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  1. You can be assured I’m just as pissed as everybody else about being 5-11, soon to be 5-12…I watch every game, every week, and have done so for years, every year since we have had a team
  2. Looks like their board allows all sides to be heard
  3. I’m not a “hey look at me, I’m great” kind…don’t like it when any people bring attention to themselves I don’t like when defensive players all run to the end zone to “pose” after making plays…that’s your job… go line up for the next play
  4. I was OK with that…better than pouting
  5. first off, nobody gives a damn what the national media or the rest of the country thinks of our team or whatever map you are talking about secondly, the first Supper Bowl run was special, and our QB then didn't pout and embarrass our team as a sore loser on a national stage when we lost
  6. maybe you should find another team...up in NJ
  7. Miles looks like he is still sick…sleeping thru this game for sure
  8. Only thing Raleigh is good for is title IX womens lacrosse
  9. Yes yes yes….he could anchor our OL for years
  10. A little more consistency up front????
  11. Which ever one’s we pay…FA is 95% about the $$
  12. If he is responsible for signing those two guys and Miller and brown I want him gone
  13. If anyone can recall…coach was all over our WR as far back as training camp while this board thought we had the best receivers in the league
  14. Id add burns and Shaq in there too…and Robbie
  15. Our c and both guards are just awful…got to start there
  16. Can’t wait for the our defense got tired after once again falling apart in crunch time
  17. Steelers are right up there…but they are all in, I’ll give them that
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