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  1. Yea I definitely agree with you there. Unless a good fit at safety becomes available I don't want to make any moves. I am also pretty high on Sam Franklin, just see him more of a SS, but maybe that's why we are going to allow Chinn to play deep.
  2. Got a feeling Fitterer's boy Quandre Diggs (FS) from Seattle may get released. He wants a new contract and they are already about to make Adams the highest paid safety in the league... Just a possibility.
  3. Then don't do it. Also, I doubt a safety that gets cut is going to get a ton of money on a 1 year deal.
  4. Agreed, but what if a FS that we liked became available? Wouldn't we just cut Burris and the money would offset?
  5. Agreed. Wouldn't mind if one came available though, but that's the only position I would add if the right one came available.
  6. I'll never forget chilling with Joe Charlton in my apartment here in South End, 2 months before the draft and before Horn really got everyones attention.... He told my friends and I that Horn was "BY FAR the best corner in the draft." At the time I was thinking it was Surtain, but he told me Horn was 10xs better and the best athlete he had ever seen...
  7. Not really. He hasn't been healthy since he's gotten to the league. If he can stay healthy though he is a beast. Right now I have heard Sam Franklin took all the first team reps at mini camp. He shows a lot of potential. Still wouldn't mind adding more of a ballhawk though.
  8. Anyone hear of any other safety's that could get cut???
  9. I would sign a Safety after cuts or Hooker if he becomes cheaper, but other than that I am saving all of the money.
  10. Jabrill Peppers, Quandre Diggs, Landon Collins are a few star studded names that could possibly get cut at Safety. Would love any of them if they do.
  11. Honestly more than anything updates on who is taking first team reps on offense and defense would be the best!
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