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  1. Can you even imagine the absolute trashfire that would ensue not just from an NFL team being in Europe with all of the travel and whatnot, but also it having David Tepper as the owner??? Holy poo that'd be one for the ages.
  2. I mean where would they even move? St Louis? Portland? Virginia maybe if he tried to represent the entire state (p. risky imo)? The fanbase hates him and he's failed miserably twice over in negotiations now. He has no leverage. They can call any of his bluffs with "Go right ahead and slash your profits then". I couldn't care less about what happens to Charlotte but the city has no reason to let itself get robbed for the sake of whatever 3-win turd the team'll be this year. Would be nice if they sent a message.
  3. Definitely, but considering all the injuries Duke dealt with last year (with Mitchell getting hurt right before the tourney game started), and in 2019, 2017, 2016, could keep going honestly we've had a raw deal in terms of tourney injury luck recently. Plus it was competitive even with Shead in the game, so I aint apologizing lol. I do feel for them though, Houston is a very fun team to watch and it sucks to have that happen in such an important moment. It's so obviously just a ploy to ruin the ACC's reputation so that E$PN's golden goose (the SEC) can pick it apart. Year after year we hear these narratives and they're always proven wrong. Hope to see the ACC continue performing in basketball and football, though at this point an eventual dissolution seems inevitable regardless of on-field/court results sadly.
  4. I don't know where all this fight came from. All year when a game came down to the wire these boys looked like a deer in front of headlights and now they just knocked off the most physical defense in the country in a 40 minute street fight. So goddamn proud of this team regardless of what happens the rest of the way. Its so refreshing to have a team peak when it matters as opposed to the usual soft BS during the post 2015 late K era
  5. If he was truly a prolific alter then I can understand the rationale here but y'all need to communicate this stuff better because in the thread, to those of us not in the know (which is all of us not on the mod team) it looked like blatant moderator overreach. I am glad it was seemingly just a communication issue tho.
  6. Fascinating how @0kBoomer got banned for having a supposedly political username and "pushing an agenda" meanwhile this blatant Ohio State fan troll account who's username is a reference to the most prolific serial rapist in US history and who talks about virtually nothing but Young and Stroud is allowed free reign to poo up the board nonstop. Seems like a bit of a double standard at play to me. Note: I don't think either should be banned. Just pointing out the inconsistency. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Anderson_(sex_offender) I know this is the one in reference because the OP had his profile picture set to a photo of him when he first signed up. That and the near constant Stroud flluffing. Pretty obviously an Ohio State troll.
  7. It's baffling that we STILL suck this hard at drafting receivers in an age where the default offense for lots of high schools and the majority of d1 football are gun heavy spread offenses that utilize 4+ passcatchers. There are far more wrs being churned out nowadays than ever before and yet we are still utterly useless at identifying them.
  8. Maybe. I remain a bit worried about the front court though. Next year's team could face a lot of similar problems if Malauch chooses to go elsewhere or if Ngonba underperforms; I feel like Scheyer has overrecruited the wings a bit.
  9. This Duke team just has no true rim protector. The fact that Ryan Young still gets so many minutes is obscene, I wish we could see Stewart get some more action instead. Young is a known quantity at this point. Malauch committing for next year is absolutely critical. Yeah, there were definitely some weird calls down the stretch. I thought you were talking about the last one specifically. Btw, do you have a team? I see you in college threads very often but you always seem very neutral on matters. Totally valid approach if that's where you land, I honestly kind of envy it lol.
  10. This team has 2nd round exit written all over it. Only way we win either Carolina game is through fluke rivalry bullshit. He yanked his arm. That gets called every time.
  11. Some posters' complete opposition to reading a few words will never not be funny to me. Why even use a forum if you just want small one liners or quips? Twitter with its character limit would be far more up your alley I'd imagine.
  12. I wasn't exactly bouncing off walls at the hire but honestly I do really appreciate the enthusiasm between this and what he liked the other day. Already much more in that department than Rhule and Reich ever did. The formerjust wanted to put his stamp and "process" (read: gut every last aspect of individuality out at Tepper's behest) on the team while the latter always seemed to just be here for a paycheck. Not holding my breath considering Tepper has contempt for everything that came before him and he ultimately has final say but if he and Morgan can just get this feeling like the Panthers of old I'd be happy regardless of if we suck. Bring back the drum, the tough hard-nosed culture that defined this team and the focus on community and I might not feel so ashamed to call myself a fan as I have since Tepper bought it. Like I said though, not holding my breath. The only thing that having expectations for this team leads to is disappointment.
  13. He generally is, he was just scapegoated a few years back by Seahawks fans and management mostly due to struggles brought on by Wilson's atrocious pocket presence. Afterwards he put together a solid OL after the Raiders cut half their starters and has been generally well regarded pretty much everywhere else.
  14. Nope. Which is why firing Frank was the wrong decision imo. We should've let him and Bryce lead us to #1 next year. Now we're in a situation where Tepper has the earliest coach firing since 1978 on his record. By firing Reich we now have to pick from a limited candidate pool (since we have no pick and any coach we hired is tethered to bryce for a season) compared to if we had retained him then fired him after next year when we are a more enticing destination. Basically just have to pray that whoever we hire from that limited pool is the guy. I don't see it ending well. I doubt any coach who cares more about money than ambition will ever be great. I think we just get used for a payday again then Tepper teppers and fires him after a year and then candidates really won't want to touch this job with a 10 foot pole.
  15. Ah I mustve misremembered; I thought we had one last time. I still find that wording strange as "retained" would imply the firm was already being contracted previously. But then again the 2nd word of the passage is a typo so I could just be reading too much into awkward wording.
  16. For those who don't want to click the X link to see the article: • CAROLINA PANTERS: Panthers owner David Tepper already has fired head coach Frank Reich and some of his assistant coaches. Many now expect that general manager Scott Fitterer will be next, according to league sources. Tepper has retained a search firm to help him guide his franchise for the future. Should he fire Fitterer, Tepper then would have a clean slate to offer a prospective head coach and GM, though Panthers assistant GM Dan Morgan also has support within the organization, according to sources. Whoever takes over, this team does have issues it must overcome. Carolina traded its 2024 first-round draft pick -- which became the No. 1 overall selection -- to the Chicago Bears last year to be able to draft Bryce Young, who has endured a difficult rookie season. The Panthers are missing other offensive playmakers and have a shaky offensive line that they need to restore and rebuild. Tepper is ready and willing to spend, but there are major holes and concerns to address. Wording is a lil different from the OP. "retained a search firm?" So it's the same one from last year that got us Frank Reich?
  17. I mean hey, we could go 0-17 lol. I was just pulling your leg dude, just thought your post was fitting to attach that edit to. I don't think the team'll keep Scott but I've also learned not to have any expectations for them, not even the most basic or simple ones.
  18. We don't have a "fan culture"? Keep Pounding and all the other cultural things is a lot more than many other teams have, especially for one founded so recently. It's also rather strange, since our crowd noise once shook the press box during the NFCCG and has been measured as high as 89 decibels (via https://www.soundprint.co/location/bank-of-america-stadium-charlotte-nc-32860), which would be a whopping 6 decibels behind the Eagles stadium's peak measurement of 95 and rate us solidly in the top half. Every team has dweebs that tell people to sit down, it happens when your stadium is marketed as a family environment. Trying to blame the fans for not unconditionally supporting a billionaire with no ties to the area, no care or regard for the team's previous culture (you talk about a "fan culture", remember how Tepper tried to take keep pounding out of games and replace it with a wolf of wall street chant? and what ever happened to the keep pounding drum?), who clearly has no impulse control and the mindset of a giant manchild as evidenced by this incident, and who has called OUR FANS basement dwellers on multiple occasions is nothing more than blind bootlicking. The "REAL FAN" bullshit is a scam that billionaires use to manipulate suckers out of their money and time for nonexistent fan cred. What exactly do NFL teams do to help the local economy that deserve your unconditional support? Scam taxpayers out of countless dollars to build new stadiums... maybe host a concert or two (at the expense of countless turf-induced knee injuries).. and... that's it? This argument only somewhat works for college teams, though even in that instance is wildly out of date. But please, continue to shine Dave's shoes even if it goes against the best interests of the team that you claim to be a "REAL FAN" of. The only sliver of hope we have of anything changing is by hitting him where it hurts; his wallet.
  19. Where are all the Tepper bots that going around calling people fairweather fans for refusing to financially support this piece of poo at? They seem oddly abscent from this thread sans a couple.
  20. With David Tepper owning the team? I wouldn't bet on it.
  21. It really is mindboggling that people can look at the corporate, big tech-controlled internet we have today and then come on here and pine for more censorship. Just nothing short of baffling to me.
  22. holy poo i mean its deserved but its just insane to see the team reduced to this. almost a thing of beauty how unanimously tepper has united the state against him.
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