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  1. Racist Cat Lady? Did I miss something in here one day?
  2. There's no such thing as a fight when you're in pads and a helmet lol. But I like when our boys show aggression!
  3. Holy christ. It was the first preseason game. Take a breath. Jesus, for some of you if Matt ain't the starter come September you're going to blow a gasket.
  4. It's your first season in a very difficult league. Is this for serious?
  5. Can a mod please edit the title of this thread to: EXCUSES 101
  6. Zach Wilson to get surgery. Might be back for the opener.
  7. Wait ... you're talking smack on drunk morons who think they're big stuff ... but if they put a finger in your face you'll act just as dumb?
  8. Who the hell gets in an altercation at a fan fest!?
  9. So in other words, here's a BUNCH of water, sir. Please don't sue us. And ... it ain't going to be better for a long, long time.
  10. Baker gets 1 series, maybe 2. Sam gets 2 series. Corral plays next up until the 4th Q. PJ plays the 4th Q.
  11. This. To get fired over a differing opinion is the nice way to cover for young Mills did something pretty bad.
  12. You ass! I was about to post this same sort of line, but right before I typed my lil kid said she needed to go potty. I come back and you stole it! Damn you, Ja!
  13. IB 200 rippadonn posts in this thread.
  14. Tepper is just salty he's not the richest NFL owner anymore ... and by a lot. He's taking his ball and going home and we all suffer.
  15. I want to know why Trevor Penning got in fights three days in a row. He was known to be wild, but surely he's not pissing off vets enough to where they react. And booted off the field? Kid must be nuts.
  16. Meanwhile in New Orleans lol ...
  17. 6 seems about right. Serve your time and let's all move on ... until the next player does something dumb and everyone has an opinion. I just want to watch football.
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