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  1. We won't be anywhere near him though Mr. S.
  2. Top 5 LT's that will go round 1 so far in the process verge?
  3. Why did he get cut from the Lions? Thought he was supposed to start and they lost Okudah.....
  4. how is it marshaun lattimore still allowed to play and not be suspended
  5. I know it wasn't a great day for Miami; however, how do you think Zion Nelson looked? You think he is a for sure first round guy?
  6. I would try to trade Ian Thomas. Heck he is better than Herndon and the Vikings traded for that guy. Got to think we could get a 6th.
  7. And we think Eflein is plug and play.....LOL both aren't good, but Eflein is worse.
  8. I got to think we sign a stud guard/center and release Elflein as well.
  9. Isn't the cap next year supposed to skyrocket like never before???
  10. He also heavily recruited Hartsfield and DJ Moore who went elsewhere.
  11. Why don't we put money to a starting Olineman instead of signing guys like Perryman, Moore, Eflein, etc.... It doesn't make sense.
  12. Ohh yes. Its kinda starting to get on my nerves. Not gonna lie.
  13. Does anyone know our Cap Space as of tonight??? Spotrac and OverTheCap seem to be very different. Thank you!
  14. I have this same question: I know Micah Kiser and Jahlani Tavai are two solid back up options to Carter/Thompson. Anyone else you notice that got released?
  15. You aren't getting a LT off cuts/waivers would have to trade a high pick.
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