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  1. Yeah I have zero expectations for CJ Henderson. This guy has the talent to be a probowl corner, yet you can't even start over Donte Jackson? Somebody else said it, Keith Taylor is the guy we should be watching for in development. Nobody knows why CJ Henderson plays football, but it's clear he doesn't embrace it. That's not a judgement on his quiet demeanor. There are plenty of attention shy guys in the league who have done well and continue to do well. It's just clear from past interviews football is not his passion.
  2. All of them have potential. Even the long snapper haha. I feel like Horn will blow up and become one of the best corners in the league this year. I'm worried for Marshall. It's almost like he got put in a dog house by this staff. So who knows if he will get a true chance to show his stuff. He has to bet on himself and develop himself at this point. All that said, I'm most excited to see if Keith Taylor can shoot up the roster and challenge for starting position opposite Horn. Quite frankly, I tire of seeing Donte Jackson. In my opinion, he has reached his peak, and it is underwhelming.
  3. Well again, body size is not my only issue with Corral. I like Wilson's game coming out of BYU. I liked his throwing motion and overall frame. I would have drafted Wilson on that. As for Corral, again I'm meh on his game. I don't think that will translate well.
  4. We'll see this year. I project he's going to shoot toward the top. I believe he has good form, one that translates well in the pros. He has size, which is a positive. Not too many Drew Brees and Russell Wilson sized dudes become elite in the NFL. And even though Corral is around 6'2, the guy is scrawny. As crazy as this sounds, I don't think this is something that can easily by fixed. Can his frame handle a weight increase?
  5. Last year we traded for Darnold. He was essentially our QB pick of last year. Of course if we had the top pick or 2nd pick last year, I would have drafted Lawrence or Wilson. Wasn't too high on Fields myself at the time. If I compare those guys college highlights with Corral's, there are things in Lawrence's game and Wilson's game I like. From their throwing stance and form, I say, "Yeah, they look good". I just don't see that at all from Corral's game. I just see a regular college QB with him, another guy. My take is certainly not a professional criticism, it's not polished. However, I don't think it's biased either. I honestly don't see much of anything in his game.
  6. Yeah, this is more coming from my view of his game. Ultimately, I fear this pick will prevent us from seeking a top QB in next year's draft, which is QB rich. Depending on where we pick in that draft, our front office may try to stick and develop Corral. I just don't want to get stuck with him. If he is just a guy to have on the roster, like PJ Walker, I'm cool with it.
  7. I see many of us are hyping him up. His talent, from what I've seen in his highlights, is not better than what we saw from guys like Will Grier.
  8. If we do have a bad year, the third will be like a late 2nd. Every year guys fall to that spot. I hate giving that up. Of course I'm never confident we get lucky with compensatory picks.
  9. I see a lot of jubilation going on in this forum. I feel like I got to be the one now to bring this thing back down to reality. Haha! I feel like I got to be Denzel Washington up in this bih! Now with that said, I'm not going to totally crap on our draft because overall, I love the first pick. We had all three of our top tackle choices available, which no one could have imagined. We took the guy that was the most touted. Considering we want to be a majority rush team, he was the best of the three. Ekwonu may go on to be Hall of Fame worthy. I'm so glad we didn't do the stupid thing and pick a QB at that spot. With all the "experts" mocking Pickett and Willis to us at 6, it had me sweating bullets. Yet cooler heads prevailed there. Other picks I liked include Cade Mays, and possibly Brandon Smith. The other guys I'm kind of meh on. Which brings me to the guy everyone is all the rage about. Matt "Mother Trucking" Corral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen, there's nothing wrong with being excited to see what cats will do and having positive expectations. However, y'all are going over the top with it. Can we please temper (or Tepper) our expectations? Now for personal feelings about this dude, and really about this QB class, I wouldn't bet my future on him. I'm a patient gun. I was fully reserved in getting our franchise guy in the following draft with cats like Anthony Richardson and Will Levis showing up. Yet you know, our sorry coaching staff said they wanted to draft a QB, and that is what it is. I wasn't against it, but I hate they traded up for one, especially a freaking third! These guys were falling off the edge of a cliff. (I think Howell went in the early 4th round) So of course as we saw, we picked Corral. Now I'm looking at this dude, and I see nothing special, at all. Nothing from his highlights screamed to me, "Oh, this guy is going to light things up!" This guy will have to add weight to his frame (fat, and not necessarily muscle), he will have to learn how to adjust to a pro level scheme, and just everything about him screams he's not going to be a decent guy anytime soon. I'm honestly wondering why the hype? What are folks seeing from his highlights and games, that says he can be a franchise guy? People say he got a quick release. Meh. I'm not giddy about his sidewinding pitches. Especially at his height. Fools will be knocking his stuff down at the line like swatting flies. When people say "Quick release" "Quick release", I'm thinking is this guy Dan Marino? Nope! I don't see what the buzz is about. The truth of the matter is, Corral will not be ready to play this year. If Darnold absolutely sucks, expect the Panthers to have a bad year, putting us back in the top ten. If/when that happens, whatever coaching staff or front office we have at that time, we sure as heck better not say to ourselves, "We'll get Matt Corral some help". Boy, I'm going to freaking explode if we pass on the top QBs next year in favor of sticking it out and developing Corral! I'm flipping off every mother trucker who try to make an argument for dude in that day, you non delaying gratification bastards! I will say about this year, it's hard to see us having a bad season with the upgrades we made on the O-line and adding D'onta Foreman to the mix. Darnold will have to really suck all over the field for us to get another top 10 or even top 5 pick. If we do end up missing the playoffs and have a mid 1st next year, I would trade that and a couple of more 1sts for a guy like Anthony Richardson. That's just me. I wouldn't waste any time playing around with Matt Corral, and that's certainly the case if we are top 5.
  10. I believe Carson Strong is still available. I think the Panthers have at least one more pick. They need to draft him.
  11. I mean I don't really want to crap on people's parade. I see a lot of us are excited about this guy, but I don't really know why. The funny thing is, I think the Colts just picked up a bonifide superstar two picks after with Nick Cross. We will look back on this thing a few years later, and see Nick Cross being a three or four time probowler, while Corral here will probably be riding the bench. Next year's QB class will be a million times more powerful, and we will probably take one at that time to be our franchise guy. This was a wasted pick.
  12. I thought we weren't giving up any picks next year 1-3. The lie detector test has determined, THAT WAS A LIE! Of course, not surprised. Well in my opinion, that was too much. They could have just sat tight, and let any of those guys drop to our fourth, and that would have sufficed. Matt Coral, Sam Howell, who cares. Actually, the only QB worth drafting in this class was Carson Strong. I guess there are more questions on his knee than we realized. Overall, this pick is disappointing to me because it shows this staff desperation. Yeah, you might be fired after this year if you suck, but you brought that on yourself. As a fan, I can't get excited about this.
  13. Unlike running backs, receivers aren't a dime a dozen. These teams are taking up a bad strategy if they think all these receivers are the same as number one talent at the position.
  14. Dag, if you listen to these experts, all the receivers in this draft will be hall of famers lol!
  15. I like the idea of this tweet.
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