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  1. I was shocked how slow a 40 he ran.
  2. Would not mind going O-Line back to back, in the first two rounds.
  3. Wonder if we try to trade back? I would unless we have Slater equal to Sewell which is possible.
  4. Hopefully Verge says differently, but I just don't think we have much of a shot here at Sewell. I just can't see 7 teams passing on this guy. How often do you see this talented and NFL ready LT's? I will be ecstatic if we some how land Sewell.
  5. If we land a 4th I will be so hype! Like others have said, would think we could get that if multiple teams are bidding. Sounds like this will go down before the draft?
  6. Are we getting a comp pick for Samuel? Seems like we are waiting until after the draft.
  7. What kills me is I still don't know the direction we are going here. I could easily still see us going QB in the draft, BA, anything. Who knows. I won't be shocked by anything at this point.
  8. I mean I hope they are better than Sean McVay!!!
  9. I don't mind Sam Darnold and I like him way more than Teddy, but I can't think this is the only future plan for the Panthers. I think it was a desperate move to make sure we are stable at QB, but I would still think we would consider adding a QB in the next 2 years through the draft or Watson.
  10. But still how far will that get you with Sam Darnold? Ask the Rams
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