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  1. Not sure what the NFL is doing with this week-long Pro Bowl event ... but it's bad. Real bad.
  2. This site is so much better without GJBC and Philly. Two hotheads who just because they felt they had right on their side they could be absolutely horrible to other people. THAT said, if you want a good laugh, go read the critics reviews of this movie on RT.
  3. If any GM gives Geno that much money they should be fired on the spot.
  4. Because they want a lesser version of Cam. It makes no sense. They should want the best QB ... not some ex girlfriend.
  5. Thank you for making my point I made yesterday: People want Cam so bad they want to draft a worse version of him.
  6. Says the guy who can't let Cam Newton go lol. Wilks, Rhule, CMC, are all fair game for a wee bit longer.
  7. Young is a better QB ... but Stroud will have a better NFL career.
  8. 9 - C.J. Stroud QB OSU 39 - Kayshon Boutte WR LSU 85 - Eli Ricks CB Alabama 93 - Marvin Mims WR Oklahoma 114 - Adetomiwa Adebawore Edge Northwestern 125 - Ryan Hayes OT Michigan 132 - Cameron Latu TE Alabama 147 - Roschon Johnson RB Texas 158 - K.J. Henry Edge Clemson
  9. I mean ... do we not want to build a dynasty here? I said it in another thread, some of you want to relive the Cam Era so damn bad you're willing to draft a WORSE version of him? That makes zero sense. I know Cam brought joy to your lives, guys ... but come on. We need a GREAT QB ... not a discount version of:
  10. He's not good enough. Like CMC, he gets hurt from time to time. He wants too much money. His style of play is not what Reich wants I'd guess.
  11. You should start a petition to add SWAGGER measurment to the combine.
  12. He's tall, huge, a machine, and run run runs. That's about as Cam as you can get. But the difference is that Cam could pass. This kid can't. It will be a massive mistake to draft him in the 1st round.
  13. People want to relive the Cam Era sooooo bad they are willing to draft a guy who is nowhere NEAR the talent Cam was. It's crazy. Richardson may not even end up as good as PJ lol.
  14. Jalen Hurts says hi. Pretty sure he piloted a decent college team.
  15. As much as WhoaCamWhoa likes to point out the Huddle puts WAY too much stock on QB play, this one will be all about Hurts. He's young, and this will be his first time in THE big one. He has to be perfect. If they can contain him, and he passes poorly like last night ... KC will win. KC has been there done that. Reid and Mahomes are going to be very careful. Hurts is going to be running off emotion.
  16. If Brees could do it, Young can. Just a question of will he.
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