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  1. Completely agree. What has really peeked my interest is just how much Rhule is on board with deferring to Fitterer. I'm wondering how much Fitterer can train him as a coach or is Fitt just letting him put in his time until he can hire the coach he wants. Is Rhule just passing the time to collect his money or is he really taking these lessons to heart and trying to improve and become a good head coach at the NFL level.
  2. First time owner. First time NFL head coach with complete control. OC with zero experience. A very young team. What could go wrong? Tepper and Rhule has gotten some very hard lessons and at least Tepper so has learned from them. We know have much, much more NFL experience among the coaching ranks, especially with McAdoo as OC. Fitterer, with a ton of experience on building a team leading the way. That same young team growing together. I like seeing things that are not working changed by Tepper and company and am very interested in how it'll pan out. It's like Fitterer came in a little quiet and watched and slowing starting to train everyone. Now, he's in charge and things are happening and everyone is saying, oh snap, so this is how you're supposed to do it.
  3. I jumped off the Matt Rhule bandwagon along with most everyone but I am curious to how he does with Fitterer obviously the man in charge. That same coach that has total control over everything is a much different coach went he's reducing to only coaching. Rhule has millions of reasons to be humble but a lot of guys have much bigger egos then any amount of money so I do give credit to Rhule for getting on board this new Panther train. With Fitters and Morgan buying the groceries and guiding Rhule with some NFL experience and oversight he may turn out to be a really good coach. Every since he got here I will say it has seemed like we do a lot with very young and raw talent then would be expected. I think his staff has done a good job coaching up players outside of the oline. That was a disaster. We've course corrected without starting over. Rhule may end up being a great fit with Fitterer as opposed to another coach who would want more say so and control. Rhule has been humbled and may now actually be in a perfect position to excel.
  4. I think it may have been trading a 2nd and 4th to get trade into the 2nd round and it would probably have been for Willis. If we had gone that route then we'd probably have traded for Mayfield. Word is that Fitterer was close to pulling that trigger but didn't. The thinking was probably he may continue to fall and we can still get Willis without losing our 2nd rounder and if we missed we still really liked Corral and Howell. The when Willis went and Rattler soon after they knew they had to make a move or possible lose out so they worked the phones and ended up trading the 3rd next year and the 4th for the 3rd QB on our board. I think they probably had something like Pickett / Willis 1st rounders, Correl 2nd, Howell 3rd. It was probably a matter of Willis and losing a 2nd plus having the sign Baker or waiting to see if Willis kept dropping knowing they still really liked Correl and Howell. I do believe Correl was #1 on McAdoo's list and that made waiting for whomever dropped so you could keep your 2nd rounder much easier. I think there was a lot of love from different people in the war room for all the QB's so it was just a matter of getting one of the top 4. I think if we'd have gotten Willis we 100% would have traded for Baker to give Willis time to sit a whole year. Correl was seen by McAdoo as being ready much sooner. My .02. Nothing set in stone. Be flexible. Have multiple paths to victory and don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  5. Most of them look to be special teams aces, good athletes with elite speed. We'll get a good look at them in mini camp and take the best ones.
  6. Al Davis would have drafted this kid in the 1st round.
  7. Had a 4th-5th round grade on him. Runs a 4.23. We got him in the 7th. Hell yeah. These are the kind of flyers you want. Guys with elite traits.
  8. We package the 2 fifth rounders and trade up into the 4th for Sam Howell or he drops to us in the 5th and we take him.
  9. I bet Sam Howell drops to the 5th round and we take him or we package our 2 high picks in the 5th round to trade up into the top of the 4th and take Sam. Would be so much fun to watch.
  10. I kind of like a humbled Matt Rhule. Maybe a hardass, real GM like Fitt and a yes sir coach will work much better than what we had with previous coaches and Hurndog.
  11. I loved our first round picks in 1999 and 2000.
  12. This is exactly my thinking as well.
  13. It has proven to be true. Spending the money for a state of the art practice facility that is still coming. Paying a head coach crazy money (even if it was a stupid move). The practice bubble. Spent tons of money on the soccer stuff. You can disagree with what he's spent it on but you can't saw he hasn't paid for what he wants. Right before we signed Teddy it came out the Bucs were very interested so he upped the offer to get the guy his OC wanted. Then when Teddy sucks we didn't ride out the contract. We paid the man to leave. We had the highest offer to Stafford. We got Darnold thinking he could be an answer and picked up his extra year right off the bat. And then when he sucked we still signed Cam for 3/4 of a year at 10 million. Since the beginning we offered Watson the moon but he didn't want to come here and were willing to pay through the nose to get him although I'm glad we balked at the crazy money the Browns ended up paying. The only QB we have not been in on was drafting Fields and Tepper wanted to do that but let his coaches make the decision. The guy is willing to do anything short of guaranteeing 230 million to find a franchise QB. Yes, a lot of those decision turned out to be horrible but you can't say we've left any stone unturned. I don't think Tepper has made many "bad" decisions but he's many plenty that turned out to be wrong.
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