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  1. Did FSU play all Seniors in the 1st quarter or something???
  2. Old take. We've been off him for weeks.
  3. No one is getting fired during the season.
  4. I disagree. Eventually the magic of his smooth talking will wear off. Kids will realize that they want to play for a winning program, not a cool coach. 4 wins (they aren't winning next week) is not that much of a jump. He's nothing but a carny.
  5. So what team will Deion coach next? Lying to Buffs parents that he's there to stay lol.
  6. 60% Cowboys fans. It's going to be loud. And funny. Too bad I have to stream it.
  7. I mean, Harbaugh accepted his ban and the investigation is over. Michigan is going to escape this.
  8. They showed the footage of him in the brace getting off the bus.
  9. I don't see why they can't hire some nerd to fix the schedule so that when Byes start, you only play a Thursday game after your Bye week. So no one gets the short week. Surely a nerd could figure that math out.
  10. I'm playing a guy with Chase. Give me zero lol.
  11. No OC can fix Bryce, our avg WRs, and our O-Line. Just go down with the ship, gents.
  12. No team is going to give us two firsts for Burns. It's over. Either panic and tag him for one more season, or just let him walk. We can EASILY patch together FAs and draft picks that can give us they same stat line Burns has given us this year. And they'll cost less.
  13. While I disagree Bama wasn't a top program that year, you're arguing against yourself with the rest. Young Defenders in this thread are saying Bryce CARRIED Bama (meaning the rest of the team wasn't elite) and that he needs help here. LOL. No. We're all trying to tell the Young Defenders that Bryce needs to carry THIS team in the tiniest way to show us something. Anything. He's yet to do it.
  14. He may very well need a season or two after this one to gel. But this is the NFL. Do they usually get that? Sometimes ... if they show they are getting better. Bryce is going to HAVE to make some plays with the garbage team he has. He's going to HAVE to drive the team downfield a lot. He's going to HAVE to show a spark. He does that, we can go ... ok, he might come around. Right now he's slightly better than Clausen. Who also was good in college btw.
  15. Read my post above. We give him an elite O-Line and stud WRs and his numbers improve. Is the improvement because Bryce is legit? Or because he has stars around him like he did in Bama? You judge a QB by being a success when times are hard. Remember how Cam was praised for carrying the entire team on his back? He alone won us games. Young has yet to do it. And you don't become a football coach by sheer luck (unless you have a nickname like Prime or your daddy coached). You have to know more than us guys on a message board ... so don't blame the plays. Yes, there are good and bad coaches, and yes having an elite team and QB can make a coach elite (hi, Bellichick) ... but just as you want people to not just automatically rag on Bryce, you can't just say our coaches have no clue what they're doing. They do but they're working with table scraps.
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