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  1. Being top 5 in the league in pass attempts has nothing to do with our run blocking offensive linemen struggling in pass protection? And quite frankly, I don’t care what the rest of the league is doing. We showed it was possible to win running the ball with Wilks last year and instead ditched it for something we aren’t built to do just because it’s trendy.
  2. And we are the worst sports organization on the continent since he became owner and went away from our traditional team values. Do you think he’s done a good job as owner? The only positive stretch since he’s bought us was when we put Wilks as our HC and went back to traditional Panther football.
  3. I mostly just stalk the boards and don't post much but seeing people spam this narrative is starting to annoy me. I’m tired of people saying we have a bad offensive line. Just last year, we were talking about the same group possibly being the best in franchise history. Sure, we’ve had some injuries, but it wasn’t that long ago we were trotting out Michael Jordan, Cam Erving, Matt Paradis, and John Miller out as our starters. The problem (the EXTREMELY predictable problem) is that we changed the entire scheme to fit the #1 overall draft pick and there are severe limitations in what we can with him. Our entire offensive line is filled with huge maulers meant to pound the ball down people’s throats and power football. We drafted the quarterback with LITERALLY the WORST physicals in the HISTORY of football. I said then that we would have to design our entire roster around his limitations, not his strengths. Defenses stack the box because he poses absolutely 0 threat throwing deep. This isn’t a chest-pounding, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" post; rather, it’s to say that I (22 years old with 0 experience at all in coaching or managing football), and many others, saw this coming from a mile away. You are not going to convince me that an entire organization of people who dedicate their lives to this sport actually looked at the construction of our roster, the history and culture of our franchise, and the available prospects… and picked Bryce Young over CJ Stroud. It just makes no sense at all. This isn't even a dig at Bryce, he would be fine with a team that fit his strengths perfectly. We just simply weren't, aren't, and never SHOULD be that team. That isn't Panther football. TL;DR: David Tepper can go fugg himself and his franchise. I love our history and I’ve always been proud to call myself a fan no matter how good we were, but this guy has stripped us of everything I cherished and football isn’t important enough to blindly support the ghost of a team I once loved. FUGG HIM!!!!
  4. Ya audibling into a screen in that scenario should be enough for even his strongest defenders to get a grip. Kid just doesn’t have it mentally anymore, no confidence. Just awful.
  5. These 10 mph meat ball checkdowns into the flats are just begging to be pick sixed it’s actually getting ridiculous
  6. Read option with 35 year old Andy Dalton in the 1 minute drill is quite possibly the worst play call I've ever seen
  7. What the absolute fug is that read option call
  8. Yep. Not a single unit on offense is playing even average right now. Receivers are having trouble separating, the OL isn't creating gaps in the run game or giving Bryce consistent time, the RBs aren't breaking tackles, the play calling is conservative and boring, and the quarterback is missing the few opportunities we do get. Going back to the graph, some of the blame definitely is on the WRs but Bryce has been leaving the pocket too early and just doesn't seem confident in anything. Sam Darnolding this kid into bad habits and ruining his career before it even starts would really suck.
  9. He is an above average pass rusher, not even close to elite (so far).
  10. Seriously. It was considered one of his strong suits until a test that you take on a computer said he has bad processing. CJ Stroud was BY FAR the favorite for the #1 pick up until a few weeks after the combine and then suddenly fell off the face of the planet for some reason. It’s a little ridiculous how far the pendulum swung when nobody played a game or even threw a football in shorts.
  11. LMAO I'm going to miss these pre-draft shitposts
  12. How I feel exactly. I really like the guy and he seems to be a generational football mind, but I just don’t see any way he works long term. He has one of the worst physical profiles I can think of and his play style relies on his mobility. The #1 overall pick should expand what you’re capable of doing schematically, not limit it. We’d be scheming around Bryce Young’s weaknesses, not his strengths. You can’t say the same for any of the other top quarterbacks.
  13. Side note, but why take the player with such physical limitations and arguably the lowest ceiling out of all the top 4 quarterbacks when we were so aggressive in our staff hires? We have all the pieces in place to groom a quarterback with mental and mechanical holes in their game but there are no fixes to being small with a middle of the pack arm.
  14. This is what I think too. You don’t want any quarterback to be running around like that inside the pocket, let alone a tiny one. I just don’t really see much of his game translating. I love how intelligent is and I don’t think he’ll completely bust because of that intelligence but his physical limitations exist and I don’t get why they’re so ignored just because he’s fun to watch. Feel like we’ve already had tons of examples of guys fitting that description who just don’t work out in the NFL.
  15. I didn't say that he absolutely cannot play under center, I said "if" he can't. He has never done it before. There are adjustments Bryce Young needs to make to play in the pros and there really aren't for Stroud. Is it possible he makes the proper adjustments? Absolutely. Is it still a risk? Absolutely. Stroud is the safest quarterback in the draft but also has tons of potential. If we want to take risks for potentially greater reward, why not just go with Richardson?
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