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  1. Never said he’s going to be the next time Brady winning wise but he has the same traits as Brady stats wise and talent wise
  2. What has Watson done that makes him stand out more than other quarterbacks in the nfl?
  3. So did tua and you wanted him last year right ? Even after an injury ? Right ? ok did tua make devonta smith heisman ? Throwing less than 5 intos and 40 plus tds ? All with great pocket passing . Mac jones is no doubt an ugly looking guy with a dad bod but he can sling that rock beautifully and is a winner i want that on my team .
  4. Knowing our luck we’ll trade that , he’ll go couple games and get croaked by our weak oline and retire and we lose out on the money we payed for him and all those first rounders when Mac jones wins rookie of the year
  5. He hates the Carolinas he was a falcon fan growing up , this ain’t Clemson
  6. Picture giving the 8 pick for Stafford id croke and lay in bed for a couple days , no thanks .
  7. I must have missed something , I thought rhule called Mac jones an alpha?
  8. That’s terrible dude , way too much for Watson a qb that’s average, there is not much of a drop off between Watson and Goff , and Goff went to a Super Bowl . Watson has always had talent brandin cooks , will fuller two deep threats , Hopkins the best wr in the nfl
  9. Was I last year when I said Justin Herbert should go #1? I was right and look how that worked out boys . You watch highlights I unfortunately have to watch hours of game film , Mac jones is amazing
  10. 4500 yards , 41 tds , 4 intos he’s a beast
  11. The 3 highest in my companies star ratio is lance , Mac jones then Lawrence but other factors have Lawrence then Mac jones then lance then Kyle trask
  12. With advance football analytics and me watching hours of college football film which I get paid because of working with stats I’d say it goes Lawrence which is nothing but amazing , possibly the best qb I have ever seen , then Mac jones which is a poor mans tombrady , Big Ben and Sam Bradford all in one , then tre lance which I love as well , but he has a bust rating of 55% which is a couple less than Justin fields which is the riskiest player in the draft , Zach Wilson is no doubt a bust
  13. We have no back up teddy will be cut same with Grier and Walker
  14. Dude no such thing as reaching Watson didn’t go high in the draft same with rodgers and fricking mahomes dude there is no such thing as reaching dude , what do you base reaching off mock drafts ? Come on bro . Listen , if you like a player you need to take that player
  15. I did that in a fantasy draft and people wanted to throw hands with me taking top qbs
  16. It’s kind of worth a thought , remember back when Washington took rg3 and Kirk cousins in the same draft ? They needed a qb and they knew drafting one could end up with a bust , so they drafted two which they hit hold on Kirk cousins which is one of the best qbs in the nfl . as I’m sipping my black hazelnut coffee it brings me to a point , we need a quarterback and we need one now , so at 8 we take lance or mac jones and in the 3rd or 4th we’ll take another qb that has potential like Jamie Newman or mond , or who ever you think can have a potential shot as a qb that’s high risk hig
  17. If you like a guy you take him , rhule loves Mac jones expect him at 8 I don’t think we should trade back because 49ers , pats , saints will snatch him . im fine with him or tre lance , just don’t want fields or Wilson which are terrible running qbs they are not pocket passers they are college system qbs. Mac jones is pro ready same with tre lance
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