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  1. I think tre lance has potential to be the best in this class
  2. Gentlemen is an elite drafter but there is more to that for a gm
  3. Loved gentleman during the draft , hated him in free agency
  4. If we’re going to trade for a mediocre qb atleast trade for minchew
  5. Op is being bold for saying Mac jones will win 7 Super Bowls lol
  6. No to Mac jones no one wants a fat lazy qb
  7. So sir , you are telling me you are happy that our best player got hurt?
  8. Just because you don’t like a player doesn’t mean we have to stop all posts on them . I hate Mac jones too and love Watson but to be fair there is just as many Watson threads as Mac jones
  9. They drafted love for a reason, they know Rodgers is done .why aint make them an offer they cannot refuse ? I’d give 5 first rounds and McCaffrey for him
  10. Daly


    My buddy from Cali fights for them shinigami
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