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  1. We have the rams pick in the the 4th so really a 5th round pick
  2. How are you going to allow a lame duck coach to select your next QB..... This has DISASTER written all over it.
  3. And this man Rhule thought Pat Eflein, Cam Erving and Sam Darnold could beat teams like this.....
  4. I guess I am in the minority here, but I am re-signing Jackson and letting the 32 year old, much more expensive, luxury in Gilmore walk. I think Jackson still has a lot of potential and really took over a leadership role during training camp. A good coaching staff could get a lot out of him and he is still super young. Next, why in the world would Gilmore want to stay here and take a pay cut? Also, should allow you to re-sign Reddick.
  5. I have no words to even say with regards to the hire. My main question is how in the he** are we going to sign free agents? Players HATE Ben McAdoo. I mean look at Tre Boston's twitter, it is known throughout the league. He used to throw his players under the bus, and I have heard far worse things about him from my Giants friend who is currently laughing at me.....Between players already not buying into Rhule and hating McAdoo, what free agents will sign here????
  6. I don't think we will be able to get much for Bouye.... What do you guys realistically think we could get in return for Bouye in terms of draft picks? I feel like a third is way too rich for him, but if someones willing to do that, do it immediately.
  7. Give Rhule a 4th chance....... what's the definition of insanity Tepper?
  8. Im not a fan of Pep, but I would rather him be our head coach than Rhule.
  9. You don't think that's an embarrassment to our franchise that the QB coach of the Texans declined to even interview for a promotion because of how bad our coach is?
  10. Yes. And we are the crazy ones for thinking this won't work....
  11. Mr. Scott, I appreciate your post; however, you are killing me my man. It's a damn shame that Rhule is still here. You posting these profiles gets me so excited just to remember Matt Rhule is still here and interviewing Ben freaking MaCadoOdOddooo and he his the Vegas favorite for the job atm. I guess this is perfectly fine. We are the ones that are crazy. Why hire Hackett when you can have Rhule and MaCadoOdOddooo dialing it up? What a joke we have become.
  12. Do you guys think Tepper hears this at all? Serious question. This has to make him re-think himself right? I mean that's an outright embarrassment. An average QB coach won't even interview for a possible promotion..... Either way you would think he would interview for the experience if Rhule was worth a damn. Nothing is promised in the NFL. Pep knows that. Just because they said he will stay on doesn't mean he will be promoted to OC necessarily. You never know. The fact that a QB coach from the Texans (we thought was a bigger dumpster fire than us) doesn't even want to acknowledge our coach and owner is an EMBARASSMENT. You should be ASHAMED TEPPER if you keep this Rhule snake.
  13. This is F****** hilarious. FIRE THIS MAN TEPPER MY FREAKING GOSH
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