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  1. From the extremely soft coverage I saw from the defense at the start of the game yesterday, I will chalk it up to preseason. That wasn't about skill, that was just letting them go down the field. If I see any semblance of that when the season comes, then this team has no hope. That said, I love what I'm seeing in Bryce. Even in this lackadaisical playing effort, he is poised. He's confident. That is a great sign. So we'll see if this team is just going through the motions, or if we are just that amazingly bad.
  2. Our defense is way better on paper than the 2011 team. If our offense can put up 2011's team offensive numbers or better, that is a playoff team.
  3. I don't consider 34 to be old for the position he's playing. If anything, age is a good thing for players who dwell in the trenches.
  4. Now for those who don't believe we could win the Superbowl this year, let me try to convince you why it isn't farfetched. For one, assuming things remain the same for the next 50 years, there will be a season where a team with a rookie starting QB, will win a Superbowl. Well, why in the world can't that be us? Haha!!! In any case, this will be Bryce's only chance to do it in his career. There's no such thing as a year 2 rookie. Even if a player didn't play his rookie year, he wouldn't be called a rookie going forward. Argument 2, our offensive line is our biggest strength. Never have we had an offensive line with a combination of youth, experience, and talent. You win games in the trenches, and I feel this line can go the distance. 3, We have one of the wisest group of coaches in the league this year. You could call them sages if you want. From offense to defense, you have guys who's had good success, and those successes have been recent. So even though we have a rookie play caller, he has much wisdom to lean on. I would also like to mention our defense is a solid bunch. Provide our key guys remain healthy, they are ready to make noise. Ultimately if Bryce catches a good rhythm, with this O-line, I believe a Superbowl is possible. We aren't among the super teams in the league, but once you get into the dance of the playoffs, it becomes one game at a time.
  5. Before I get started with this topic, neither viewpoint should be seen in a negative light. This is sports. For player and fan alike, we celebrate our teams the way we celebrate. Ain't nothing wrong with that! I often think about the things players are saying about Bryce Young, and they all point out how his attitude is one of meekness, while still carrying an air of confidence. Many of us have been Panthers fans for a long time, and more are coming aboard. I often imagine what would be my reaction to a Superbowl victory? Now, when I talk to fans from other teams, I always brag about my cats before the season, saying we will go 19-0 (prior to the extra game in the season) and 20-0 every year. Yet personally during the season, if we got a big win against a team on any given Sunday, I don't cheese it up and brag about it much. Perhaps one of the reasons for why is I know the Panthers could stink the joint up the next Sunday. Then I would have to go in front of friends and explain myself over something I have no real impact on. LOL! (Of course fans in the stands have impact to a degree) This was even true in years where we did well. So all that in mind, I again wonder how I would react around everyone, friends, family, coworkers, and folks of opposing teams should our team take it all the way. How would y'all react? Again I think about Bryce Young. No doubt for him to lead a team to a Superbowl as a rookie would be awesome! It would also be historical, and would speak for itself on greatness. Yet I imagine if all that came to pass, our guy would still wear the respectful hat. Then I think about Cam. Now please don't get me wrong, I am not speaking evil of Cam or criticizing him in any way. Don't take it this way. I'm just thinking on comparisons here. That said, Cam let you know who the best was. Particularly when he was dominating, and even as a rookie he was dominating at the QB position in ways not seen before and yet to be seen since. He said himself he was a sore loser. So he had a lot of pride in his abilities and his team. It is a stark contrast from the early indications of how Bryce will be. We are just like this as fans. For me, when we win big, I don't play it up too much. (Though inside I'm ecstatic and jumping around) For the next Panthers fan, they might throw it up and letting everyone know what time it is. Both are valid expressions. So here again and again and again, how will you respond to a Superbowl victory this year? Or have you thought about how you would react?
  6. My music selection contains everything from different styles, to songs sung in different languages. I like how Bryce is coming in developing his frame. He doesn't look overwhelmed in getting his weight up. He looks ready for take off!
  7. I'll be rooting for CJ this year. I'm a quiet guy myself, but he is someone who is hard to read. Last year, I wanted him and Keith Taylor gone, but I'm a different person now. I'm a different kind of fan now.
  8. I can't stand watching a bunch of ball hogs throwing up shots.
  9. This is a sign and shows the kind of heart he has. Bryce knew some of us wanted Stroud. So this is a nod to those fans. We have a winner here.
  10. He should have changed his number to this...
  11. The trade itself was a win-win for both organizations for now. Never bought into the "robbed" talk. People are just desperate to see something like that, to the point where any trade involving a team giving up more than one asset, is considered to be a fleecing. People forget the days of old where the Vikings gave away their soul to have Herschel Walker, or the Saints giving away entire drafts for Ricky Williams. Lol. That being said, the biggest thing we gave up was next year's 1st in my estimation. I love DJ Moore, but it's not like we gave away an all-time wideout. I believe with good QB play in Chicago, he will become a top 5 WR in the league. For us and our horrid QB play, that would never happen. I also don't consider that 2nd round pick to be a big lost for us in 2025. (Even though those picks are future starters, I can live with it considering what we got with the 1st overall this year) So again, our biggest lost in this trade is next year's 1st. So ultimately the future will decide if this trade was bad on our part. I see us having good success with Bryce Young. If he reaches his potential, to where we are consistent competitors for championships, I would say we robbed the Bears. If Bryce turns out to be HOF worthy at the QB position, that would be fleece level. On the flip side, if we for some reason have the worst record in football next year, giving the Bears the first overall pick, then at that time I would say we were fleeced. I personally don't see that happening.
  12. One of my favorite parts in the conversation, was when Smitty said at the time he was drafted, he asked Moose if he could have #87. Heehee!
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