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  1. Yalls boy Ellis Williams said Derrick Brown for PFF breakout players.... Said he has been dominate, but then he is going up against Elflein in practice who shouldn't be on an NFL roster.
  2. Rhule: "Don't call your agent about playing time because I am going with my temple/baylor guys and guys I signed to prove a point no matter how much better you are than them" SMH
  3. Bugs, does spotrac already account for our money we are going to turnover for this year for 2023 currently on their website? I don't think its counting roll over... at least I hope.
  4. Thank goodness Saunders got hurt because Rhule's dumbass was going to keep him over Smith when they aren't even comparable...
  5. Deonte Brown played extremely well also; however, Rhule is going to cut him for Jordan, Eflein, etc b/c he's slightly over Rhule's weight capacity.... so annoying Rhule's ticky tack ish
  6. Brandon Smith and Amare Barno.... My two favorite picks!
  7. Pat Elflein will single handily get Baker killed out there.... He almost did already.
  8. Pat Elflein will single handily get Baker killed out there.... He almost did already.
  9. Jason Kelce....I mean Pat the stud Elflein and Michael Jordan baby and both looked atrocious immediately....
  10. Man Mr.Completely11 I swear you are my burner account because I agree w everything you say...
  11. @bruceleeroy literally said he's as good as Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes lol.
  12. I just ended this mans career on huddle in two seconds HAHAHAHAHHA
  13. And Baker will win just enough games so we cant draft a franchise guy next year, but won't win us shittt... I hate this franchise man.
  14. Very concerned w Corral. Just sucks because none of these 4 guys look anything close to franchise guys. Was hoping Corral would show us something, we have already seen the other 3 at their best and know what they are already.
  15. Agreed. I don't mind if people like Baker and are pulling for him, but calling him "top 10" is wild. I wouldn't say he is top 32, but I realize some don't agree w that.
  16. Bro everyone thinks you are a dumbass not just me... You keep thinking a guy who has led the league in picks 3 years in a row, was called immature by teammates and coaches, had the best roster in the league, was pushed out by an organization that gave 200 mill guaranteed to a sex offender just to have to pay to get rid of the dude is a "top 10 QB." Absolute clown. Please delete your account.
  17. You may be the stupidest person I have ever seen on here. Actually, you are....
  18. So we drafting a QB top 10 this year???? Was hoping we wouldn't have to with Corral, but we know what Baker and Sam are already and will likely be picking top 7 again.
  19. Because you aren't smart enough think that far and cant answer my questions.... Why did a "top 10" QB have zero teams interested in him, hold the most talented roster back and have to have his own team pay to get rid of him?
  20. Lol what a joke... Clevland signed a sexual predator and had to pay to get rid of the dude because he held that insanely talented roster back.... and what you paying him.... we have no money next year.
  21. So you paying him next year when we have the 31st worst cap position in the league? You'd have to cut several players just to sign a QB that maybe gets us 5-6 wins this year.
  22. Matt Rhule seems to have gotten worse this year somehow....
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