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  1. Apparently, I have heard Rhule has been holding it up with the Patriots, Packers, and Ravens all interested.
  2. Derrick Brown is a beast. Don't understand his hate on here. Dude is a star in the making.
  3. You cant watch games like last night and think you are going to compete with Matt Rhule and Baker Mayfield. I mean what makes our owner and managers believe those are good moves. Clearly the goal is to be average at best like I have been saying. Theres a low level ceiling with both Rhule and Baker. Beating someone like this Giants team w Daniel Jones and half their players being out is not impressive to me.
  4. If we lose to Daniel Jones and the Giants w/o KT, Ojulari and Robinson..... Rhule would need to be fired before leaving the locker room. Im still laughing that the team that gave up on Baker and started a back up QB whipped his behind. Baker and Rhule are an embarrassment.
  5. Rhule's dream. Erving and Elflein as starters....
  6. I remember when people told me the Browns Oline with Baker was bad and just holding Baker back....
  7. Teller is arguably the best guard in the league. Right up there w Martin and Nelson. Baker had the greatest line of all time up there and we somehow think he will be better here.
  8. Brown is not bad at all. This is your coaches scheme and having a bunch of hybrid DTs that cant take on the run next to him. Brown is a one man crew with stopping the run. I feel bad for him. He is our highest graded defender on the team. Need to sign a big time DT next year in free agency that can stop the run and Brown will be a beast.
  9. So far, but will 100% change..... My interviews would be: Ken Dorsey Wes Phillips Mike Kafka Luke Getsky Brian Callahan Jonathan Gannon
  10. Positives.... two of their best lineman didn't play, Williams was out and Watson didn't play or we lose by 50.
  11. We have a very easy schedule according to tankathon, which means if we are tied w teams we likely draft before them which is much needed.
  12. And you think Baker is a franchise QB that can take us to a championship.
  13. Um Mitch, Burrow, cousins and Rodgers are all much better than Mayfield... And Brisset out played him today w two of his lineman and a starting CB out...
  14. Better PFF and QBR. Browns also had 2 lineman out and Greedy Williams and aren't good in the first place and we were at home.
  15. LOL to anyone who think Bakers a franchise guy. As I told you guys.... he had the best roster in the NFL his one good year in 2020 and only won one playoff game because the Steelers had 7 players out and Mason Rudolph at QB and he barely won. The Browns knew he was ass and was the weak link and wanted him out so bad they gave a sexual predator the largest contract in history guaranteed. Dude sucks. Slightly and I mean slightly better than Darnold and got out played by Brisset. Imagine thinking he could carry a team to a Super Bowl. Oh and you want him back next year on a franchise tag at 30 mill and not sign Chinn/Burns. Been telling yall this all offseason. Oh and Rhule sucks.
  16. Baker sucks and got outplayed by Jacoby Brisset. You are right you are worse than a clown you are an idiot.
  17. Baker is soooo bad lol. Not a top 32 or starter in this league.... You're an idiot.
  18. Im going to be right again and you will give me more excuses. Go look at my post compared to you clown. Delete your account. Baker sucks and Rhule sucks.
  19. He got outplayed by freaking Jacoby Brisset. Wait till we play real teams....
  20. Brisset>Baker you're a fool if you think Baker is a starter in the NFL.... Let alone good? We have some dumb fans and I'm tired of it. Bet you're the type of guy to want Daniel Jones and Rhule to stick around next year. #IDIOT
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