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  1. You called them idiots. If the vast majority of the accidents were in a Corvair despite knowing the dangers though, I would agree.
  2. https://www.dogsbite.org/dog-bite-statistics-fatalities-2021.php Nuff said.
  3. Any team would be dumb right now giving up much for Watson considering his cap hit next season. And what you'd be giving up.
  4. Yep. Thomas Davis was used a safety as well. Honestly a lot is asked of hybrid athletic defenders.
  5. Did you watch the Ravens game last night? Where they talked about that one player that has played everything from safety, to cb, to either end, and LB? Yes, a top tier CB in that position can garner top money, but you give me that Ravens kid? I'll take 4-5 of them all day.
  6. Buy low sell high. Fans always have a tendency to get too connected to players and can't understand for the good of the team, that sometimes getting paid for a developed player is the best route. A running back you're not going to get as much as a ROI than a shutdown corner. What I hate to see is if you choose to just wait and see and allow him to walk with nothing but maybe a comp pick, is a waste. If you feel Horn will be back strong, Gilmore and the other addition is solid enough then get "paid" and see if you can get picks or some impact O-lineman. I seriously doubt any teams are giving up their Olinemen. Fitterer has his work cut out, but that's why he's paid the big bucks.
  7. Panthers play Thursday night. Game in hand. Let McCaffrey rest
  8. UNCC is cool. Fayettenam is a hot mess and no comparison. '93
  9. You can thank the Basnight(s) for ruining it for a few decades. Now if the CCA can just flex their muscle and sue the DMF showing how they've allowed this to happen. I don't mind slot limits because everyone understands the importance of them. But when we get into time slots on seasons for fish, something needs to be done. That's where it's gone from sustainable to stocks that need replenishing. Bycatch, estuaries invaded by netters, etc need to be reigned in. Used to find tarpon in Oriental too and still may from time to time, but nothing what was once found. Tarpon are probably finding other areas to migrate through.
  10. What's stupid is the offshore flounder aren't even the ones threatened. They have the season for all types. Inshore/nearshore sure. Doormat off 5-15 miles, nope because 90% of the time they are a different species.
  11. Well, 1.5 months reduced to two weeks now for flounder
  12. Maybe the NHL will rethink the LTIR/Playoff time salary cap issues after this season.
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