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  1. Oh that’s exactly what it is. I think he’s put on a few pounds tho
  2. If wanting somehow turns into demanding… you see where I’m going with this? Back to castle black
  3. Look at his muscly arm buddy don’t be afraid to admit you want to touch it
  4. Go to the panthers instagram it’s the last pic they posted
  5. While his horribly slow drop back definitely throws off timing, let’s not act like the receivers weren’t equally as bad. I’m sure they were damn frustrating to work with.
  6. Heard he’s been blasting a ton of test and Anavar, living in the weight room. Looks about like Kyler Murray now.
  7. Their secondary was 14th and had just got Jaire Alexander back. That team obliterated the cowboys, led the entire game and should have beat the 9ers and been in the NFCCG. Doesn’t meet your standards Frank? He has to do it against the Super Bowl champ or it doesn’t count?
  8. Go watch the Green Bay game. Not sure what exactly youre waiting on at this point
  9. What exactly is political about “OkBoomer” ???
  10. I don’t know who the fook you are. You’re welcome to show me the door though
  11. Let me help you pal. I was responding to your argument. Your initial point was Bryce never had a game where he threw for as many yards as Andy did against Seattle. That was supposed to aid in your stance that Bryce is worse than Andy. So you cherry picked stats first, no? And I just added context to them?
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