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  1. I read that his whole tooth came out somewhere. Was that true?
  2. It's crazy to me that we couldn't trade Cam Newton for anything yet we just traded Bridgewater and his contract for a 6th lol
  3. WTF this turning into an All Star game 44 points in 1st quarter?!
  4. Ok i'm eating my words right now 13/15 fg in the 1st 14 point lead.
  5. you know its gonna be a long game when cody martin is in the starting lineup
  6. Hornets are stone cold in the 2nd. But nice to see Carey out there scoring
  7. bro blake griffin the flop king lmao
  8. From all of the games I've watched, its either let the opponent have one open 3-pointer and get the rebound or let them get 3 chances at shots which they usually nail the last one. Sucks, but we are front loaded on guards, and have sloppy hand biyombo and old man Zeller.
  9. It would be dumb for Rhule to tell everyone in a public press conference that we wouldn't draft QB at 8. First, other teams are watching, and second, Rhule is leaving his options open to trade down. I would be shocked if we draft QB at 8 if Sewell is there.
  10. that bridges dunk was nasty though!!
  11. I'm not that knowledgeable on how contracts work in sports but they really do need to start teaching these young kids how to manage their money better so things like this won't happen. All of them want to be the illusions on social media. Bankruptcy happens too often for these millionaires. I wonder if they could opt-in to be paid bi-weekly or monthly sum of their contract so things like overspending couldn't happen
  12. sounds like the guy didn't want to come back to real life working a real life job after working in the NFL. prob felt embarrassed taking a low paying job. CTE or not, dude is a scumbag killing kids. There is 0 excuses here.
  13. Do you guys even read articles or literally any media before giving your ignorant takes. Simple google searches would show you Aaron Hernandez was a Blood Gang Member, was in the Security Threat Group of Prison, for "gang members".
  14. It's pretty ignorant to think Aaron Hernandez killings and slayings were from CTE. As much as being a gangster is glorified in the United States, it's pretty clear cut the dude grew up wanted to gangbang from his college days. Using CTE as an excuse for premeditated murder is a pretty poo take lol
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