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  1. So how does a "bot" know it's unbanned? I always assumed it was Zod.
  2. It started on streaming platforms lol. On purpose.
  3. I like it. Kickoffs will actually be exciting again ... which they haven't for years and years.
  4. I look forward to the pitchforks as soon as Canales has a few bad games lol. And he will as long as Bryce is our QB.
  5. Duke dude out there looking like Oakland dude.
  6. Again, if it happens, boast. Until then, you're incorrect. Disney will not let one of their children die.
  7. lol That's what I wanted to say but accidently typed Duke vs Duquesne (doo-cain).
  8. Time for Duke versus the Dukes.
  9. Well you be sure to come back and tell me you told me so once it crumbles lol.
  10. Let's see if Linville complains that with 17.3 left to go in the game, Marquette and Colorado have only gone to the line 12 times combined.
  11. It will simply adapt. ESPN isn't going anywhere. I mean, they have the CFP until 2031.
  12. My impression of how that Oakland guy shoots threes ...
  13. TIL Oakland is in Michigan. Sort of a let down.
  14. Hopefully he has a cool nickname. The AND1 guy was named Escalade I think.
  15. That wide body guy on NCSU makes me laugh when he passes. Dude WHIPS the ball. It's like a Cam pass ripping the skin on the hands of the guy who gets it.
  16. Whichever team wins will be the story of the Sweet 16 going forward. Super Cindrella or the Road Warriors.
  17. Dude. Unless he's built like LeBron on Giannis it doesn't matter. Those "kids" out there are at their peak. This isn't the 50s where college kids were indeed kids.
  18. Oopsies, SEC. Auburn and Florida go down within a span of five minutes of one another.
  19. Re-read what I said. You want just his name.
  20. You and your desire to have "stars" on the team. You care more about name and status than anything else.
  21. He tried 20 threes? Who does he think he is, Steph?
  22. NFL about to turn into NBA. All offense no defense. Pure garbage.
  23. They read your post and auto-corrected.
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