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  1. #90 Peppers - Will be a 1st ballet HOF. #88 Smith - Greatest Panthers WR and possible HOF. #59 Kuechly - Greatest Panthers LB and possible HOF. #1 Newton - Greatest Panthers QB and possible HOF. (if for nothing more than being the best rushing QB in the history of the league)
  2. Nice. Now I know who to study up on so I can be properly pissed off if we don't take them where draft mocks have them slotted.
  3. My point is we had Jon Beason when we took Luke and we had just signed Justin Hartwig the year before when we took Kalil. J-Stew when we had D-Lo. You don't pass on good talent just because at that exact moment you don't "need" it.
  4. Who did we have at MLB when we picked Kuechly? Who did we have at C when we picked Kalil? I can't tell you how many times we drafted a player we already had a starter had and Panther fans freaked out.
  5. I love the pick but how long are his arms? I think that is a make it or break it stat for LT.
  6. Plenty of great talent still there and Rhule would know if better than most being only a few years removed from the college game.
  7. Of course not but Brown was rated higher on their board and has not exactly been a bust and looks to be smart considering the DT class of this years draft.
  8. Yes, I really want to improve the oline but do not reach for one. If an olinemen is the best player or equal to the best player(s) on your board then yes take him because it's a big need. But if one of those S or WR drop and you have them rated much higher then take them and don't look back.
  9. I don't really disagree but you can't go chasing a franchise LT in the first round of every draft. That's the definition of reaching. If Sewell had fallen one more spot we'd have taken him. And having Cam allowed them a luxury, right or wrong, to look at other positions.
  10. I'm not as "the sky is falling" if we don't get more offensive line talent. We were dead in the middle last year (17th) in sacks given up and our scheme doesn't ask for linemen to hold up for long periods of time. I am by no way saying we shouldn't draft a linemen at 2 and / or 3 but I really don't like passing on talent for need. I don't want to get a linemen just to proclaim we've got a franchise left tackle. I'm a big believer is setting up the team to go into battle as is before a single player is drafted and then look to improve in the best possible ways depending on how the draft falls.
  11. Rounds 1,2,3 picks each year for 20 years. That is 60 picks. There are 22 starters between offense and defense. We have taken 11 offensive linemen. That is 18.33 percent of the time. Eight of them, Gross, Wharton, Mathis, Kalil, Otah, Silatolu, Turner and Moton we average to elite starters. Granted one can argue Silatolu and Mathis ended up being a late bloomer with the Eagles. Nelson, Butler, Little were busts. Little could still turn into something but I doubt it. That is a pretty good draft record and proof that we have not really neglected the position. Throw in luck of the draft, average playing career, and needing 22 starters we've done far better than average.
  12. Everyone is desperate for a QB until you have a good one. It's the nature of the NFL. Hindsight is easy but tell me when decisions you would have made at the time giving the options available. You have to work with the hand you're got. If the Panthers had given up what the 49ers did to draft Lance this board would be melting down x10.
  13. So, if player A we passed on turns out to be Jesus we suck and if the player we did pick isn't Jesus we suck. Talk about not having a clue. It's incredibly difficult to win the NFL. A lot has to go right along with some luck. Very, very few teams have been able to carry long term success at a very high level. The Panthers are a great team to be a fan of and if taking a CB at 8 is your breaking point then you need a lot more help than football can provide. I don't see Fields as having any more break out stud potential than Darnold. I'd much rather go all in on one. If they thought Fields was a much better option and had taken him and traded Darnold, fine but you're not going to trade Darnold for a anything as valuable as the #8 pick. We've got a young potential star at QB just like if we'd drafted him in the top 10. We seem to be in the process of building a stud defense and as a Panther fan I'm really excited to see what having a great CB is like. We've had some average to a few really good CB but never a really elite one. Gamble is probably the best we ever had. We are one FS aways from being scary, scary good. We have a coaching staff that is really good. We had no business being in as many games last year as we were. We overachieved for the talent we had after losing Cam, Luke, Olsen, CMC, etc. I am excited about the future.
  14. I can always count on the Huddle to make me feel smart. I like the pick and even if I didn't it's not that hard to figure out why they made that pick.
  15. Teddy is worth 3 million, easy, which is what the Broncos are paying him. Of course, he should not be starting but this is a steal for them.
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