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  1. Fine. He wants a lot of money.. Was hoping the close to home meant cheap deal. Def don't want to pay him too much.
  2. Isn't our Ian Thomas contract really easy to cut next year and we save most the money?
  3. Actually interested in this. Would love a reasonable 3 year Deal and then sign Burns to the big one. Derrick Brown has awhile until he resigns and we have drafted well in secondary. Any actual rumblings of this? How did the rumor start? Tweet at him to bring him home. We need a run stopping edge. Its perfect.
  4. Add Chad Muma to the list. Anyone got a total number of visitors and their names so far?
  5. He works out with AJ Terrell and looks much better than him FYI
  6. Thats not a smart reason to just trade back....
  7. Yes they are trying to trade back. Highly doubt team trading up is for a QB.
  8. Anyone know our projected comp picks for 2023 after this free agency period? (Count Gilmore as gone.)
  9. Thank you, for coming back Mr. Scot. Much appreciated
  10. Is anyone else confused why our owner and his freaking trophy wife he's making out to be an executive, being the only owner in the meeting with Watson......
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