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  1. Gonna be funny if Teddy gets traded and he plays lights out and considerably better than Sammy.
  2. This is hilarious. My guess is that Teddy (and agent) have already been talking to people he can logically go to. He did well with the Saints system. Payton knows how to use his strengths. Denver is a possibility but I can’t shake the feeling that he ends up in the Big Easy. My goodness he would be fired up ready to roll if he ended up back there.
  3. I’m gonna ride my bike back into this here Panther stadium one day and knock y’all out the playoffs.
  4. My last post. I will be back with a told you so thread this fall..
  5. Nope. And you and all the haters have this nightmare scenario screwed into the back of their minds.
  6. What going to be funny is when Teddy goes to the Saints and beats the Panthers every year with their young QB.
  7. if the Panthers draft a QB and have Teddy start the season, and with the team healthy and improved in all areas, they open the year with multiple wins, and keep on winning and are in a race for a good playoff spot because Teddy’s play has been stellar all year...and the rookie is ready. What then?
  8. I will be proven right. And by the middle of next season you all gonna be loving Teddy. Rhule and company in stealth mode right now.
  9. Panther brass will be coy regarding what they will do in the first round and may even subtly make it seem that they are leaning to drafting a QB...but they won’t. You won’t hear a peep out of Teddy himself until after the draft, and every time the coach or GM are asked about it they will give a generic answer that you will be able to read into what you will, but they don’t pick a QB on draft day. Many will slam this post, but we shall discover that Teddy is their guy they will go forward with and will continue to rebuild the team as they started doing last off-season.
  10. It means that the Huddle doesn’t know squat. Teddy isn’t going anywhere. They won’t be drafting a QB. They will build the offensive line and the defense. With a year under their belt and with proper off-season training and with CMC back, the team will be leap years better . And Teddy will make a lot of people look like the message board basement dwellers that they are.
  11. Teddy will not only be the week one starter but will be the starter all year long
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