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  1. Can’t put this all on him…we have to find a way to run and our run blocking has been awful
  2. Just pointing out the inevitable losing horn makes our secondary not nearly as good
  3. Jax got away with one when he ran over a receiver Might help if we wouldn’t line up offsides
  4. Yea…I’m doom and gloom this am we we’re lost when cmc went down but for a change made really good halftime adjustments all credit to coaches and players for that
  5. Losing cmc is a body blow…without him we have no shot to be an elite team and losing horn really, really hurts our defense just sucks
  6. Be assured it is all about the $$$$
  7. How the hell do you break your foot running around by yourself?
  8. Why do we ever try to run on the left side?
  9. 3 of our best players down without being touched thursday night on friggin turf
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