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  1. I think I'm just misunderstood. I'd never mention him again as soon as the stans do. I bring him up to start the conversation to get us ALL to let go. 9 times out of 10 if I mention him, someone else did first or spoke about him in a second hand way. The day his name is only spoken on here once a year or so will be a great day.
  2. I mean ... it's ok not to have "drip". It's okay to make fun of how corny white he is. He's a nerd. Let the good-spirited memes flow!
  3. Maybe if he dabbed, did the airplane, the superman chest, and wore outrageous styles people would be excited about our QB again? Guys, we're 2-0, have good QB play again, but once again our QB has haters.
  4. I was there. It was a FUN time. Was on camera all night ... sorry, lol. Luckily my mug was often behind some dude's sign. The crowd was lit, but I thought it would be louder. Maybe Ashe doesn't have the best acoustics. I mean, it's made for tennis. But there were def times when I couldn't hear the person next to me. We got to see a few matches for Dark/Elevation before Dynamite. Nothing of note really. TK came out and spoke to the crowd a lot. He was so full of energy. Overall it was one amazing night. Dynamite Notes: - Crowd lost all of its energy during Omega/Danielson, lol. By Rampage we were dead. - Crowd booed Cody to DEATH and cheered Black. Not sure how that came out on TV. - Arn pushed Cody, starting that angle. Not sure that made it to TV. - Soho/Baker was split amongst the crowd. Nothing happened after it went off the air. - Darby was limping at the end of his match. Hopefully he's ok. - No shocking debuts, etc. Rampage? Well ... I won't spoil too much, but other than Omega/Danielson it was the BETTER show! There WAS a debut! Sort of. - Punk/Hobbs ... all I'll say is PUNK WORE TRUNKS! - MoTY had some great new tights and a LOT of crazy stuff happened after the match. - Jungle Boy is SO OVER and had one of his best performances. - TK rapped back. - PnP ... The Warriors ... that's all I'll say. - Oh, and that match was NUTS. NUTS. - Main event was what you think it'll be. Not sure if the "debut" made the air or it was just for us.
  5. Any 80s era horror B movie is the only answer.
  6. Jesus ... we're 2-0 with a QB who can actually play well and you lot are hiding like a bunch of girls scared to be happy and have fun.
  7. Do you ask the stans the same question when they bring him up for no reason?
  8. I'm sure that one Cam stan will not give Darnold ANY credit and will give it to every other person on the team.
  9. DL Siale Suliafu #44 Missouri State 6'0" 295
  10. Luckily if you use half of your brain you realize that a room full of RS dorks and their editors compiled the list, made sure their favorites made it, "checked all the boxes", and waited for the clicks. THUS we can all ...
  11. No, correct. They just use it weird, so that being #1 in "points allowed" is actually a BAD thing.
  12. ESPN is correct. They just have the Defense numbers "reversed".
  13. Yeah, from what I've read, AEW is simply doing the NJPW model which means a lot of factions. If they wanted to make it mean something though, why not create a "faction title" or "belt" or "cup". That way factions could compete. Don't know the logitics, but it could be cool. So ... I'm pretty sure my seats are hard camera all night. I'm second row behind floor. Floor is usually just 2-3 rows which may be even less at Ashe. So I'll be on camera all night. I'll tell you dorks what wrestling shirt I'm in so you can laugh at me. BUT ... should I bring a small sign? Carolina Huddle 4 Life Zod Clickbaits Tommy Jone Still talkin' about Cam! Stay out of the Tinderbox But can he play LT? I'd rather be in China ... wait David Tepper just bought AEW KEEP POUNDING ... britt baker Miro vs. Google Jim Bob Cooter ... TAKE MY MONEY
  14. Fireman Ed didn't start as a screen prompt though did he? That's all you need. One dedicated super fan to turn around and get his section to start it. Just like the wave. Just need someone as loud, brash, and raged like Fireman Ed. Catman sure isn't the answer. So, which one of you knuckleheads is up to the challenge?
  15. Haven't read the thread but pretty sure Tepper has no idea who/what RR is nor does he care. Pretty sure if the animated Panther thing is season-long, it cost him a lot of money so if he has to replace the chant so be it. He's a billionaire from Pittsburgh. It will take him a decade to get into a Carolina state of mind.
  16. Welp. Looks like I'll be seeing a PPV quality Dynamite next week! Beyond psyched to get to see Danielson and Omega go at it. Wow wow wow. Sort of annoyed they're doing Rampage too. Show won't be over til like 12:30 and the crowd will be dead by then. But it's the only way to get to see Punk. Will def buy an event t-shirt! Then two days later it's GCW. I hope everyone throws trash at Cardona again. I so want to do that.
  17. Urban Meyer, no matter what he just said.
  18. Christ. More back and forth about racism ... I mean Cam. When will this board move on?
  19. So sad. Dude was SO smart at the game of comedy. The moth joke, the pig joke, and so many more. He was one of a kind.
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