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  1. My precious DARNOLD TO ARNOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Can't wait to see Greeny rant tomorrow about his Jets.
  3. O-line is alright against the pass, but getting absolute zero push on the running game. It's a shame CMAC can't run freely.
  4. Put Christensen at LG and Deonte Brown at RG, then we will be rolling.
  5. I don't like how our defense keep getting put in tough spots due to our freaking kicker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Forget the Aint's! We'll handle Mr. Crab Legs ourselves next week!
  7. Two years ago when he played in the regular season, it didn't look like he belonged in the NFL at all. Here we are two years later, and he still looks like he doesn't belong in the NFL.
  8. My only thing with Horn's style of play, is I hope he doesn't draw a lot of defensive holding calls. Of course he is definitely the next shut down corner of a generation.
  9. Let him have a huge year at nickel.
  10. This reminds me of the question of why doesn't the NFL increase roster sizes? They add on an extra game to the regular season, something I feel like fans weren't really asking for, but an increase in the amount of players you can have on the active roster is something that would be great for a couple of reasons. One, it would keep players healthy knowing you got guys to rotate, and two, you will have more surprise and breakout players taking advantage of opportunity. (Making the NFL more exciting to watch) Yet I guess the NFL doesn't want to do that because it means more players they would have to pay. Less money going into the owner's (middle-unnecessary men) pockets.
  11. Shoot, for the right price, heck yeah. I would give one first next year and whatever small fry for him, but that's it. They would get no core players in return.
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