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  1. Buddy you would negative passing yards, 4-5 interceptions and 5-6 fumbles if you buckled that chinstrap up and played quarterback for this team.
  2. Receiver gets out of his break at NFL speed we don’t have to challenge that.
  3. Yeah but look how good my spelling and punctuation was
  4. The psych ward called, Frank, they said your 30 minutes of computer time is up. Time to go project your mental illness on your nurse instead of people online.
  5. That is what flashing looks like you are such a corn ball
  6. This might sound crazy but I’d give every single one of Mingo’s snaps to TMJ. The way Mingo jogs through his routes makes me miss Terrace which is really saying something. Or like you said, give Marsette a chance. I mean what is there to lose? We pulled a guy up off the practice squad and he played harder than anyone not named Thielen.
  7. I’m normally pretty skeptical of PFF but I think they pretty much nailed this one!
  8. Add onto this that all of this pressure has a compounding effect on the quarterback. When you’re pressured as much as Bryce is, you think you’re being pressured every play. You never trust your blocking. You expect the hit coming every play, even when you’re sitting in a clean pocket. I think that’s why we’ve seen his performance get worse over the last few weeks. He is just scared back there and I don’t blame him. It’s as bad an offensive line as I’ve seen.
  9. Mrcompletely11 have hard time stringing multiple word together
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