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  1. Didnt they also miss like a blatant PI on him right before the one they did call lol He was holding the receiver all the way down the field.
  2. I mean he's personally debunked this so many times its not even funny.
  3. Could have easily put up 37 on this team if the offense executes what he calls. I have no issue with his playcalling
  4. Sounds like a great way to get your QB murdered
  5. I don't mind a field goal/xp miss every now and then Not getting the ball past the 10 yard line on kick offs is a much bigger issue
  6. And Bradberry just had possibly a game winning pick lol
  7. What happened to Quinnen Williams dominating our interior O-Line like everyone said would happen
  8. Another day another Doom post on the huddle
  9. Or you can post the stats of when Jaycee was actually lined up against Elijah and not be a box score Andy
  10. There's been a lot of dumb takes this preseason This one might be the worst
  11. Im clutching my pearls so hard right now
  12. Love it, now lock up Bridges and we're off to the races.
  13. I never thought I would see worse hands on a big than Kwame Brown
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