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  1. 12. Three sets of 4 chuggas with a slight pause between each set. This is objective fact; don't pretend like you don't know the exact cadence chugga-ing I'm talking about.
  2. Don't know why I'm getting pooed when I agreed that shouldn't be interference...
  3. Preds fan here (and Canes fan 2nd...used to live across the street from PNC). Letter of the law, that's interference because he's in the crease. But spirit of the law, Josi was in Saros' way too. Tough break.
  4. Absolutely not. Like him as a player, but that's not good value at all. We already have a lot of money invested at the RB position and need more talent/depth at other positions much more than we need it a RB.
  5. The value is certainly there. And JOK could slot into the MLB spot next to Shaq nicely. And he's got the positional flexibility that Rhule and company love; he can play a hybrid safety/nickel position similar to Chinn. So I could see it. But man, I really hate to ignore the offensive line. If they do, it better be for a safety-ish defender or a high upside WR to replace Samuel/hedge against losing Anderson or Moore to free agency next year.
  6. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves. I really like the way we are trending, but we still need more talent in the secondary, could stand to improve at one of the MLB spots, and could use more depth along the defensive line. We have a really solid foundation, and there's a lot of young potential, but we need a couple more pieces and for those young players to grow into their potential before we can consider them championship worthy. I think they definitely can be a top 15 unit this year, but it's not a given because all the young players might not continue to improve.
  7. I really like Tyson Campbell. He had a good amount of success against similar competition as Horn. And our secondary could use more talent. But I'd prefer to allocate draft capital to other areas. We need a safety more than another CB. We need offensive line help. And so as much as I like Campbell, I can't imagine he's head and shoulders better on the draft board than the top players at other players still available.
  8. Or it could mean the team isn't good at evaluating QBs. Rhule has built up a fair amount of trust capital with me over Year 1 with his personnel moves and coaching. But that does not extend to QB exactly because of Teddy.
  9. I think Burns already broke out. That being said, very pleased with how the defense is looking going into next year. Still could use additional talent in places, particularly the secondary, but it's clear from the players the staff has brought in that they are prioritizing pass rush, and if it works out, I think they can be a top 15 unit this coming year.
  10. We better not take Walker Little. At least not before the later rounds. Hasn't played football in 2 years and has injury concerns. You can't spend a 2nd on a player with those risks. It'd have to be a late round flyer.
  11. Teven Jenkins. I know his pass pro. isn't quite on the level as his run blocking, but oooeee, he is a road-grading mauler that plays with a mean streak in the run game. I know that might "sound" like a RT and not a LT, but I don't think he's incapable of playing on the left. Also, he's got to be better than who we have currently over there. Obviously it would be nice for the team to give Moton a shot over at LT, where many feel he could also thrive. But I don't think the Moton or the team have interest in screwing up a good thing, and he'll stay over on the right and continue to lock it dow
  12. Moreso general (light hearted and not serious in any way) commentary on our sister state to the south. I have no ill-will toward the school or the denizens of the State. Just wanted to point out that I am in no way a SCAR homer.
  13. Jesus, I can't believe people are complaining about the possibility of losing a player to free agency four or five years from now. That's a possibility with any player regardless of position, not just CB. And it's a good problem to have. It means you drafted a good player who produced well for you on a cheap contract for a few years. Sure, you'd love to keep them in free agency if the price is right, but whether or not the stay has no bearing on whether it was a good draft pick.
  14. I'll spot you five better schools for DBs: OSU, FSU, MIami, LSU, and Alabama. You've got 25 more to go....
  15. Yes, but we don't know who will still be available tomorrow. Hence, need to wait until Round 1 is over to truly discuss.
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