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  1. I already think Scoot is the better prospect at 2 but this reason also factors into why I want Scoot more.
  2. You dont really need to designate one a point guard and one the shooting guard, just run 2 guards that can handle the ball and adapt based on how people play us. Have Scoot guard the more dangerous guard on the other team. I think Melo will greatly benefit having a guy next to him that can handle and drive as well as Scoot does.
  3. Millers inside and mid range game is sub par for a guy that shoots as well as he does from 3, Scoot struggles from long range but his inside and mid-range is far superior to Miller I don't understand how this translates to Miller being a more advanced scorer.
  4. I think if Jan didnt pick up that yellow as early as he did he probably wouldn't have come in, but the game was getting pretty chippy at that point and we're not in a position to lose more defenders to a potential red card.
  5. Looks like it was pretty easy for Trey Lance
  6. We don't, just like we don't know he would have been there later All it take is 1 team to like him as much as we apparently did.
  7. Normally Id be worried about taking people that need to be coached up, but considering the staff Reich has built I trust them to coach up anyone that needs it. People always looking to call someone a reach or a steal
  8. Another DJ to replace our DJ lol
  9. ? Keyshawn definitely spent a good 2-3 minutes talking about what he brings to the table
  10. Like if you think you're a better player go out and prove it during camp lol, dont post poo on instagram
  11. Seeing his response and seeing how Matt Corral responded to Bryce being drafted explains why one fell to the 3rd round and one went #1 overall
  12. Can we not start this Chase Young trade bullshit that you did with Hopkins all offseason long. They're not trading him, especially for a god damn 3rd or 4th round pick.
  13. I hope they're atleast considering it for Nolan Smith, not sure how far theyre willing to move up though
  14. Washington isnt trading Chase Young lol They're making him prove hes not a bust before they give him a big contract, but if he plays well they'll pay up for him.
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