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  1. KB downed him and the idiot refs admitted it and reversed the return after. If it had been called correctly in the first place by an official standing right beside the play the shoulder injury never happens. We were briefly above .500 overall W/L as a franchise at one point in 2018.
  2. To be fair, the team isn't actually playing any games currently so relative to some days of being a Panthers fan I suppose today is pretty great.
  3. I'm a bit more of a console player but my PC is in the right portion of this image and this is still my setup so I hope this is okay here.
  4. Matt Araiza, Dameon Pierce and maybe Faalele are some of the remaining players I'd be interested in.
  5. Yeah.. I felt as I typed that even my trade is a little bit lowbally. Usually the team moving up gives more value to the team moving down. Hopefully we don't overpay...
  6. Robby is a negative asset in almost any potential trade unless we agree to eat his contract. There aren't any teams needy enough to trade for a WR3 on a 15 mil caphit. It'll probably take a future 2nd and our 4th, seeing as its the last pick in the 4th round, if we're moving up into the 2nd round. Maybe we could negotiate down to our 5th.
  7. Hit the nail on the head. I legitimately feel nothing for this team; it's not the same team I grew up watching. The Panthers we knew died in 2018 with Cam's shoulder and JR being forced to sell to Tepper.
  8. 234 posts in 2 weeks reeks of a Chuck alt to me.
  9. This is a lazy and revisionist take, out of those 52 super bowls; for 40 if not more of them "running qbs" (whatever that's defined as, lol) were not popular leaguewide and there were only 1-2 of them most years if we're referring to true scramblers. Dual threat players didn't become popularized until Vick but truthfully even during and immediately after Vick there were only 3-5 if not less true dual threat guys in the NFL until Cam's ROTY season and the read option popularized them in the early 2010s. They've stuck around ever since because news flash; mobility and the ability to pick up yards with your legs isn't a bad thing. Instead of dismissing a prospect over a good thing, why not focus on actual flaws in his game? Because Willis has plenty.. Also Russ might not be a true dual threat QB now because of his changed playstyle but in 2012 he absolutely was when he ran for 540 yards that season and then went for over 800 the year afterwards. There's no argument as to if that "counts" or not unless you only refer to a running qb as a Lamar or Vick type because even Cam had 500ish yards some years. And yes, Cam was a good thrower as well as a great runner so that pretty much debunks this whole myth that you can't be a runner who can pass already but I know that truth sends people into a frenzy around here. Since 2012, the following have appeared in super bowls: Cam Newton Colin Kaepernick (he wasn't any good, but if anything this only strengthens the point that a dual threat guy can make it with a great team and that the stigma means nothing) Russell Wilson [x2] That means that in the past 9 seasons, 4 times a dual threat guy has appeared and that's with the greatest QB of all time whoring up six super bowl appearances and three wins in that timeframe in the AFC (and NFC one year). Yet in spite of that, around 20% of super bowl appearing qbs have been dual threat types in that time span and that number will likely only continue to rise in the future with more and more dual threat QBs popping up in the league like Josh Allen. Is throwing ability more important for a QB? Duh. But being able to make the defense pay with your legs isn't a bad thing. It's an extra dimension that the opposing defense has to gameplan for.
  10. I'd give it free agency a cool B- but there's still time for the offseason overall to go down or up depending on what happens with the draft . Bozeman for as cheap as we got him was a steal, Hekker and Corbett were also really good signings. The rest I am kind of meh on but don't hate either. Donte Jackson contract wasn't ideal but we didn't overpay and couldn't go into the season with Henderson as the 2. DJ Moore extension was alright. The rest are mostly just inoffensive depth signings with the exception of Woods who I don't know jack poo about and Gonzalez which was fine. Reddick being gone will help because last season teams would just take both edges out of contain spreading the line too thin creating holes or have a TE chip them out of the lane while switching sides frequently and since both DEs were vulnerable to it it was really difficult to adjust to. The Falcons in particular did it a ton in the 2nd game if you go back and watch. As for Ionnadis starting at DE or DT, I've wondered this myself. He was originally a 3-4 interior DL. Though I'd presume he'll be beside Brown as a 3T as that's where he played when Ron got there in Washington, I'd be interested in seeing how he does if we put him on the edge and signed someone else to put beside Brown to get bigger upfront.
  11. The Panthers appear to be about to lose out on Watson despite being the only remaining pre-allegation suitor because their two biggest rivals who were both mediocre last season woke up on a whim one morning and decided they wanted Watson. LOL its like a sitcom script written by God himself or something to laugh at the organization.
  12. Montrezl is also sort of a local guy, not Charlotte but he's from the Eastern part of the state.
  13. The meme potential with Matt Rhule and Ben McAdoo on the same sideline is off the charts! Invest!
  14. How many other NFL teams have hired a rockstar OC that ran a G5 program which had seen relatively sustained success prior to his arrival into the ground?
  15. Rhule finally has a win over a fired coach!
  16. I can't exactly blame anyone for trying to convince themselves of a move. I've always kept my negativity over moves to myself (for the most part) in prayer that the team will fall ass backwards into making the right choice. And that usually never happens. Given how hilariously incompetent the org has proven to be over the last year or so, moreso than thought possible in teh huddles wildest dreams, I don't think that they deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore from anyone. Even the most patient observers.
  17. "Matt, why did you bring back a backup QB who has a passer rating 7 points lower than that of Jimmy Clausen?" "He actually has a perfect passer rating, you just can't see it."
  18. so fuging predictable bahahaha. sam tecklenberg is up next followed by Reddick at 20m a year.
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