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  1. One of my favorite parts in the conversation, was when Smitty said at the time he was drafted, he asked Moose if he could have #87. Heehee!
  2. The Jaguars don't actually exist. Correct.
  3. If Bryce is as good as we think, we will win the next 20 Superbowls.
  4. The S2 scores now have me on the Young train. Even if Stroud's score of 18% is false, there's no question its a low score. So much so, I believe it knocked him out of the conversation for our front office. As for Stroud himself, I'm still a fan and hope he has an awesome career. I would like him to go to the Raiders or Colts, and meet us in the Superbowl this year.
  5. Its all semantics. The players' family would be regular folk. Literally anyone they know could place a bet, and try to get in their ear to make things happen. All I'm saying is, if you are that phobic towards your players betting on anything (even if it's outside football), why in the world are you promoting it everywhere? They go out of their way to promote that stuff. Are the players dumb for gambling? Yes. Is the NFL hypocritical? Yes. If we are going to condemn the players, also condemn the league who promotes gambling.
  6. The NFL, and really all sports organizations, are big hypocrites. All day they drown us with the "betting odds" from games to who will go 1st overall. Yet when their players are caught BETTING, they are like, "Oh, how dare they!!! Throw them in the stockade!!!!!!" This is nothing but chickens coming home to roost for allowing the nation to legalize sports gambling.
  7. Interestingly enough, Bobby Boucher actually turned out to be one of the smartest, if not the smartest person in the movie.
  8. Man, it looks like this score is probably true. With it, I'm officially off the Stroud train. (I was still kind of hoping we get an excellent trade back offer from the Texans, and we draft Stroud at 2). I would have been off had his score been 60%. 18%??? HOT [email protected]!!!!!!!!!! I will still root for CJ on wherever he gets drafted. This score will make me root for him even more to bring down the test as much as Brock Purdy seemed to have lifted it up. Once again, if I were an agent to any top QB prospect (and perhaps all prospects because I think other position players take this test), I would tell them DO NOT TAKE THIS TEST!!! CJ Stroud may fall to the later first round after this one, if not out of the first altogether. Don't tell me it won't happen. These teams aren't playing around with stuff like this.
  9. With a score like that, there is no way anyone drafts him. Obviously this score can't be right.
  10. It's interesting that among football fans, Will Levis is a polarizing figure. You either love him or hate him. Making it even funnier is no one has a real reason to either love him or hate him, you just do. That said, among NFL coaches, I feel most, if not all, love him as a prospect. That S2 test score may put him in as the 3rd overall QB to be picked. I see Stroud falling possibly to the Raiders. If he gets by them, then the Falcons. If he drops past the Falcons, he could look to freefall.
  11. I do find it funny how the reporters mention Young's score is higher than Burrow and the others. What I want to know is, with a score like 98, is it the highest period?
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