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  1. Another terrible post from the worst poster on this sub section Keep this stupid poo in the Panthers section with the rest of the mouth breathers
  2. Is Nuno Santos the midfielder we've been rumored to be signing?
  3. Or we could have let Clifford draft Mitchell instead of Monk like he wanted to lol
  4. Is the game blacked out or is it just delayed? ESPN+ says blacked out in my area, youtubetv is showing some tiktok show
  5. If he finishes with like 10+ goals I feel like this team would be bottom of the table without Corujo
  6. The Panther fans dont follow the team they just post here to poo on Tepper
  7. Ayton is probably headed to the Nets in a KD trade if Phoenix wants him. Not sure if the Nets would max him
  8. Pretty sure Harrell aint coming back even if we had no bigs
  9. It doesn't matter if we offer him the Max initially, we can match any offer he gets, he can't just leave because he didn't like our first offer lmao
  10. Found it interesting that Eric mentioned during the broadcast that he refused to travel with the team on this trip.
  11. Was switching between this game and the USWNT but they did better than I expected all things considering.
  12. Better now than a home game we can probably win lol
  13. I have no doubt in my mind Swiderski would have banged in atleast 2 of those shots Rios took. I really want to see how this team plays on the road if the tension between players and MAR was as bad as Fuchs made it sound. Proud of the boys though for clearly outplaying a pretty damn good NY team after the last week of bullshit.
  14. Maybe our team should be accustomed to doing more than shooting 50 3s a game and praying we shoot 50+% to win, like play some defense. Its exciting when you win. How exciting is losing by 30+ in play-in games with that style of play.
  15. I liked MAR but this is now the 2nd time he’s been fired by a club after 4 months. Im going to wait to see how the team responds before I form an opinion on this.
  16. Its not the 1960's anymore old man Its a game, not a war "Archenemy" lmao
  17. I think he read your post before this game lol
  18. I think D'Antoni is waiting for this Philly job to open up
  19. If the reports about the 49ers not being impressed with Trey Lances development so far I wouldn't be surprised to see them keep Jimmy for another year.
  20. You just love when a trade pays off immediately
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