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  1. Because they're ranked 17th and are playing Pittsburgh? No one cares.
  2. The better question is, when does he become a better coach? The "fans" of Deion act like all he needs to do is recruit and the trophy is his lol. Excuse me, theirs.
  3. Go back to the TB, creep. Well after they get drubbed by USC next week ... DO NOT change your avatar. Keep it all season, fan.
  4. He's not getting fired after one season. Stop.
  5. I can't believe I'm about to root for my most hated college team for the past 13 years, Oregon, to bring Deion back down to earth lol.
  6. Are you a Bama homer? You only care about Bryce Young and not the team? Why are you even here?
  7. Aren't you the same guy yelling at people for doubting Young after "only two games"? And now you're just done?
  8. I still remember when some posters here were like, "no big loss" "he's always hurt" "he's not THAT good" when CMC got traded.
  9. 9ers Fans: Thank you, Panthers (clap clap clapclapclap)! Thank you, Panthers (clap clap clapclapclap)!
  10. I think the point is that DBs are pros too. You aren't guaranteed wide open WRs for your QB to hit all game long. Some guys on here are almost saying: Look ... if Cam, I mean Young, had a better O-Line, better WRs, better schemes, better coaching, and better blocking help from TEs and RBs ... he'd be ELITE. Yeah ... NO S&$T.
  11. "The coverage is tight ... he has to earn it." Announcer on Purdy just now. Interesting. The QB has to earn it. Not just have open WRs each pass.
  12. So what you're saying is ... if you have any Panthers WRs in Fantasy, start them this week? Kidding. Who the hell drafted a Panthers WR this season lol.
  13. Then for the sake of this forum not turning into TMZ ... can you please stop posting every tweet you see, Mr. Scot? Guys like you are part of the reason stories get out of control. Just relax, and wait for offical statements. It's funny too bc you're old. But you're out here spamming tweets like a teen. Twitter is NOT journalism. Even guys with the blue checkmark are mostly spitting opinion.
  14. Hey look, some 0-2 teams have a QB in the top right part of the graph.
  15. This. I noticed how calm he was at the line. I saw zero fire. Then I joked at how he left the field at the half. He sarted running, then stopped, and sort of zig zagged through the Saints all gingerly, even putting his arms by his side. Dude, that is YOUR field. You make THEM move.
  16. Just ignore CamWhoaaCam. He changes his avatar to whatever is "cool" in sports pop culture. I think he went from Cam, to Deshaun Watson, to Lamar Jackson, to CJ Stroud, to Bryce Young, and now it's Deion ... and has either liked posts about or posted himself about Shedeur Sanders. He also hypes Wilks for some reason. He's not a troll either ... just a stooge.
  17. Nah. Just roll with it. It was NEVER Cam's fault ... ever. No matter what. Now it will NEVER be Young's fault. But Teddy, Baker, Sam, etc. was ALL them lol, and it was ALL Rhule. Some posters just like their QB so much they can't ever admit he's not playing great right now. I'm giving Young the entire season ... but right now he looks like a mess ... meanwhile on the 0-2 Texans, CJ is showing promise.
  18. So what some people are saying in here is that CJ Stroud has better WRs, better Oline help, better play calling ... on the Texans ... giving him the fourth most yards in the NFL as a QB so far this season.
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