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  1. You can thank the Basnight(s) for ruining it for a few decades. Now if the CCA can just flex their muscle and sue the DMF showing how they've allowed this to happen. I don't mind slot limits because everyone understands the importance of them. But when we get into time slots on seasons for fish, something needs to be done. That's where it's gone from sustainable to stocks that need replenishing. Bycatch, estuaries invaded by netters, etc need to be reigned in. Used to find tarpon in Oriental too and still may from time to time, but nothing what was once found. Tarpon are probably finding other areas to migrate through.
  2. What's stupid is the offshore flounder aren't even the ones threatened. They have the season for all types. Inshore/nearshore sure. Doormat off 5-15 miles, nope because 90% of the time they are a different species.
  3. Well, 1.5 months reduced to two weeks now for flounder
  4. Maybe the NHL will rethink the LTIR/Playoff time salary cap issues after this season.
  5. I just rage quitted. Wish I had watched it through.
  6. My head is killing me this morning.... great game
  7. Going to game 2 tonight. Hope I have a voice tomorrow.
  8. I don't think Moehrig will be there, but if he is the decision between best OT and Moehrig will be a tough one to make. If you take Moehrig, do everything possible to trade back into the 2nd to get a quality OT.
  9. and if you look at our 3rd down stop issues last year, they should understand why Horn is needed.
  10. Gotcha. Goes toward the decision to prioritize stud CB in NFC South. Can't knock the logic. Just stinks that we see trades flipping on close picks and we couldn't do the same and still get Horn.
  11. I was super pissed at Detroit last night. Ask the wife and dogs. That being said, if you look at our divisional opponents with offensive weapons we had a big need and it got filled. Fitts...Sewell...trade/BPA. I'm surprised we couldn't make a trade with someone to allow them to get their QB (Fields) or some other target. I just hope that Fitterer wasn't eating or likes pancakes.
  12. In the 90s, I had that exact ‘79 Trans Am but with t-tops
  13. Basnight was the godfather of this. CCA was created to bring political clout to the subject. I hope it keeps getting mentioned. My yak needs to see the water.
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