one of those most valuable spots... but as it stands, that's the way it is and has been. And yet, people want to trade away the best one we've had since Pep? How did trading away Mack work out for the Raiders utilizing the same cap-saving strategy? The bust rate on picks is astronomically high, so why trade away a proven asset?
  6. Are my ears deceiving me, or is that our "home" crowd cheering Foreman being injured? Classy Broncos fans I tell ya. I seriously hope their franchise sucks until this world ceases to exist. I despise them, their team, their counterfeit superbowl win and forever will.
  7. I dont care how great of a "culture builder" you are at the college level, when you go up to the NFL and expose yourself as the buffoon that Rhule just did when it comes to actual coaching, it hurt your reputation, PERIOD. His stint here and getting exposed to the degree he did also brought more attention back to what exactly he has accomplished and where, and shining that light brighter on those situations has made them seem not quite as impressive as they once were.
  8. Well, he ain't lyin. I love DJ, but he just iisn'tfocused this year. The QB iissuesarent an excuse because he has quietly been one of the best WRs in the league since he was drafted and we haven't had a real, consistent, serviceable QB since Cam's arm fell off. Yet, DJ still balled out every year. Just watching him this season, the first thing that's evident is we seem to be struggling to get him open schematically compared to years past. He has the same ability and tools, yet, he is rarely ever running open this season, even with a better OL giving the QBs more time. Secondly, PJ is the only QB who has seemed to be able to hot DJ for the big plays we're accustomed to with DJ - like the deep crossers, posts, etc. Baker can't do poo for DJ, so that doesn't help whenever he plays. But outside of that, just look at DJ's body language. It has never been like this. I don't hardly ever recall him throwing his hands up in frustration in previous seasons, walking around with his head down, etc. This is all stuff that just seemed to pop up this season. I've rode for DJ every year when people have criticized him and proposed trade ideas for him, etc. And I still believe in him, but again, something is off with him with year. He is just not engaged, he is more negatively expressive than he's ever been, and he just doesn't seem focused.
  9. This. I held onto hope with Wilks ascension and PJ starting, but losing 2 out of the last 3 sealed any hope I had of turning it around this year. Now it's just about seeing the development of young guys in the process of the tank... I do not intend on watching another game Baker plays. PJ makes us competitive and exciting, good or bad... Baker is just fuging horrendous and miserable to watch.
  10. You can't make this poo up. How tf did all those coaches in Cleveland hide this poo? Man, this dude isn't just bad, he is fuging atrocious. And yes, a spotlight thread on his sucktitude is necessary after that performance. We got rid of Rhule, you got another chance, you have one of the best OLs in all of football and you still played like the worst starting QB in the NFL, and not by a little bit. Please get him tf out of here ASAP.
  11. Adn the Baker PDs rear their ugly head as the perfect cherry on top. fuging bum. Take that rah rah poo back to Oklahoma you fuging bum.
  12. I really can't fuging stand Boger almost as much as Baker. What a fuging tool.
  13. I would've put money on it. Baker is hovering near out-of-the-league territory right about now.
  14. Agreed. PJ isn't scared to make the plays and trusts his ability to do so, and sometimes that results in huge fuging plays, and sometimes he forces something that isn't there and it could be really detrimental, but he still gives us a chance. Baker gives us no fuging chance whatsoever, and it's so fuging miserable to watch. Those coaches in Cleveland don't get enough fuging credit, because they did a hell of a job hiding how bad this motherfuger was for a long time lol.
  15. I talked poo about Teddy when he was here as being the most frustrating QB to watch that we've ever had because he was so risk-averse, but I amend that... Baker is fuging miserable to watch. His is even worse because it's not that he doesn't want to take chances, it's that he fuging can't because he is a happy footed pussy that runs himself into pressure instead of managing the pocket. And he is possibly the most inaccurate QB i ever recall watching on wide open passes. He is fuging horrible.
  16. Ahh yes, back in the good old days...
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