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  1. There were multiple teams interested, but hes RFA and we were likely going to match any non ridiculous offer.
  2. Every GM says that about every draft pick they make lol You dont draft someone then say "Yeah im not too high on this guy going forward"
  3. I love hearing Duce and Bell go at each other every time they get a chance
  4. Team actually plays defense under Clifford though
  5. A less talented version of this team won 43 games and was in 4th place before injuries derailed the season.
  6. Glad to see you're back to making terrible threads
  7. He got bullied under the rim by Brandon Miller who people on here say is too small right now lmao He looked like a 12 year old boy standing next to Nnaji, who by the way is no way in hell this dude is 18
  8. He's not even better than a Plumlee and yall wanted him booted out of the city
  9. Winning will bring it back to life, nothing else This is a bandwagon city fans will show up if the team is winning, they wont if they arent.
  10. He's a 3 point shooter that cant shoot 3s, too small to play inside on offense, has zero effort on court when it comes to defense and is rumored to basically not listen to his coaches. How about we don't
  11. Miller is a better passer, is more athletic and has better defensive intensity than I saw any media coverage bring up of him.
  12. We had a winning record in his 2nd year as the best player on the team ???? What are you even talking about.
  13. Firing another coach after 1 year definitely isnt the call. We already have a hard enough time finding someone to coach this team, maybe we shouldnt fire every single coach after a bad season that was mostly out of his control.
  14. Hopefully we have someone that can be a decent facilitator for the offense this year or its just gonna be another summer league full of Bouknight ISO ball
  15. This is the super max, if he makes the All NBA team next year its a supermax, if not its just a regular max contract for around $200M
  16. yeah I think this is incase someone comes in and snipes PJ away with a crazy offer, which I dont think will happen but its nice that they have a backup plan in case lol
  17. This is a max contract, it has nothing to do with the Hornets
  18. We can win 45 games this year if the Roster buys into defense the way they finished last season.
  19. Loved Robinson telling Evero that there's not 144 players better than him, that type of confidence is needed in our secondary.
  20. The cops have dash cam footage of him in his car on his way before the call about the gun is even made.
  21. We won 43 games with a worse version of this roster before last season. Mark Williams instantly makes this roster better than the 21-22 version of it
  22. The victim complex fans of teams in this area have is just absolutely insane.
  23. I have no issue with Berhalter and I hope he gets the time to finish building what he started.
  24. I already think Scoot is the better prospect at 2 but this reason also factors into why I want Scoot more.
  25. You dont really need to designate one a point guard and one the shooting guard, just run 2 guards that can handle the ball and adapt based on how people play us. Have Scoot guard the more dangerous guard on the other team. I think Melo will greatly benefit having a guy next to him that can handle and drive as well as Scoot does.
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