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  1. North Carolina is essentially the only state that still allows widespread gill netting commercially. You don't need to go any further than looking at regional Trout, redfish, flounder, etc commercial numbers and you'd see that NC disproportionately pulls in much more fish than others. Yes, there are larger estuaries, but the actual game fish populations such as grey trout, flounder, and some others have had their population dwindled drastically the past decade. Flounder season for recreational fishermen last a month and a half. Slot limits on drum. Size limits on nearly every other fish.
  2. That's my thought as well, but it doesn't take much for a team to jump up and trade to get another QB and it shifts everything.
  3. What scares me is what happens if Fitts is there and we know the importance of OT. Go for Fitts? Or stick with the program and get a solid OT. Or, sell the Fitts pick to someone and get lots for it. Lot of options to be had. Sewell, Slater, Fitts. Really in a good spot draft wise because any higher, we would've been pressured more to get a QB, any further back and our options are less.
  4. I see the question now. Doesn't change why he answered in the way he did.
  5. Really? He did that because maybe he doesn't want to be defined by how much melanin he has or the lack of how much his wife has. I'd like to hear/see the exact question posed to him.
  6. So basically a 2nd for the kid. Now we pray that Fitts falls to us or just go OL right? If Fitts or highest rated OL is gone, use the 8th to trade back as some have mentioned. That 8th pick is still worth a lot.
  7. They just got $1400+ free money
  8. After what my wife went through, this was the least I could do.
  9. Frozen peas. Rotate bags and just don’t do anything. People that think they can just jump up and do everything day two is what get people in most trouble. Only real issue I ever have seen with friends are 1) overdoing and lifting and 2) doc nicked a vessel and caused a hematoma. That one was bad but my buddy should’ve gotten seen way before it got as bad as it did
  10. I think you should put this in an op-ed in a Houston newspaper.
  11. You have to make a choice here. Either you believe these women or no. If the texts are provided, that could help determine that but lets say they don't. Do you believe them? Either way, it's going to be a distraction.
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